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Curtains - an integral element of any living space. They are offered in a huge variety, among which the curtains for the living room in the classical style are not the last. They are always relevant, and complement almost any interior style. It is about them that we propose to talk more in detail.

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  • Important components
  • Selection of fabrics
  • Color spectrum
  • Drawing Drawings
  • What are the ways to fasten the curtains
  • Elements of decor
  • 75 photo ideas curtains for a living room in a classic style

Important components

Curtains in the classics - look like draperies, formed vertically, from top to bottom. Folds are created during the movement of curtains along the cornice, or are created during the sewing of products. Such curtains consist of: curtains, drapes, lambrequins, podhvatov - fabric for decoration, pads.

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Selection of fabrics

Modern curtains in classic shoe from different fabrics. They use natural as well as non-natural materials. So what should I choose? After all, natural fabrics - and so it is understandable, will be better than artificial, and they look more luxurious and richer. At the same time, they can be burned out in the light, easily and quickly get dirty, crumble. In fact, there are practically no such things in artificial tissues. They are not able to fade, washing them is much easier, and they look quite attractive in appearance.

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You can see this personally by looking at the catalog of curtains for the living room in a classic style. For sewing curtains with lambrequins often use dense types of fabrics. They are responsible for the appearance of the curtains, which will result. As for the curtains, they are transparent, the light is passed perfectly. That is why they are made of tulle, organza, cambric, veil.


Color spectrum

When choosing a curtain, consider the overall style of the room. It is from this that they repel, and also from the selected accents in detail. Also it is necessary to select models so that their color scales are harmoniously combined with shades of an interior. If in the chosen style the room is decorated with light tones, the portieres respectively are selected the same. But, they do not have to merge with the color of the material on the walls! Read: Beautiful curtains - the best photo of the novelties from the collection of 2017


Very popular decoration of living rooms with bright accents. Walls with ceilings decorate with light, furniture, and other elements of decor - in a saturated color scheme. Then it will be great to choose bright curtains decorating the interior.


Drawing Drawings

In the trend there are always options for curtains in monochrome colors. In this case, it is not necessary that you have just such. We recommend to look at the drawings in the interior, for example, to flowers, ornaments ... Remember the basic rules. So, the smaller the room, the better the curtains will decorate the large-sized picture. Thanks to this space in the room will look more visually. Also you can get rid of the squeezed space.


What are the ways to fasten the curtains

Choosing the design of curtains for a classic living room, you should know that you can strengthen them in various ways, namely: with loops, ties, kulisok, eyelets.


Loops with straps are made from the same fabric as curtains, or from finishing options. Kuliski - means fastening directly to the cornice, but eyelets - these are rings that are installed at the top of the curtain. It is through them that the cornices are passed.


Elements of decor

Curtains in the classics differ in fabrics and flowers, as well as elements of the decoration. Some of them are restrained, others are laconic, supplemented with cords, pegs, frills, brushes, etc. Among the special functions it is possible to distinguish lambrequins decorating and allowing to hide cornices under oneself, and the window thanks to this looks wider.


Accordingly, curtains in the classical modern style are very diverse fabrics, variations of colors. This allows you to perfectly complement the living room in any style. The main thing is to choose the right model in harmony with the basic interior design, complemented by comfort.


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