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The area of ​​the kitchen is the main criterion, from which it is necessary to build off when planning it. For small rooms, the best option has always been a corner arrangement of furniture, which allows you to free space without depriving it of functionality.

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From the point of view of style and aesthetics, such a kitchen is also able to satisfy the exacting demands of the most demanding designers - that is why such a layout enjoys well-deserved popularity in modern apartments.

Advantages and disadvantages of the corner kitchen layout

The undoubted advantages of corner kitchen include:

  • This type of headset takes up little space, which is especially important for apartment buildings of old type with miniature kitchen areas. Also, small size will be a plus for studio apartments, which are more characteristic of modern construction.
  • Convenience at use: thanks to the fact that all the functional links of the room are in the closest proximity, an ergonomic effect is created, which any hostess will appreciate.
  • With angular layout, the suite usually includes a large number of lockers and drawers (including hinged), which can accommodate all the necessary kitchen utensils and accessories - so even in a miniature room will be able to find each thing its place.
  • Often, the corner kitchen has a L-shaped layout, which allows you to divide the room into two areas - the working and dining areas. More you can read here.
  • Most often the corner kitchen set is created under individual measurements, due to what it is possible to maximize the use of space and select only those modules that best suit your needs.

In addition to the described advantages, the angular layout also has disadvantages:

  • There may be difficulties directly with the corner element of the headset, especially if there are protrusions, pipes and other "obstacles". Usually it houses a sink, but practice shows that this is not the most convenient option, especially for people with a large complexion.
  • The individual design often significantly increases the cost of furniture, so you need to be ready for big expenses, rather than buying a regular headset.
  • A small drawback is also that often the door opening lines and drawers intersect, and this can create certain inconveniences, if several people work in the kitchen at once.

Despite the described inconveniences, the advantages of the angular layout are more than overlapping with them, which is why this cuisine has not been out of fashion for many years.

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Advice! Small kitchens are most common in Russia, that's why Russian manufacturers offer a wide range of corner kitchen furniture - this fact should be borne in mind when choosing interior details.

How to choose the right color for a small corner kitchen

As you know, color plays an important role in the perception of the interior. Since small kitchens are often part of a small room, when choosing a color solution it is better to give preference to light tones. The most popular are beige, gray and milky colors.

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If you want bright colors, then you can use them when decorating such details as curtains, napkins, tablecloths, etc. - that is, correctly arranging the interaction of the main color and accents in the interior.

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In the kitchens of the angular layout, natural "wooden" colors will look good. However, it is also better to give preference to light shades that visually expand and facilitate the room.

Do not forget that for proper perception of color, lighting is very important: here the best option is not a large chandelier in the middle, but scattered across the room, spotlights.


Advice! When planning the lighting, pay attention to the possibility of integrating LED lamps into the hanging cabinets - this is a very convenient option for the work area.

Bar counter

Very often part of the corner kitchen is a bar counter, and it can have a different arrangement and function. The most popular option - the use of a narrow bar counter as a continuation of the headset, which turns from L-shaped to U-shaped.

Also, sometimes the bar is located in the middle, but this is justified only in the case of a fairly large room, otherwise the stand will only create inconvenience.

In addition, you can place a wide bar counter separately from the headset - in this case it completely replaces the usual dining area with a table and chairs.

This element of the interior is a sign of good taste and sense of style, but do not forget that in the small kitchen the most important thing is functionality, so you need to think in advance how compact the bar in the design will fit in and whether it will not cause inconvenience when using the room on a direct purpose.

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Where should I put the refrigerator in a corner layout? Often this question confounds, because in a small room for large equipment the location is difficult to find.

There are several ways to solve this problem:

  • A small built-in refrigerator in a hinged or outdoor position. Of course, this technique is not very roomy, but it will be perfect for the smallest rooms.
  • Corner refrigerator - it is not often found in practice, but from the point of view of functionality and style such built-in technology will give odds to many other options, including from the point of view of style. The only negative - such a refrigerator, most likely, will have to be ordered by individual measures, which can significantly increase its cost.
  • The most common option - a standard refrigerator in one end of the kitchen set: it will work in all cases, the main thing is that it allows the area of ​​the room.

When you place the refrigerator, you always need to take into account the rule of the triangle: the sink should be between the refrigerator and the stove, and between each of the three elements must be at least one countertop - this arrangement is the most convenient and functional.

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The choice of small-sized kitchen furniture is very wide today. It should be borne in mind that the dimensions of the furniture should correspond to the overall dimensions of the room: it is better to give preference to small or medium rectangular modules, otherwise there is a risk of unnecessary piling up of space.

As for the doors, the best way for such a kitchen will fit folding and folding options.

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In addition, you can pay attention to the open shelves, which are not inferior in convenience closed, but add design originality.

When choosing furniture, you should pay attention to the reception, which is able to visually increase ceilings and expand space - this is the use of narrow cabinets-pencil cases.

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For the same purpose boxes and cabinets on high legs are well suited, which are also convenient for cleaning the premises.

As for the arrangement of the dining area, a small kitchen is best served by a round table and stools, which will also contribute to the visual expansion of the kitchen.

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If the room is very small, you can pay attention to folding tables and chairs - good, today there is a wide variety of similar furniture, and even this option can look stylish and expensive.

Corner cuisine: the nuances of planning

When planning a small kitchen, you need to pay attention to the following important nuances:

  • Angular kitchen can be of any style, and thus it will not lose beauty and functionality. However, in practice, the simplest, elegant and convenient option is a classic style.
  • Savings should not be the main criterion when choosing a kitchen set - cheap materials under the influence of moisture and temperature changes will become unusable in a couple of years. If unnecessary worries and overpayment do not attract you, it is better to take seriously the issue of choosing furniture, including from the point of view of finance.
  • In a small kitchen, ergonomic details acquire special value: folding table tops, rolling out drawers and other "miracles" of modern furniture art will greatly simplify the life of the owners.
  • An irreplaceable element of a small kitchen room is a rail. It is a pipe or rail that is attached to the wall and allows you to hang numerous kitchen accessories (for example, a ladle, noisy, etc.). The undoubted advantage of this device is that it can be built on its own.

In general, when planning a small corner kitchen, you need to pay special attention to the compatibility of individual elements and the ability to provide the room with useful details, but the main thing is not to overdo it, otherwise you can achieve the opposite effect.

Summarizing, we can draw the following conclusion: even a small kitchen room is able to become a full-fledged functional workplace for the hostess, and at the same time not to lose beauty and style, if you use small-sized corner furniture, the choice of which for today is almost unlimited.

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