Curtains in the kitchen with a balcony door

In the city apartments often there is a balcony, which is a kind of complement to the kitchen. It is quite convenient to use, but you have to choose the most optimal way of decorating a balcony door, which does not violate the overall harmony of the kitchen space.

The choice of curtains, which are excellent for this purpose, is huge. To find among them really ideal, you should use some tips.

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Features of the design of curtains for the kitchen with a balcony door

Find ready-made curtains for the kitchen with a balcony door is quite difficult, since this opening is non-standard. In most cases, they have to be sewn to order, by individual measures. However, before choosing the right type of curtains, you should learn about some important points.

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It must be taken into account that in the kitchen with a balcony the flow of daylight will always be much lower than in rooms with a window that faces the street. This means that you should not choose dark curtains that will make the room even more darkened. Preference should be given to light shades and transparent, or semi-transparent textures.

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You need to choose curtains, the design of which will not interfere with the free exit to the balcony. Too heavy and tight curtains that cover the floor of the window, for this purpose, do not fit. If it is often pulled, it will quickly lose its attractive appearance. In addition, curtains of this type in the kitchen soon begin to cause irritation.

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When choosing curtains for a window with a balcony door, you should take into account the presence of batteries under the window - if they look unpresentable, curtains must completely hide such batteries.

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Also it should be taken into account that in the kitchen the fabric will get dirty much faster due to such factors as high humidity, presence of greasy splashes and soot. In addition, many materials perfectly absorb foreign odors.

Choosing curtains for the kitchen, all these moments must be taken into account and give preference to the most simple textile without lace and ruche. The fabric should not be shedding and durable, easily washable and quickly drying.

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Curtains for a balcony door should have the following characteristics:

  • Do not cling to different objects when you open the door, and do not block access to the balcony;
  • represent a single composition, and not be a heterogeneous piece of tissue;
  • Provide access to sunlight in the kitchen.

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Types of curtains for the kitchen with a balcony door - which to choose?

Classic curtains — для из изготовления могут использоваться самые разные материалы, однако выбирать следует тот, который с легкостью выдержит все нагрузки, неизбежные в таком помещении, как кухня. Classic curtains отлично впишутся в традиционный интерьер, они выглядят нарядно и никогда не выходят из моды. Преимущество подобной конструкции заключается в том, что с ее помощью можно полностью закрыть батарею под окном.

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However, classic curtains will often have to be pushed to open the door and go to the balcony. This means that the fabric will be subjected to constant loads, which in time will negatively affect its appearance. In addition, the classic curtains look quite massive, and are not suitable for installation in small and cramped kitchens.

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Roman curtains - combine the convenience of blinds and the beauty of the curtains, they are ideal for installation in the kitchen. The structure is fastened at the top to the ledge and represents a dense strip of fabric, which when folded is folded.

Such curtains are raised with the help of rails and a regulating cord. At the bottom of the structure is a weighting plate, which allows the curtains to always remain perfectly flat. Sew a Roman curtains from a variety of fabrics, both natural and synthetic.

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For a kitchen with a balcony door, it is recommended to buy a product made of artificial textiles. They are installed in sections: separately above the window, and separately above the balcony door. If the kitchen is located on the south side, it is worth choosing a dense material that provides reliable protection from the sun.

If there is a lack of natural light, as is often the case in kitchens with a balcony, Roman curtains should be selected from a material with minimal sun protection - for example, polyester with the addition of viscose or cotton.

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More details about the Roman curtains, we told in this article.

Roller blinds — отлично подходят для установки на окне с балконом, так как они легко поднимаются вверх и обеспечивают свободный доступ на балкон. Такие конструкции бывают двух видов. Roller blinds классические — представляют собой гладкое и ровное полотно, которое при подъеме образует горизонтальные складки, накладывающиеся друг на друга. Такие шторы смотрятся очень просто и элегантно, к тому же, они отлично вписываются в любой интерьер кухни.

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Roller blinds каскадные — такая модель даже при полном раскрытии имеет складки, которые свободно спускаются вниз в виде каскада, превращаясь в красивую драпировку. Очень часто рулонные шторы устанавливаются на кухнях, интерьер которых выполнен в стиле арт-деко, кантри, прованс, а также в некоторых традиционных стилях. Как и римские, рулонные шторы устанавливаются секциями: отдельно над окном, и отдельно над балконной дверью.

