Curtains for dining in the apartment

For today it is quite actual, when they combine living rooms with kitchens / dining rooms. Thanks to this space is multifunctional, with increased capacity. In such rooms, several useful areas are created. They are engaged in the preparation of fine meals, arrange their receptions, receive guests. In addition, owners of small spaces can get rid of their small rooms using this method. This is especially important for those who consider every square centimeter of free space, in Khrushchev / gostinki.


It is very important here how the interior will be designed. For example, curtains for a living room with a dining room should be competently matched. This will bring a room of comfort, allowing you to feel comfortable not only the owners of housing, but also to its guests.


Materials should be of high quality, embodied in the original design of interior design. It is also important to adhere to, at a minimum, the basic requirements.


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Speaking about the design of the dining room from the living room, it is important to consider that for the organization of curtains, you must adhere to special rules, namely:

  • Material - resistant to negative effects of temperature changes, as well as high humidity.
  • Design is necessarily combined with how the interior is decorated.
  • Ease of cleaning and washing the material, because with frequent pollution, of course, you need to clean often.
  • If it is important that the curtains are hidden from the view of others from the street in the dark, their material must be tight. An excellent option here - a roll version of curtains, curtains, blinds.


How do they look? Look at the photo curtains for the dining room presented in our catalog.


In kitchens the probability of ignition is high. Hence, the curtains should also be appropriate, being at the safest distance from the oven, tiles, other electrical appliances.

photo-50-short-straight-curtains-on-eyelets-from-dense-fabrics-in-the-interior-living room

Existing types of curtains for kitchen-dining rooms

Recommends to consider the proposed options for modern curtains for dining rooms: Read: Beige curtains - the best photo ideas for interior design in delicate colors

· Roman version. Yes, they do not fit in the palace styles. Nevertheless, such products look very attractive, as well as heavy-duty, not occupying much space, perfectly combined with curtains. The Roman version of curtains should be used for modern, classic, high-tech. They are selected individually, in accordance with the required size, taking into account the individual dimensions of the window openings.

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· Classics, which include canvases up to the window sill itself. They close the window securely. Also it can be 2 canvases that hang in the side parts to the very floor. They are suitable for country, Provence interiors. With this design, the composition is very unusual and original.


· Panels in the Japanese style. In general, their width is not more than eighty centimeters. They perform in the style of Japan, respectively, look laconic and modest. Undoubtedly, these variants of products are perfectly suitable for minimalism, oriental style. They are quite modern, authentic. In this case, they can also be used as a screen for dividing the dining area from the kitchen area.

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· Design curtains for a cafeteria-style dining room - these are short curtains with lambrequins that are located at the top of the window opening. Therefore, the window will be designed so that the sun does not illuminate the room too much.


· Curtains belong to the classics. As materials for tulle, organza, mesh, veil, etc. are used. The length varies. At the same time, the material resists the sun's rays falling into the room, and the air circulates absolutely normally.


· Curtains on the eyelets, in which there are fastening rings, located in the upper part of the room. Thanks to them, curtains can be easily controlled by placing them not on the same level. The main thing is that it allows you to make your cornice. Read: Curtains accordion for the bathroom and shower (50 photos)


· Blinds are common. They are very durable and durable. Today they are used not only for office premises, but also for kitchens, living rooms, dining rooms. The material from which they are made can be varied. The same applies to their shapes, sizes, colors. They also print on them.


· French type of curtains. Thanks to them, the room looks unusually beautiful, solemn. They can also be seen on the proposed photos. They are folds, their length is different. And for sewing use various synthetic materials, thanks to which the impression is the most unforgettable and unique.

8-living room with kitchen

· Austrian type, for the production of which cotton, satin, and other synthetic fibers are used in addition to cords / brushes. Straightened curtains look quite strict.

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Which ones to choose?

Despite the fact that the choice is very diverse, nevertheless, the "right" curtains should be chosen. First of all, decide what kind of interior, in what style. Further, the colors, shapes and types of products are determined. Pay special attention to how practical curtains are. As for the modern novelties offered on the market today, they are quite aesthetic and functional.


In order to give the room coziness and comfort, choose light versions of curtains. Thanks to them, the room will seem bigger. But with the help of bands you can visually raise or expand the space.


We also recommend the following:

  • Choose materials that match the shade with furniture, walls.
  • Stick to interior styles. For example, for Provence, typical village design, or country.
  • If the choice is difficult to make, choose neutral tones, so as not to lose.
  • You can supplement the room with accessories.
  • To modern canvases on window openings, select even napkins, suitable tonality. The same applies to pothooks and other accessories.
  • It is important to consider safety rules.
Читайте: Ceiling curtains - 110 photos of ideas for a modern interior


If you need a cornice for the selected model, select it and secure it firmly in place. When choosing it is worth to rely on beauty, practicality and harmony. Only in this case the interior will be completely completed, and quite relevant.


Photo of modern curtains for dining in the apartment


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