Curtains for the kitchen with the balcony door - 75 photos

Surely most of us dream of having our own kitchen going out onto the balcony. After all, thanks to him, there is additional space, or a great opportunity for easy rest after a cup of tea or a favorite coffee. And, of course, if the curtains in this room are selected correctly, it will not only be beautiful, but also incredibly cozy.


  • The peculiarity of choosing curtains for kitchens with balcony doors
  • Choice of models
  • Selection of ready curtains for the kitchen with a balcony door
  • Recommendations of professionals
  • Photo of fashionable curtains for the kitchen with a balcony door

The peculiarity of choosing curtains for kitchens with balcony doors

While doing the design of the kitchen window, which has a door to the balcony, consider the following nuances:

  •  The balcony door should be opened without any obstructions or interference.
  • The doors must necessarily be combined with the selected curtains, the exterior design, so that the composition will look uniform.
  • The practicality of products is a very important point. This is especially true for long curtains, which can disperse from the wind, because they are fire dangerous!


Choice of models

The most optimal options are curtains made of simple fabrics on the cornices, with a rather long length, which, by the way, can be very different. However, you should choose a small length option. For example, it can be up to the window sill.


Also an excellent option for curtains - blinds, which will be the same in length and on the windows. And on the door, because they will be a single canvas.


Among the most popular models can be identified roll version of the curtain. First of all, they can be panels independent of each other. That is, the window will cover one sheet, the door is different. In addition, such curtains are attached without the installation of large cornices. And, in the end, such curtains allow very well to fantasize about the design. It starts with a variety of colors, ends with the use of different types and variations of pick-ups. Read: Black curtains - 75 photos of ideas for an elegant interior


See the proposed photo curtains in the kitchen with the balcony door. Here you will see how well the kitchen curtains look on the eyelets, which are very comfortable to move. They are made from a wide variety of fabrics and materials. Thanks to them on the balcony to get out very easily, because they can be fully expanded.


Also, for Japanese kitchens, Japanese curtain options will be excellent. Their main advantage is the possibility to diversify the window with curtains of different lengths. At the same time, in order to organize them, it is important to have space for their movement, for which guides are used. Thanks to this, the curtains will take up less space than other options.


Selection of ready curtains for the kitchen with a balcony door

You can talk about a variety of materials. For example, about the tissues with the depicted plants, which will be monotonous in the central part, and decorated with a small strip on the edges.


If you have free space to fix the cornice, you can even make some experiments by trying to fix the models above the window opening. For example, a window can be closed using Roman curtains, and the doors - a curtain made of cloth with a similar image.


To make the kitchen look more rational, practical, the most optimal option is to use the Japanese version of the curtains. Firstly, they will very originally emphasize the restrained style, and will also help to maximize the convenience at the time of opening the doors. In addition, if they are parted, they will look very compact and not less original.

design curtain-for-kitchen3

If there is a desire, you can hang ordinary curtains of cloth in the kitchen, using two options. So, if you decorate the kitchen space in accordance with the fashion trends, original materials in a romantic or retro kitchen will look very original.


Recommendations of professionals

Do not be afraid of different combinations, and experiments. Combining materials that differ in texture, as well as completely different curtains in their appearance, are very interesting in kitchens where there is a balcony door. After all, due to asymmetry, fantasy can not be the limit. Read: Gray curtains in the interior - 75 photos of the best design ideas and combinations


Choosing curtains, which depicts different patterns, should adhere to the same color scheme, which should include no more than three colors. Otherwise, the room will be very motley, provocative.


If you are determined to organize the space interestingly and unusually, play with colors. Choose single-tone fabrics, or with drawings, so the design will look especially original.


If the fabrics are different in texture, you should choose them so that the shade was about the same. This will not distract the color of the contrast of the selected tissues.

design curtain-for-kitchen-43

If you prefer smooth curtains, and in general - order in everything, choose curtains, which will be the same in length and in the appropriate style. Then, in closed form, they will give symmetry to the window opening, even if you choose some options for a novelty in the kitchen with a balcony door.

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Photo of fashionable curtains for the kitchen with a balcony door










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light-long curtains-in-the-kitchen


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