Curtains for kitchens with eyelets

Beautifully flowing curtains on the eyelets gradually supplant from the interiors traditional curtains with fastening-clothespins. This is an ideal window decoration option, adding a room of attractiveness and coziness.


What is curtains on eyelets

Curtains with eyelets do not have hinges for fastening to hooks and they are not fastened by means of clothespins. Instead of them, large rings, corresponding to the diameter of the cornice, which is inserted into these holes, are mounted on top of the canvas. When stringing the rings on the cornice, you get even elegant folds of fabric.


Directly the eyelets are rings with a flange, made of different modern materials, used to fix the edges of the round hole in the curtain. The idea of ​​eyelets was borrowed by designers from seafarers, who thus fastened the sails to the cords. The eyelets give the curtains and the windows decorated with them a stylish and aristocratic look.


The eyelets can be of different colors, so you can always choose the rings that are most appropriate for the finish of the cornice. On sale, you can find rings of white, black, brown, and also made for gold, bronze or tin. A mandatory accessory for curtains with eyelets is the cornice, on which the canvases are suspended.

Cornices can be closed and decorative, adding a visual appeal to the window. As decorative eaves you can use wooden, forged and plastic cornices with beautiful tips.


Advantages and disadvantages

It is easy and beautiful to look at the kitchen interior, in which curtains hang on an elegant cornice draped with elegant folds. Thanks to the rings, such curtains easily and quickly open and close without getting stuck or jamming when driving.

Eyelets provide the creation of uniform draperies, which have recently become especially popular. Literally any cloth fits the eyelets. Curtains on curtains remain smooth and neat and look symmetrical and attractive.


Cornice is almost completely visible, being a beautiful element of decor, which is especially important for some styles. Changing the curtains on the eyelets, which is important for the kitchen, is also much easier than on traditional hooks due to the wide open holes, which quickly and without delay pass through the cornice tube. The hanging process takes no more than two minutes. The curtains are stretched out literally in one motion, without making a noise.


Cornices for such curtains can be from one or two pipes. The second option is less often used in conventional kitchens, but it looks great in spacious kitchens, decorated in classical styles in country houses. Curtains on the rod can also be used for zoning the room and dividing the working area of ​​the kitchen from the reception area or even the dining room in the studios. Today it is a rather popular design.


Types of eyelets

The eyelets are divided according to the material of manufacture into:

  • plastic - the most inexpensive;
  • wooden - for rustic and Scandinavian styles;
  • metal - from stainless steel or brass, such eyelets are made for gold, antique, chrome, oxidized.


The most preferred option for kitchen interiors are plastic eyelets due to their practicality, low cost and ease of maintenance. Curtains with plastic eyelets can easily be washed in a washing machine - the rings will not rust and do not swell from the water.


The diameter of the ring can also vary from small - about 30 mm, to large - 55 mm. For non-thick kitchen fabrics, it is recommended to use rings with an internal diameter of 35 mm and an outer diameter of 55 mm. The shape of the eyelets can also vary - from standard rings to triangles, ovals and ornate patterns, in which the inner shape of the ring remains unchanged.


Selecting eyelets need to be considered:

  • tone eaves or curtains;
  • interior of the room-the color of furniture, accessories, etc .;
  • when choosing the diameter of the hole in the ring, you need to be guided by the diameter of the cornice tube - plus 1-2 cm.


Briefly, you can list the following advantages of kitchen curtains on the eyelets. They:

  • reliable - even if accidentally pull the panel, then they will not break;
  • practical - the curtain can be replaced in minutes, if it is soiled;
  • comfortable - do not make noise when moving;
  • beautiful - even waves forming a canvas on the eyelets, look spectacular and neat;
  • Durable - do not affect the fabric and do not damage the fabric.


What curtains on the eyelets are suitable for the kitchen

For kitchen curtains on the eyelets - the perfect choice. They are easily replaced and you can literally nudge them. The eyelets perfectly fit into many interior styles and do not overload the space. Traditional curtains on the eyelets - these are two canvases freely falling down. However, in the kitchen you can use more interesting solutions.