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Thread curtains, or muslin - for a small window in a small room, the muslin is perfect - special curtains made in the form of thin long threads. These stripes look very attractive and elegant, besides, they visually make the kitchen more spacious, "lift" the ceiling in it, create a feeling of comfort and coziness, well letting sunlight in.

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And they are very easy to take care of. Kisei can be made in different ways. It can be simply fixed from one side of the window with the help of decorative tack, or divided into two parts and fixed on both sides of the window opening.

You can also just throw the gauze so that it closes the whole window. The huge color range of such curtains provides additional opportunities for decorating the kitchen. If desired, you can choose a simple white or bright version of the muslin, as well as a kiseyu with a soft gradient.

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Curtains with Lambrequins - they are able to transform the most modest kitchen. These curtains perfectly in harmony with heavy curtains. They are given luxuries by luxuriant folds, which fall soft waves. However, if the kitchen is small, it is necessary to use lambrequins of more laconic forms.

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It is also important to remember that lambrequins are not suitable for installation in a kitchen made in the style of minimalism or hi-tech. At the same time, they look great in the classic interior.

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Curtains on the eyelets - this is a very popular design solution for the design of window openings, both in country houses and in urban apartments - the installation of direct curtains, which are mounted on the cornice with special eyelets sewn to the top of the fabric. To visually "lift" the ceiling, it is recommended to attach the round cornice closer to the ceiling, hanging on it long thin curtains.

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If desired, the textile can be quickly assembled into soft folds on either side of the window. This design looks stylish and elegant, especially it is combined with the classic style of the interior.

Curtains on the eyelets прекрасно подходят для установки на кухнях с балконной дверью, так как они совершенно не препятствуют свободному открытию дверей и не требуют особых карнизов и других специальных приспособлений.

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Jalousie - пожалуй, это один из наиболее лаконичных и удобных способов оформления оконного проема на кухне с балконной дверью. Jalousie прекрасно впишутся во все современные стили интерьеров. Они надежно защитят кухню от палящего солнца, при этом не утяжеляют помещение и практически не отнимут в нем места.

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Jalousie хороши еще и тем, что такие конструкции служить могут очень длительное время, при этом управлять ими просто, а ухаживать — очень легко. Jalousie могут быть бамбуковыми, пластиковыми, деревянными, их также изготовляют из мультифактурных материалов и тканей.

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As a rule, the dimensions of such a design coincide with the dimensions of the window aperture and the doorway. To add originality to the interior, it is worth choosing blinds with a picture or photo printing. Most often they are installed in rooms with modern and laconic interiors, as well as in small kitchens.

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How to choose curtain rod for curtains in the kitchen with a balcony door

Curtain rod for curtains, which will be installed in the kitchen with a balcony door, must be durable. You should choose a product with a special configuration that allows you to easily open the door. Experts recommend to give preference not to string fastenings, but to plastic or wooden cornices with large rings. Such cornices are distinguished by their high strength and durability.

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If a kitchen cabinet with a balcony door needs to be given a special shape, then it's worth paying attention to the two-level construction, part of which is located above the window, the other part - a little further above the door. Also suitable is an oblique cornice, forming a wide part, allowing you to easily move the curtains.

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Choice of fabric

Curtains in the kitchen will very quickly get dirty, as in this room the concentration of steam is increased, there are splashes of fat, soot accumulates. Fabric for curtains should be as much as possible wear-resistant. It is also recommended to choose materials that do not absorb odors well. Do not buy massive curtains and too thin tulle. It is desirable that the fabric is fireproof.

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It is recommended to avoid such types of curtains:

  • of cotton fabric and crocheted - after a few washings they will completely lose their appeal;
  • velvet curtains - they dry very long after washing and quickly accumulate odors, in addition, because of the steam present in the kitchen, they will constantly be slightly moist;
  • curtains embroidered with ruffles and ruffles of thin tulle - they will darken over time and will look like a rag.

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To curtains in the kitchen lasted a long time, it is better to choose fabrics with synthetic fibers that are easy to wear and do not require ironing.

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If you are interested in the topic of kitchen curtains, you can see our photo gallery which contains 90+ real photo examples of the kitchen with beautiful curtains.

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