Curtains for kitchen - modern design

In the kitchen, the curtains have a special purpose. They are not used to protect themselves from the sun and to hide from prying eyes. The design of the windows emphasizes the style of the design of the room with the hearth. Curtains for the kitchen create coziness, and cheer up their cheerful appearance. With their help, lighting and space are adjusted. All members of the family see them several times during the day.

Curtains for kitchen

Therefore, the selection of furniture for windows should be carefully, taking into account the tastes of family members, the style of the interior and the features of the kitchen.

Modern design is the art of making the kitchen stylish, cozy and unique

Designers are advised to start decorating any room with furniture in a style they like. Then a background is created for it in the form of wall decoration. Curtains and decor occupy the last, decisive place in creating an image of the kitchen. They are equated with the finishing brush of the artist's brush.

It is impossible to decorate the kitchen strictly in one style. Most often, the interior combines elements of two or more subjects, close in time to their appearance or territory. Curtains must match the basic style, complementing it.

The color is chosen in accordance with the tone of the walls and the color saturation of the interior. In monochrome decorated kitchen curtains can turn into decor and become an accent in the interior. They will attract the eye with their bright colors and drawings, creating a festive mood.

Curtains for kitchen 100

Decorative facing under the stone, colored wallpaper and contrasting wall decoration with mosaic, wallpaper and other material reduces the space, makes it heavier. To correct the situation, light air curtains on the windows will help.

Curtains for kitchen 101

In the kitchen, they prepare food and eat. Steam and odors must be freely eroded. Fabric for curtains in the kitchen should be natural, easy to wear off, do not burn out. Silk can be hung on a window facing north. After the season on the south side, it will crumble.

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Curtains for kitchen 102

Make the right choice will help you own taste and our proposed curtain design for the kitchen, photos, novelties and features of modern styles.

Curtains for kitchen 103

Classic style is always in trend

Classics are complex drawings with a rich palette of tones, a clear drawing and a lot of small elements. Preference is given to natural: brown and red flowers with numerous shades. There are small elements of green. The pattern is decorated with yellow and golden color.

curtains in style - classic

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Classics is based on the refinement of flowing lines, natural materials and tones, light waves of drapery. The color of the curtains matches the upholstery. Fabrics are expensive: satin, velvet, silk. The ideal material created for the classical style is Damascus.

classics - 1

If there are tables and other equipment under the window, then choose short curtains in the kitchen. It is enough to make lambrequins at the top or drape a strip of fabric in the form of a shuttlecock. If the space of the window opening is free, use a cloth to the floor from a guipure, chiffon, a gas with a floral pattern and drape in waves. On the sides, snug the cord or tape.

classics - 2

Tales and luxury of the East in a modern kitchen

The luxury of the East is amazing. It is created by ornaments with a complex weave of threads.

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East - 1

An important role is played by the selection of colors:

  • turquoise;
  • blue;
  • purple;
  • burgundy;
  • emerald;
  • golden.

East 2

Fabrics densely draped, at the top gather in the form of a tent. Bottom, white peeks on the sides, in the form of edging, emphasizing the luxury of the upper curtains. The edges are decorated with fringe, beads. On the sides are interwoven cords with brushes. Suitable for a kitchen of more than 10 square meters.

Provence - the whisper of waves, the caress of the sun and the rows of grapes running along the slopes

The style of Provence combines French elegance, romance of the sea, warmth of the south and village simplicity. Fabric for curtains should be natural and light. The main color is white. It symbolizes sail, foam of waves, clouds. Other tones are possible, but they must be taken from the surrounding nature. Yellow sun, blue sky, creamy sand, green slopes. Finishing can include bright shades and variegated colors.

Provence - 1

Provence is a rural area in the south of France. Style refers to ethnic, with their rustic simplicity. Curtains are short, single and double-rowed with bright ruches trimmed with floral ornamentation, ruffles in a cage and a strip. Mistresses sewed them themselves, using old sails and the remaining flaps of calico and staple after making garments.

Provence 3

Numerous guests from the opposite shore made their own adjustments to the local style. The curtains, long to the window sill, were intercepted by wooden and metal rings, arched, like a tent. Straight cloths were pulled together by coquettish bows.

