Design and decor of the kitchen - site guide

On our website, we regularly replenish the collection of ideas for decor and decoration of the kitchen. That you could quickly orient, we made a small guide on articles devoted only to the theme of decorating the kitchen, in which you can find a selection of photos for creative inspiration and step-by-step master classes.

Wall decoration in the kitchen

Decorating kitchen walls

The theme of decor and wall decoration in the kitchen, we devoted the following 5 articles:

  • Photo wallpapers for the kitchen - receptions and design ideas
  • We decorate the walls with plates - master class and 100 photos for inspiration
  • Draw and paint the walls of the kitchen like a pro
  • Kitchen wall decor - 12 super-ideas
  • Kitchen Panel - ideas and instructions

Accessories and decor for the kitchen with their own hands

Decor kitchens

Articles on how to make jewelry for the kitchen from handy tools:

  • Conversion of tin cans and glass jars: master classes and ideas
  • Vases from glass bottles: decor, painting and pruning
  • Hand-painted vases: 3 master-classes and 45 decor ideas
  • Serving tray by own hands - ideas and master classes
  • 12 super-ideas crafts for home and kitchen

Kitchen decoration with curtains

Curtains for kitchen

Articles on the design of the kitchen curtains, their decoration and tailoring:

  • Roman blinds without sewing - a master class of 6 steps
  • We make blinds for 1 evening: 3 master classes for creative and resourceful
  • Kitchen curtains on the eyelets - optional guide and sewing instructions
  • Lambruck for kitchen windows - an overview of options and a master class on sewing
  • Curtains in the style of a cafe for the kitchen - choose ready or sew yourself?

Sewing of kitchen accessories

Sewing of kitchen accessories

Napkins, towels, tablecloths, potholders and aprons should be not only "working" textiles, but also decorations for the kitchen, because they are always in sight. For experienced craftsmen we have prepared a lot of ideas for their tailoring, but beginner needlewomen like step-by-step photo-instructions:

  • We sew a tablecloth for 1 evening: a master class for beginners
  • Sewing a children's apron: a master class, ideas and 70 photos for inspiration
  • Ideas and master classes on sewing tack with your own hands
  • We sew a kitchen towel - a master class and decor ideas with our own hands
  • All about sewing an apron for the kitchen - instruction, tips and photos for inspiration

Decor, renovation and manufacturing of furniture

Furniture for kitchen

With photo-instructions on how to make, restore or decorate some types of furniture can be found in the following materials:

  • We update the kitchen set - 4 ways with a photo DO and AFTER
  • Homemade shelves for the kitchen - stylish, comfortable, easy
  • Old new table - restoration and renovation by own hands
  • "Old" new chairs
  • Dining table with your hands - 2 step-by-step instructions with photos

Lighting in the interior of the kitchen

Kitchen lighting

Ideas for the independent manufacture of a lamp from improvised materials, guides for the choice of lamps, as well as photo-instructions for their installation by their own hands:

  • Fixture for the kitchen by own hands - 3 ways and ideas of design on their basis
  • LED lighting for kitchen from A to Z
  • The choice of lighting under the kitchen cabinets and not only
  • Sconce in the kitchen - a game with light by the rules
  • All about spot lighting in the kitchen

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