Curtains in the style of a cafe for the kitchen - choose

Curtains-cafe (curtains-country or "grandmother's window") - this is the traditional option for decorating kitchen windows in the style of Provence, country, cheby chic and, of course, cafe-style kitchens. They represent one or two curtains, fixed on the cornice in the middle of the window or just below.

Curtains-cafe in the interior

For those who want to decorate their kitchen with curtains in the style of a cafe, we have prepared a selection of inspiring photos, a couple of useful links where you can buy finished products, advice on choosing and manufacturing cornices, as well as 2 masterclasses for sewing curtains with your own hands.

Where to buy or order curtains in the style of a cafe?

Find in the usual curtain shop ready curtains in the right size and design is quite difficult, so they are better to order in the atelier, from private masters, to look in foreign online stores or on catalog sites.

  • The largest selection of inexpensive and attractive curtains-cafe we ​​found on the site The average price here is 1400 rubles, but most of the products offered are sewn from synthetic fabrics. However, if the practicality of curtains in the kitchen is your priority, then you will be able to choose the right option;

Linen curtains cafe

  • If first of all you are looking for a beautiful appearance and naturalness of the fabrics, then it is better to look for curtains on the website of handmade masters from around the world on request "cafe curtains". Here you can not only find ready-made models, but also make an individual order according to your size, however, in this case you need to be ready to correspond with the seller in English;
  • Curtains-cafes can and should be sewed by hand, because they do not require complicated finishing, decorating, cutting and maintaining proportions; on the contrary, the beauty of this model lies in its simplicity.
Curtains-cafe in the interior of the cottage kitchen

Curtains-cafe in the interior of the cottage kitchen

Photo gallery of ideas

Despite its simple appearance, curtains-cafes can be very different in design.

They can be decorated with lace, ribbons, ribbons, bows, buttons, embroidery, monograms, knitted details, etc. The main thing is that the decor should be made of natural fabrics, if the curtains themselves are cotton, cotton or linen.


Decor curtains in cafe style

Blind-cafe with frills and lace braid

Curtains-cafe on hinges

In the design of fabrics, village and folklore motifs are welcomed: for the kitchen in the Provence style it is cockerels, for English country - a cage, for style a la Russian - fabrics in flowery or lacy.

Curtains design in cafe style

Curtains in country style

Curtains-cafe in a cage

Beautiful and uniform white curtains.

Белые curtains-cafe

In addition to variations in decor and design of fabrics, you can think over combinations of country-style curtains, for example, with classic curtains. This combination in the interior of the kitchen is presented in the following photo (leaf).

  • Curtains-cafe in combination with classic curtains
  • Curtains-cafe in combination with classic curtains

Also curtains-cafes traditionally combine with the second kind of country-curtains - lambrequins.

Curtains-cafe in combination with lambrequin

And here is an example of an ensemble of curtains in the style of a cafe with soft roller blinds.

Country blinds in combination with soft roller blinds

See also the material: How to choose curtains in the kitchen: color, material, look and style.

Cornices for curtains-cafe: how to strengthen, how to make and where to buy

How to strengthen?

Curtains-cafes can be fastened in three ways:

  1. Inside the window opening;
  2. Above the window opening to the wall;
Options for fastening curtains-cafe

Options for fastening curtains-cafe

  1. On the window frame separately for each section as shown in the photo below. By the way, this method is especially suitable for standard plastic windows.
  • Fastening of curtains to the window frame
  • Fastening of curtains to the window frame
  • Fastening of curtains to the window frame

Where can I buy?

Many do not know, but special miniature and telescopic curtain rods for curtains can be found in almost any specialized salon or ordered from the online store. Otherwise, you can make such a cornice yourself from improvised means.

How and from what to make a cornice for curtains-cafe own hands?

  1. Dacha option: to the window opening we glue the hooks from both sides and pull a line or rope between them;

Карниз для curtains-cafe своими руками

  1. A solid variant: we buy hooks, preferably decorative, fasten them to the walls of the window opening or to the wall above the opening, then insert the bar into them. As a bar, you can make a processed wooden rod (preferably), the curtain rod from the shower curtain, the stick from the broom, etc. Surplus lengths are corrected with a hacksaw, the bar itself, if necessary, is grounded and repainted with powder formulations, and we put decorative caps on its ends;
  2. Alternative: instead of a mini-cornice, you can pick up a rail for a kitchen of a suitable size.