Provence 5

Ethno style is unique and diverse

The direction in the ethnic style is as much as the people. Common features for him are the village simplicity, the decoration of the house with their own hands. Mistresses try to emphasize the individuality of the original tablecloth, napkin and handmade picture.

Ethno - 1

Fabrics for curtains are simple, inexpensive: cotton, linen, poplin, gauze. Background light, milky, cream, beige, blue. A picture in a cage, a flower, a strip. There can be images of animals and plants, mostly fruits and flowers. Usually the length of the curtain is slightly lower than the window sill. Finishing frills, ruffles, ribbons.

Ethno - 2

Laconic rigor of minimalism needs a bright decor

Minimalism is ideal for a small kitchen and a studio with a combination in a large living room, dining room and cooking area. Of furniture nothing superfluous, everything is compact and multifunctional. The dining table is combined with a bar counter and, at the same time, it is an island with a sink and a stove. At the bottom of the set of boxes, which fit dishes and food.


The main color of the walls and furniture is white and its shades. An additional contrasting tone, black, brown, dark gray is present in small fragments like finish. Curtains are single-colored, practically without padding and waves. The decor is a bright ceiling lights or curtains.

minimalism 2

Design curtains for the kitchen is selected on the basis of minimum fabric and maximum practicality. If the interior has no outstanding spots, then the accent should be curtains of saturated colors:

  • green;
  • red;
  • blue;
  • yellow.

minimalism 3

Long canvases without drapes are suitable for large windows. In the working area of ​​the kitchen in a minimalist style, Roman curtains, Japanese blinds and rolls are appropriate.

minimalism 4

The palette of kitchen curtains envies a rainbow

On the kitchen window, any palette of tones and colors is possible. Only black fabric of any density will be inappropriate. Modern curtains in the kitchen can be any color, pattern and brightness. The main thing is that they complement the design of the kitchen and make it more joyful, lighter.


Pastel colors are universal and suitable for any color design of the interior. They are used in most styles. Sand, gray shades of light colors, milky. White fabric on the window is always appropriate. Beige refers to a palette of warm brown flowers and light enough to create coziness, to increase space.

curtains 2

Turquoise color is popular in hot countries. It consists of cool blue and freshness of green. In ethnic and eco-styles, preference is given to natural tones:

  • yellow;
  • blue;
  • green.


Fiery red warms and gives energy. In the bright kitchen, scarlet curtains will help you wake up in the morning, in the evening create a romantic setting for the sunset and scarlet sails.

curtains 4

Lambruckens are appropriate on large windows under high ceilings

Lambrequins give the kitchen a sense of elegance. Simultaneously, the window space looks aesthetically pleasing, the cornice and the fastening are closed. Lack of beautiful drapery in the constantly settling in the folds of dust and soot. With a small window size, the lambrequins visually make the ceiling lower. Use them in the kitchen should be moderately, only with classical styles.

Ламбрекены - 1

Advantages of short curtains in their compactness and open space

Short curtains open the window sill and flowers and other decor items that stand on it. The useful area of ​​the countertop under the window is freed and increases. Equipment is placed around the perimeter, freeing the center of the kitchen.

Many designers prefer short curtains to the kitchen. Photos with samples are convincing enough. The light flows freely through the window. The space is visually increasing. Short curtains can be chosen to decorate the kitchen in any style.

Fantasies with rings on the cornice

Make the kitchen festive and fun will help the ring and your imagination. A clear line of the cornice opens and the curtain separates from it, it lives independently. Massive rings look piquant and mysterious. Variants with drapery get new opportunities.

rings on the cornice - 1

You can fasten a strip of light mottled fabric, forcing it to sag with the waves down. Do not used on the beach pareo and scarves, large flounces usual fabric, which is well draped. Practicality of the rings in their free movement along the rod of the cornice.

rings on the cornice 4

Erker in the kitchen - an opportunity for a unique design

From a practical point of view, the bay window, this is a useful additional area. It allows you to create a kitchen corner with a dining table, create a miniature winter garden, arrange along the wall sofas for relaxation. And in general, the bay window can be seen as a gift of architects for the embodiment of your dream, which lacks space within the standard kitchen and dining room.

