Curtains in the nursery in the marine style - 50 photos of

If, in your case, the sea style is the most suitable variant of the children's decoration, we recommend that you pay attention also to the sea-style curtains. They look very attractive, light and executed in a certain style.


Children with such curtains will be the basis for the exploits and active actions of your little son, to develop the conquest of new achievements. They are able to remind the room with comfort and comfort, creating a unique interior.


  • Ship with sails
  • Swiming on the waves
  • Use of sailboats, ships, frigates
  • Choice of colors
  • Selecting the size of the curtains in the nautical style for the boy
  • 50 photos curtains for children in a nautical style

Ship with sails

If you have decided to make the sea style in reality a reality, the curtains must be chosen according to the style. The child will be reminded of a real ship that floats by the sea, using curtains resembling a sail with its shape. Accordingly, and the color scale should be appropriate, and therefore - white. The best options will be fabrics such as white linen, cotton, satin.


Such variants of curtains are easy to form into certain picks, fastened without problems with the help of special tools. They are similar in shape to the mast, and also perfectly accurately convey the atmosphere itself, that neither is a real ship. This you yourself can see on the proposed on our site photo curtains in a marine style.


As for the curtains themselves, it is not necessary that they are any large, bulky. If they are light and collected. Accordingly, they easily fit into the main interior. This method will appeal to every boy, especially if he is a romantic by nature.


Swiming on the waves

If you decide to choose the marine style for a sleeping child, you can choose curtains that look like waves. You can also see this from the photo of the curtains in the nursery in the marine style. Read: Curtains for the kitchen with a balcony door: the best ideas for decorating curtains in the kitchen (75 photos)


On the curtains it is not difficult to make an effect with the waves. It does not matter how they are directed, horizontally or vertically, or it can be diagonal / broken / curved. We recommend choosing the appropriate color gamut, for example, blue, blue, etc. Thanks to this design, the room will be light and free, tending to numerous adventures.


Use of sailboats, ships, frigates

What else would you add to make the sea style in the children's room? We offer to look for inspiration photo curtains in the marine style for the nursery. On them you can see that here there can be any curtains, though the most usual, though the standard panels in the style of Japan, etc. The main thing is the use of ornaments on curtains. For example, it could be ships, frigates and helmets, fish and anchors, etc.


But, with the chosen subjects it is impossible and perebarschivat that the balance has not been broken. After all, as a result of this, such elements can be in excess, because of what perception will be torn away.


Choice of colors

If you have chosen a marine style for a children's room, we recommend paying attention to the shades in which the curtains are made. Curtains do not necessarily make out blue, blue ... Here you can also use yellow turquoise, red, gray, white, etc.


In the photo you can see how these color schemes are combined, and the desired result is achieved with ease. It is very important that the interior elements are compatible with each other.


Selecting the size of the curtains in the nautical style for the boy

Selecting the design for the room in the chosen style, remember that the curtains should match the size of the window opening. For small-sized windows, simple light curtains should be chosen. For example, in Roman or classical style. Read: Short curtains - 75 photos of the best ideas for the interior


If the openings are large enough, then the curtains should be chosen large.

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You should also strive for harmony. Curtains with curtains should not dominate the room, or come to the fore. Also through them must penetrate the sun's rays, which is incredibly important for the child's room.


50 photos curtains for children in a nautical style

curtains for children


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