Curtains in the kitchen can be hung from two canvases and from one. Straightened cloth on the rings to the window sill has the appearance of comfortable and practical Roman curtains. Actually traditional Roman blinds with curtains on the eyelets in the spacious kitchen can create and an excellent duo, in which the functional components will be taken over by Roman curtains, and the role of decorative framing - curtains on the eyelets.


Short curtains - an indispensable element of a modern functional kitchen. They do not hang around under your feet, get dirty and do not block the heat coming from the radiator. Soft, uniform, flowing waves give a feeling of airiness.


Lambreken of the laver can be considered a bold avant-garde solution that can be applied with the use of non-traditional approaches to the design of windows and interiors, focused on unusual design and original style.

However, you can apply this solution for many traditional styles. In addition, you can apply such design as the installation of curtains and lambrequins on one curtain, which reduces the cost of additional fastening and reduces the amount of window decor.


In what style will be appropriate curtains on the eyelets

As a rule, draperies created with eyelets are used in interiors, decorated in minimalist styles. Curtains with wooden eyelets will look great in eco-styles, in a loft, in Provence and in the Mediterranean, with metal - in high-tech, and modern.


All these are interior styles, focused on conciseness and brevity of expression, functionality and rigor. In them the usual magnificent draperies give way to simple even vertical folds. In general, you can follow such recommendations:

  • For country and provence, short curtains with wide eyelets are suitable;
  • Mediterranean style can be profitable to submit, abandoning the use of cornices, and strung curtains with eyelets on a tight tourniquet;
  • hi-tech - monophonic (better gray or metallized) fabric with metal rings;
  • classic - a combination of curtain fabric on the rings with tulle;
  • minimalism - one wide curtain (a la Roman curtain) on the rings;
  • eastern ethno - a few long multi-colored tulle on the rings.


The size of the folds on the curtain depends on the distance between the rings. Cloths with small folds will help create a quiet and cozy atmosphere: this requires a lot of rings, distributed at close range. For medium vertical lines, the rings are installed every 18-20 cm (the width of the canvas is doubled). Curtains with large folds fit well in the interior of a spacious kitchen, this will require fewer rings.


In general, when choosing eyelets, one must observe the unity of style with the color scheme. However, you can experiment with different fabrics, eyelets and cornice materials, textures. In fashion, and includes a contrast combination - for example, a color contrasting cord or a different color band of fabric, on which the rings are attached.


In the salons of curtains in a large number are sold beautiful forged cornices of chrome-plated aluminum or bronze, having a shine and an attractive look of metal, but of light weight. In a complex with eyelets and curtains of the appropriate tone, they can decorate windows in different styles, starting from Provence, ending with Techno, Loft and Hi-tech. The cornice can be covered with a decorative box: this will create a completely new image and fully preserve the functionality and ease of operation.


How to choose

Curtains on the eyelets can be bought in specialized stores, they can be ordered in the curtain shop or sewed on their own (in fact, it will not be difficult).


Choosing curtains on the kitchen gauges, it is necessary to be guided by the following recommendations:

  • Practicality - do not forget that the kitchen is a place of increased risk. When choosing fabrics, it is necessary to avoid loose fabrics: velor, velvet, tapestry. If you want to buy curtains made of natural materials - fit flax and mixed fabrics. They are at least easily erased.
  • The volume - perfectly look curtains on the eyelets, forming large and even folds-folds. This becomes possible with a high density of tissue. To create a transparent light interior, you need to use light tulle curtains.
  • The length of the curtains is an important parameter. It all depends on the size of the kitchen. A small kitchen, long curtains from dense fabric to the floor will weight. If you want long kitchen curtains in a small kitchen - choose a light, lightweight fabric. More often choose for the kitchen curtains up to the window sill. This is very practical, because it makes it easier to use the space of the windowsill.
  • Even in the recent past, a window without a double-layer curtain could be imagined only in a state institution. If you are a fan of traditional family values, modern curtains on the eyelets are perfectly complemented by rolls and Roman blinds. This allows the kitchen to provide the necessary privacy, leaving its secrets behind the curtains.
  • The curtains should have an even number of eyelets, so that the fabric on both sides of the fabric is facing the wall.


Choosing a fabric for curtains on the eyelets do not forget that it requires twice as much tissue as for traditional curtains. To form beautiful folds for the fabric, the upper part of the fabric needs to be further sealed with an eye-lintel tape.


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