Hacker in the kitchen

When choosing curtains, please specify. If you use a bay window simply to increase the area of ​​the kitchen, then the design of the entire space and style should be the same. When the additional area represents an independent zone, decorate it harmoniously with the kitchen, but in a different style. The luminaire, furniture and curtains should have common colors with the interior of the kitchen, but be different. Here, you will not be disturbed by long curtains, since the working area is on the side.

Hacker in the kitchen 4

Compact and practical Roman blinds harmoniously combined with many styles

It is convenient to hang Roman curtains in the kitchen. They glide along the window and do not take up space. It is convenient to raise and lower the blade, adjusting the position of the cord. Wet hands will not leave a stain on the canvas. Curtains do not interfere with indoor plants on the windowsill, which is important for the kitchen.

римские curtains - 1

The uniqueness of Roman curtains in a harmonious combination with most modern styles. Fabric can be from canvas when decorated in marine themes, to damask in classical cuisine. Laconism and minimalism of monophonic fabrics for techno and high-tech, efficiency and brutality in loft and black house, diversity and brightness in ethno and dacha. Bright Roman curtains dropping colors add color. Monochrome balances the oversaturation of the kitchen with paints.

Римские curtains

Curtains for a small kitchen should increase the space

In a small kitchen, curtains serve not just as decor, they help to increase space. For this purpose, light light fabrics, monochrome and with a soft fine pattern, are best suited. Longitudinal strips will visually raise the ceiling. Cross-inserts will expand the narrow kitchen.

Curtains for kitchen

Light translucent fabrics to the middle of the window and Roman curtains of light tones, rolls and window design in Japanese style. Large and tall French windows, close the white curtain of tulle, freely hanging down to the floor.

Curtains for kitchen 8

A combination of practicality and imagination in the design of the balcony door

The balcony door in the kitchen takes away part of the space, especially if it opens into the room. If there is no possibility to replace it with a sliding one, then hang the long curtains on the rings and on the sides fix the clamps on the wall. When you need to go out to the balcony or install a table there, the curtains are easily removed. But at you from kitchen an exit on an excellent place where it is possible to spend a romantic supper.

balcony door

With an asymmetric arrangement of the door and window, a common cornice and the same curtains are made. Preference should be given to monophonic light tissues.

balcony door 2

The kitchen is combined with the living room - zoning and a mix in the studio style

When separating the kitchen from the living room with an island or sofas, a single image of the studio apartment is created. Zoning is done conventionally carpet, floor and ceiling level, furniture trim. Curtains throughout the big hall should be the same.

The kitchen is combined with the living room - 1

If there is a partition and an arch, the kitchen area is highlighted and more hidden. Then the rule of uniform color scale is observed and the style can be different, but close to the main one.

The kitchen is combined with the living room 2

Two windows in one kitchen

The windows in the kitchen are made the same, even if one of them leads into the bath and there is a frosted glass in it. More light from the street gives freedom of choice of color and shape of curtains. Less need to think about light and space.

Two windows in one kitchen2

If one of the windows is located above the work area and you can not hang a long curtain, then the others should also be short. The identical design of windows makes space uniform and harmonious.

Two windows in one kitchen2

The exception can be in the case when a large kitchen is separately equipped with a dining room and the windows are located at a great distance in different zones. Then a combination of styles and colors is applied and the curtains correspond to the style of a certain zone.

Two windows in one kitchen 4

How to create a unique window image with the help of curtains?

A lot of styles allow the housewives to embody their fantasies in the kitchen. In addition to ethnic, there is a villa, kitsch, art deco. Excellent fit unusual curtains in the harsh interior loft and industrial. Funny homemade curtains with the finishes you invented will serve as a beautiful decor. Avant-garde will take your uneven seams for granted, it mixes irregular geometric shapes and unexpected color solutions.

The advantages of the kitchen with curtains created by their own hands, in their uniqueness and originality. This is your taste, character and imagination.

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