Curtains on the eyelets for the hall or bedroom

Many people are simply bored with the usual versions of curtains, which are hung up with the help of crochet, lambrequin and other things. Typically, for the design of living rooms and kitchens, bedrooms, use high-tech or minimalism. At the same time, people are still looking for a substitute for conventional methods. We offer to view photo curtains on the eyelets to make sure of the originality of modern ways of decorating window openings.


They are easy and concise, simple to perform. Hang on with the help of eyelets. Sewing them is quite simple, despite this they will perfectly help to complete the image of the Scandinavian / maritime style. There is nothing superfluous in them, they are simple and strict. Load in terms of meaning is the task of the fabric. But with the help of eyelets with cornices, the role of interior decoration is performed.


Due to the fact that the fabrics play a crucial role, they are perfect for the design of curtains. The main thing in this business is the selection of fabrics that look great in the intended premises.


  • Beauty with functionality
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  • Folds with drapes
  • 75 photos of beautiful curtains on the eyelets in the interior of the hall or bedroom

Beauty with functionality

Ready curtains on the eyelets are curtains with built-in rings, passing through the cornice. They look quite effective, harmonious in the overall interior. Their forms are quite clear, and the effects are streamlined. They just can not leave anyone indifferent.


In modern ways to design pretentiousness should not be. Curtains are great for apartment interiors. Such elements are recommended for bedrooms, living rooms. In turn, they have a number of advantages:

  • It will not take long to lower / move the curtains in the bedroom in the morning hours. After all, the curtains on the eyelets easily move along the cornice.
  • Thanks to the beautiful symmetrical folds of waves, the situation in the bedroom is much calmer, and the general atmosphere in the living room has to itself.
  • With the help of eyelets fabric is in a more gentle mode, which are erased in some cases, directly hanging on the cornice (ie without removing).
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photo-43-dark gray-curtains-with-floral-ornament-on-the-eyelets for the living room

Look at the photo curtains on the eyelets for the hall! But after all, such models for everything, quite practical and functional, simple and with a twist. From the photo you can also determine which type is right for you.


When decorating window openings, it is important to properly organize the situation. Typically, this is done using thick fabrics that protect against sunlight. Depending on what functionality the curtains have, the fabrics are the most diverse in terms of colors, textures.


Sewing curtains on eyelets

Looking at the magnificence of such curtains, it is difficult even to imagine that you can make curtains on the eyelets with your own hands. But you only need to get acquainted with the master classes in which step-by-step instructions are presented. Knowing the correct technique of tailoring, the interior will gain accents. And sewing is really easy and simple. In addition, you can take advantage of our photo curtains to inspire and create your own masterpiece.

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Folds with drapes

Before embarking on curtains, you need to decide how much drape for you is acceptable, as well as how many folds and at what depth. Also in this matter, you can use the proposed ideas of the photo, if you decide on this issue will be difficult. You also need to decide on the size of the eyelets. After all, the width of the lining depends on this, by means of which the shape and the cornice diameter are maintained.

kitchen curtains-and-tulle-on-eyelets

It is necessary to calculate how much tissue will be needed. If you like many folds that are deep enough, you should add 2 window lengths with a few centimeters in the stock for finishing. The length is chosen, as a rule, in the floor, or longer. Add to the length of five centimeters to bend the curtain in the lower part, and also to put the tape on top, which is sewed or wrapped. The tape allows the tissues to last longer, and also helps keep the shape. If you prefer not too many folds, you should take a 1.5 window opening. To bend on the sides, leave fifteen centimeters for both sides.


75 photos of beautiful curtains on the eyelets in the interior of the hall or bedroom






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