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Provence - a style that gives the home the atmosphere of cozy French villages, located surrounded by fragrant and gentle lavender fields. A large role in the design of the Provencal room has textiles. Correctly selected curtains will be able to combine the weight elements of style into a single whole, bring harmony and tranquility into the space.

Curtains in the style of Provence

  • Basic principles of style
  • A color scheme
  • Design of curtains Provence
  • Provence in the interior of a photo of cotton curtains
  • Photo of curtains in the style of Provence with a floral pattern
  • Photos of the perfect design of curtains in the style of Provence

Basic principles of style

In order to properly choose the curtains Provence in the interior of the room, you need to get acquainted with the characteristics of the style. The French region of Provence is famous for its beautiful natural views, fragrant croissants and coffee, azure coast of the Mediterranean Sea and a gentle sun.

Interior design bedroom in Provence style

The color palette, which is used in the interior, should be calm, as if burned under the sun. The brightness of the style is added with the help of characteristic floral patterns.

Curtains in the style of Provence

One of the main features of the style is the use of vintage furniture, a little rough surface design.

Curtains Provence

All materials that are used in the style of Provence, must be natural, not fanciful and not bright.

Curtains Provence

A color scheme

In Provence, both monotonous curtains and ornamentation are used. The color of the curtains should be chosen based on the tone of the furniture.


Typically, furniture in the style of Provence - monophonic, without bright floral patterns, so the most popular natural textiles in pastel shades of lavender, olive, ash-pink and blue. Add a warm atmosphere to the room can symphonies of white, red and beige.

Curtains in the style of Provence

Dynamics in the interior can bring curtains of peach and beige tones, decorated with bright interspersions of green, blue and terracotta colors.

Curtains Provence

You can decorate the curtains not only with printed ornaments and accessories, but also with embroidery. Read: Curtains of 2017 - photos of the most fashionable novelties of the season


If there are bright patterns in the furniture design, the textiles should be monotonous and discreet.


Design of curtains Provence

Curtains and curtains in the French style are characterized by simplicity of cut, an abundance of bows, ruffles, brushes and frills. Fabric curtains should create a feeling of weightlessness, do not use heavy and voluminous draperies.

The most popular fabrics: cambric, cotton, unbleached linen and chintz. It is possible to use organza and chiffon, because they look airy and transparent.


Provence in the interior of a photo of cotton curtains

Spring freshness will give the room curtains with specific patterns. Provence allows the use of tissue in a small strip or a cell of unsaturated tones. The most popular are curtains with a typical vegetation pattern in the south of France, where small bouquets of roses, lavender, poppies and other wildflowers are depicted. Such discreet drawings give the impression of simplicity and tenderness, but are often "lost" in an excessively large space. Therefore, such curtains will be most advantageous in a small room on a small window.

roller blinds-of-synthetics-2

Photo of curtains in the style of Provence with a floral pattern

The use of curtains, decorated with large patterns, is assessed ambiguously.

This design of the fabric can "overload" the interior, so it is better to combine such fabrics with simple monotonous fabrics or with fabrics decorated with a shallow and faded pattern.


Large patterns will be most beneficial in combination with just the border and with the design that will best emphasize the dominant color.


To prevent bad taste in the interior, do not mix fringe, ruches and brushes together. Give preference to one type of accessories, otherwise instead of a cozy Provence get a room saturated with a rococo.

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Individual approach to the selection of textiles in the style of Provence will certainly add to the room of identity, and pleasant pastel colors on natural fabrics will create a pleasant atmosphere for communication with loved ones.


Photos of the perfect design of curtains in the style of Provence

Curtains Provence







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Curtains Provence

Curtains Provence









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