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The hall (or living room) is undoubtedly one of the most important premises of your home. And it should look like it's exquisite and cozy. An important part of the appearance of the living room are the curtains. So, you should familiarize yourself with the design of curtains for the hall, carefully considering the great variety of their varieties.


  • Types of curtains in the hall
  • Choosing a style of curtains for the hall
  • Classic style
  • Modern style
  • Art Nouveau style
  • Minimalist style
  • Style Provence
  • Hi-tech style
  • Room decoration with balcony
  • Decoration of a hall with two windows
  • Fashionable curtains in the hall, novelties of 2017
  • Photo curtains for the hall - the best novelties in the interior

Types of curtains in the hall

1. Curtains with lambrequins. They represent a horizontal decorative drapery, which is mounted over curtains. This is a very expressive element of decor, but does not carry a functional load in itself.


2. Curtains on the rings-eyelets, i.e. on a special kind of hinges or sleeves that are attached to the panel through the holes in the fabric, so that these rings are threaded on the bar.


3. Short curtains. That is, curtains that do not reach the floor, just below the windowsill. Very much in demand recently. For a living room, bright colors are suitable. Gray and brown tones will find their application in the working room.


Choosing a style of curtains for the hall

Curtains are one of the most important accessories of your home. Choosing which style should be curtains, you should proceed from the general interior of the living room. And also it is worth remembering a couple of simple rules:

1) heavy and thick curtains are better to combine with light tulles;


2) the color composition of curtains should be combined with the color scheme of the room.


Now consider the most popular styles of curtains.


Classic style

Speaking of classic curtains, there is a view, as the application of the straight style, and the cloth with soft folds. In the open state, curtains are tied with bows or laces, which are the same with curtains. Often supplemented with lambrequins and tulle. Read: Design curtains for the children's room - 55 photos of novelties of curtains in the interior of the nursery

photo-43-french-curtains-in-the living room

Modern style

This style does not like pretentiously bright shades and too dense fabrics, but allows slight negligence. Such curtains are also straight, and sliding, and even lifting. To it it is possible to carry and exotic kinds of curtains. People's motives are not forbidden here, unless, of course, the rest of the interior will match this.


Art Nouveau style

This style is peculiar only to lightweight fabrics, and linens are often asymmetric. As a picture, curved lines, geometric figures, mythical beasts or outlandish plant patterns can act. A smooth transition can be made from one drawing to another.


Minimalist style

This style is designed to emphasize the freedom that reigns in the room. Such curtains create gentle lighting. In minimalism, bright and colorful colors are impermissible, black and white are welcome, as well as ash-and-milk shades.


Style Provence

The main characteristic features of the Provence style are elegance and a certain clumsiness. Easy to use with a simple decor. For such curtains only natural materials (cotton, cotton, linen) are used.


Hi-tech style

Strict style, without any decor, clear lines, plant patterns are unacceptable. Rarely there is a geometric ornament. Often these are just blinds and shutters. Curtains, if used, are only dense in dark execution.


Room decoration with balcony

The balcony is available in almost any apartment, which is an undeniable convenience. However, when choosing the look and cutting of curtains, some questions may arise, as these curtains should look both aesthetically pleasing and practical at the same time, because the balcony is used frequently, leaving it daily. Therefore, the size of the curtains for the balcony group should be slightly larger than usual, you should also consider the texture and folds.


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As for the curtains on the balcony itself, you should think about them so that they do not contradict the overall design concept of the living room. It is better that the balcony curtains be able to fold and unfold as necessary. With the solution of this problem, for example, Roman or roller blinds will cope. It is possible to use small curtains. Read: Design of curtains - modern design options in the interior (75 фото)

curtain-for-the-hall2Decoration of a hall with two windows

It often happens that the owners of apartments or houses do not know how to approach the design of the living room, if it has two windows. The main rule, in this case, sounds very simple: two windows as twin brothers. Neglect this rule is strictly prohibited. It is necessary to ensure that the patterns on the curtains necessarily coincide.


Fashionable curtains in the hall, novelties of 2017

But going to the choice of curtains for the hall, in addition to style preferences, it would not be bad to pay attention to fashion. Especially if you want your living room to look modern. However, wishing to keep up with the times, one should not trust the transient extravagant trends. It is better to dwell on such options, which will remain relevant after a while. Let's consider the actual novelties of curtains in the hall.


So, for example, for several years already the shades of purple, lilac and violet, both richly bright and restrained tender, have not ceased to be in demand. But do not shy away and gray. For example, in the style of high-tech will look great and a solid gray color, and its combination with pearl shades will look great in the styles of Provence, Art Nouveau and classics.


Especially in demand this year such novelties of design of curtains for a hall, as combinations of strips, which can with a vegetative pattern, monophonic or with various brightness. In addition, a great addition to curtains will be lambrequins. If the design refers to minimalism, then straight and strict lambrequins are best. And for the classic and modern styles suited falling svagi and ruches.


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Photo curtains for the hall - the best novelties in the interior








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