Curtains for kitchen

It turns out that it is curtains for the kitchen that will help to create comfort in the kitchen. Only here is the question - which ones to choose? Below we will give you some recommendations for choosing curtains for the kitchen.


Color spectrum

Curtains for the kitchen should not irritate, disturb and distract from the meal. Light light curtains can significantly expand the space, as well as create a feeling of comfort and tranquility. That's why the ideal variant is warm gentle colors: turquoise, peach, cream, blue, etc.


Pure white color is desirable to soften a variety of additions, in particular pink, coffee, pleasant beige, or combine with any other colors. By the way, curtains should be appropriate to the design of the kitchen in style, style or pattern.


A monophonic fabric or with a large ornament (in stripes, cage or with large flowers) will do. But the small picture will give a feeling of a kind of untidiness.

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Important! If the wallpaper in the kitchen is bright and patterned, then it is worth paying attention to single-color curtains. If, however, the turnover in the room is monochrome wallpaper, then choose curtains with a picture. Naturally corresponding to the interior of the kitchen.

If you live on the first floor, and the kitchen window looks south, where the busy street and the scorching sun. In this case, fit curtains, roller blinds or conventional horizontal / vertical blinds.


As an auxiliary protection of the kitchen from the sun, you can apply curtains of translucent fabrics, such as organza, tulle, veil. Dissipating the light of the sun, they give the lighting softness, and the kitchen, in turn, always a cozy appearance.


Species variety of curtains

Roman curtains Look elegant in combination with curtains or curtains. In addition, they provide for a minimum amount of tissue and simple maintenance.

Roman curtains-for-kitchen03Roman curtains-for-kitchen06Roman curtains-for-kitchen07Roman curtains-for-kitchen08Roman curtains-for-kitchen09roman-blinds-for-kitchen10roman-curtains-for-kitchen11Roman curtains-for-kitchen15Roman curtains-for-kitchen16Roman curtains-for-kitchen17Roman curtains-for-kitchen18roman-blinds-for-kitchen20roman-curtains-for-kitchen21Roman curtains-for-kitchen22roman-curtains-for-kitchen23curtains

Japanese Panels practical and modern, look great in minimalist and folk interiors. You can hang a pair of these panels, which differ in color and texture. Thus, we will get an interesting game with light - and the room will visually increase.


Curtains in cafe style in the upper part of the window start with a 20-30-centimeter lambrequin, and in the middle a cross bar is fixed, where two short curtains hang.

Such curtains are very popular in cities, because the upper part of the window is open, and light passes through it quite easily, and the lower one is closed.

Curtains for the kitchen, species diversity (130 real photos) Curtains for the kitchen, species diversity (130 real photos)

Curtains on the eyelets  they are laconic and simple and very easy to move. To hang such curtains, you need a round cornice. It is believed that the diameter of the eyelets can be chosen any. The main thing - to fit the diameter of the cornice.

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French curtains несомненно подходят для кухни совмещенной с гостиной. Такой вариант интерьера придаст кухни шикарный вид. French curtains не следует опускать ниже подоконника, такой вариант подчеркнет красоту кухонной мебели.

French-curtains (1)French-curtains (3)French-curtains (5)curtains-dlya-kuhnim04French

Austrian curtains certainly very beautiful. They combine the "French splendor" and "Roman severity" The Austrian curtains made of cotton are more suitable for the kitchen.

Curtains for the kitchen, species diversity (130 real photos) Curtains for the kitchen, species diversity (130 real photos) Curtains for the kitchen, species diversity (130 real photos)

Very impressive Austrian curtains look in a straightened form. If such curtains are slightly raised with the help of special cords with original brushes, then at the bottom are very beautiful folds that add grace to the interior of the kitchen.

And finally the last kind of curtains is curtains with a lambrequin. Basically, lambrequin is used to decorate windows in other rooms rather than in the kitchen. But even there it will look very beautiful and original.

Curtains with lambrequins consist of lush folds in the middle, which are fixed from two sides. Also on the curtains are adjusted cascades of fabric decorated with fringe. Lambrequin fits well with a curtain of light fabric, for example silk.


Advice! You should pay attention to the cornice made of plastic or iron. They are very comfortable, light and happy to get accustomed to your kitchen. Do not take wooden eaves, as they are afraid of moisture and heat. Over time, such cornices will lose their quality.

Each kitchen has its own peculiarities and subtleties. For this, create, invent and make your kitchen even more unrecognizable.

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