Curtains of 2017 - photos of novelties and ideas for a

No window of your house can not do without beautiful curtains. Moreover, for the interior curtains are just an integral part. Design curtains 2017 promises to impress everyone with its ecological style, a large selection of colors, different types of fabrics and other stylistics.

Curtains of 2017

The novelties of the design of the curtains 2017 are so diverse that it can make your head spin. Therefore, if you want to correctly choose modern curtains 2017, it is worth paying attention to some of the nuances.

Curtains of 2017

In 2017, more emphasis will be placed on the natural style. Naturally, the curtains will not stay aloof. In addition to natural materials, the design of curtains will be emphasized by color and print. Curtains made of cotton, len, silk and organza always remain at their leading place. Nevertheless, among all perfectly stands out flax. Its benefits are a high level of strength and ease of care.

Curtains of 2017

As for the curtains, this year preference is given to curtains made of bamboo. In addition, natural fabrics and high-quality synthetics will be used.

Curtains of 2017

Recently, the use of monochrome colors has become very popular. Designers make a special emphasis on the uniformity of curtains, namely because only one shade is able to characterize the style of the room. If you pay attention to the photo of the novelties of curtains 2017, you will agree with the words of professionals.

elegant curtains of 2017

In general, when choosing the color of curtains, it is important to navigate the color of the wallpaper. That is, if the wallpaper is light, the curtains should be even richer. If there are white walls in the room, you can hang white organza curtains, because they will also look good. Specialists in design allow this style of fashionable curtains in the interior.

Curtains of 2017

The new style trend won its popularity with a single layer view. To maintain the relevance of the interior, use only curtains or tulle. But if these two options are combined, then it is already multi-layered, which is not entirely permissible in the design of curtains in 2017.


  • Color selection
  • Trend print and color
  • Photo novelties of curtains of 2017 in an interior

Color selection

Thanks to the well-chosen color of the curtains, the whole interior of the room is emphasized. The colors of nature are very relevant now. Very nice look cool colors such as blue, gray, green, nut and brown. But in addition to these colors, designers advise to turn their eyes to the blue-green color. They say that this is just a universal color, which is great for various interior design options.


If you want to hang the curtains in the bedroom, pay attention to the yellowish-green curtains. Blue-green is quite effective for a guest room.


But do not forget that the classic remains a classic despite the versatile fashion movement. This is a white color, which gives the effect of lightness with the airiness of the fabric. In fact, he is still "pushing" the visual space in the room.


White color can be curtains, organza, curtains. It is important only for them to choose a very light fabric, in the likeness of cotton or silk.


Trend print and color

Of course, monotonous looks very promising in the design of curtains of 2017. Nevertheless, your curtains can not do without a bright and original print. An interesting fact is that the style of the eighties is just now repeating itself in the style of multi-apartment housing.


Now it is very popular to shift and mix the most diverse styles. In a word, this is called eclecticism. Designers of our time decided to borrow a style of shades from the past. In addition, figures of various shapes, large flowers, narrow / wide strips and prints continue to gain in importance.

light beige curtains-in-the-living room

As mentioned above, the natural motive is now very relevant. Indeed, he is very attractive and in his likeness is much better than any abstraction there. The natural style of curtains can display a variety of landscapes, fauna and even the skin of a wild beast.


The curtains of 2017 emphasize the decorative style. In addition, that you can hide from prying eyes or sunlight, your overall interior of the room will look great with decorative curtains.


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To emphasize the greater expressiveness, it will not be superfluous to add a print, a textile pattern and a wall ornament. The design of curtains for 2017 guarantees to impress any housewife who can choose the style and color you like.


Photo novelties of curtains of 2017 in an interior



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