Master-class No. 1: Curtains-cafe with your own hands for one-two-three

Curtains in the style of the cafe can be fastened to the cornice with the help of different fittings and in different ways: for eyelets, curtain tape, for rings with clips, for secret and decorative loops, etc. In this turn-based workshop we offer sewn curtains with a pocket for the eaves - simple or decorated with a decorative frill on the top.

Curtains-cafe with a pocket without frills and with a frill

Шитье curtains-cafe своими руками

What we need:

  • Cut fabric (cotton, linen, cotton, combined fabric);
  • Sewing machine and tailor's accessories: ruler, scissors, pins, threads in the color of fabric;
  • Cornice (special telescopic for curtain-cafe or made by own hands, for example from fishing line or any reiki / rod);
  • Iron.

Step 1. Measurements, cutting and a little math

  • First you need to install the cornice so that you can immediately determine the length of the curtains and calculate the consumption of the fabric;
  • If you use natural fabric, it is desirable to wash it first, and then iron it well. This needs to be done in order to cut the fabric already considering its shrinkage after washing.

The tissue consumption can be calculated by the following formulas:

  • The width of the cut of the fabric = (Length of the eaves x 1.5) + 6 cm for the side cuts.

Note: the figure 1.5 is the assembly factor for medium-density fabric, for a tulle you can take the coefficient 2, then the folds are more magnificent.

  • Cut length of the fabric = Desired length of the curtain, ie the distance from the eaves to the lower edge of the curtains + 3 cm (or more) to the hem of the bottom + the length of the eave circumference + 2.5 cm to freedom and the hem.

Notes: If the curtains-cafe is installed above the window opening, then they should be so long as to be below the level of the window sill by about 10 cm. If you want the curtains to be installed inside the window frame, then their length should be such that the bottom the edge did not reach the window sill by 1-2 cm. If you want to make a pocket with a frill on top, then the circumference of the cornice must be multiplied by at least 2-2.5.

Step 2. Processing of side sections

Now proceed to sewing, namely to the processing of side slices. This is very simple: we turn the edge of the fabric to the wrong side by 1.5 cm, for ironing, iron, then again make a pivot for the same 1.5 cm, then the resulting bend is swept, pinned or pinned and give a line close to the edge. In this way, two side sections of the tissue need to be treated.

Шитье curtains-cafe

Step 3. Processing the bottom and top

Now we sew the bottom in the same way, but here you can make more than one straight line, and a decorative double.

Шитье curtains-cafe

Almost done! It remains only to form a pocket for the eaves. To do this: turn the fabric on the wrong side to the size of the allowance for the pocket, which you calculated earlier (the circumference of the eaves + 2.5 cm for freedom and the hem of the untreated cut) and iron the fold. Then we turn the untreated edge 1.5 cm and again iron the bend with the iron, then fix the padding with pins or a basting and give a line.

How to make a pocket with a frill?

Curtains of a cafe with a pocket with a frill

If you have planned to sew curtains-cafe with a decorative frill on top and beforehand made a wide pocket, then you only need to lay an additional line along the level of the upper edge of the eaves.

Well, that's all, now you can insert the cornice into the pocket of the curtains and form an even assembly.

Master class № 2. Curtains-cafe in 5 minutes

If you do not have the desire / ability to sew curtains-cafe yourself, but there is a pair of beautiful clean cotton towels, then we suggest to make curtains of them!

To do this, you just need to prepare clamps for curtains, attach them to the curtains, having sustained the same interval, and hang them on the cornice.

If necessary, you can shorten them by dismissing factory seams, ironing and trimming the fabric, and then trimming the edges in the manner described above.

Curtains-cafe with your hands from towels

The second way is to shorten the length without sewing: just tuck one edge on the front side (if the pattern on the fabric allows) or the wrong side and fix the folds with clasps as shown in the photo below.

Curtains-cafe of towels

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