Design kitchens 4 sq. meters

Kitchen 4 squares - perhaps the smallest kitchen that can be. Such kitchenettes are found in the houses of Stalinist buildings, and in the Khrushchevs. Of course, a small kitchen is not always a reason to change an apartment, it is possible to arrange a functionally and cozy and such a small room.

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Choose a style

In a small kitchen, of course, it will not be possible to equip a classic interior or kitchen in the Rococo style, requiring a lot of decor, textiles and space. But modern styles - minimalism, techno, high-tech, Scandinavian, which provide minimal loading with accessories, will perfectly fit in 4 square meters. Let's look at some of the preferred styles for a small kitchen.

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Scandinavian style - one of the minimalist styles.

His features are:

  • the maximum of light - bare windows, the presence of additional illumination;
  • light walls - in Scandinavia a fairly short light day, an abundance of light shades compensates for this shortcoming;
  • multifunctional furniture - corner drawers, railing, corner cabinets, window sill as a table or work surface;
  • bright glossy tiles above the working area or even as a decoration of one wall;
  • a cozy gray mat with a geometric print: especially often in the Scandinavian style there are zigzags, stripes and waves.

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Minimalism is an ideal functional style for the smallest kitchen.

It is characterized by:

  • Restrained monochrome design without color accents;
  • closed storage systems - no open shelves and rails;
  • lack of decor and accessories - furniture of concise design;
  • game with texture for a small variety - you can dilute the interior with a stone countertop, tiled apron, wooden doors of cabinets.

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High-tech or space interiors are also an excellent solution for small kitchens.

What distinguishes high-tech kitchens from other styles:

  • modern fashionable materials;
  • cold shine - household appliances with metal surfaces should be in sight, add shine skin and glass inserts in the facades of furniture;
  • Minimalistic furniture without accessories of cold color;
  • lighting should be everywhere - above the working area, above the sink, in the furniture.

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Country styles Provence and country, perhaps the most cozy of the presented here.

They are characterized by:

  • wooden furniture, glass inserts are acceptable;
  • natural materials - wooden furniture and floor, linen or xb curtains, ceramic tiles;
  • cozy decor - beautiful dishes in sight, vases with flowers (pots on the windowsills with plants), textiles on wooden railing, wicker accessories for fruit and baking.

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What kind of planning to choose for such a small kitchen

The choice of layout for a small kitchen is small. If it is possible to combine a working area with a dining room, the layout will be uniquely linear. Furniture is built along one wall, with the possibility of increasing the storage area from above, another additional sub-ceiling row of boxes is hung. A narrow or folding table is placed next to the free wall.

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If the dining area is placed in the dining room, then you can choose a two-row layout. Furniture in such a kitchen is located along two walls opposite each other. This is a good option for a small kitchen, allowing you to observe the rule of the golden kitchen triangle.

If you remove the hanging lockers on one side, the kitchen will not look so cluttered. If you rebuild the window sill in the work area or in the sink, you will get a slightly modified P-layout.

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If the door is asymmetric, an L-shaped layout is possible. Near the door, you can put the refrigerator, and the swing door itself, or take off, arranging the archway, or replace it with an accordion or a sliding door, depending on the planning possibilities. Unfortunately, in a small kitchen it will not be possible to equip a kitchen with an island. For the island just does not have enough space.

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Trying to choose the most suitable variant of furniture and equipment location, you can use our designer.

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How to organize a working area in the kitchen

The working area in a small kitchen is in any case convenient, since there is no distance more than a step and an outstretched hand. Usually a refrigerator is placed near the door, then there is a sink, then a stove. Linear layout is the smallest working area, so this option is chosen by people who spend a little time in the kitchen.

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Do not place the cooker near the refrigerator. You can not put a refrigerator near the window, if there are risers of heating. Do not put the stove near the window so that the curtains do not catch fire. You can cut a few centimeters for the work area by placing a sink in the corner. You can replace the stationary plate on the hob, and the oven can be integrated into the headset - all this will also save space for the work surface.

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What furniture to choose and how to arrange correctly

The basic rule for a furniture set in a small kitchen is the use of corner sections and the beveled edge of cabinets near the entrance. For comfortable use of the kitchen space, a passage not wider than 90 cm is needed.

If the kitchen is not square, but more rectangular and elongated, this rule is difficult to observe. The best solution is to order a narrower kitchen set at least on one side. Replenish the missing storage space will help the top row of lockers.

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If there is no room for a table, consider a variant of the flip table or bar counter. If you are not confused by some discomfort, you can make the countertop combined with a window sill. This will expand the area of ​​the table and simultaneously admire the urban landscapes outside the window while eating.

By the way, it is better to buy chairs. Now a rather large assortment of comfortable and beautiful folding chairs from any material is produced. You can use and stools for kitchen gatherings, and after meals just fold them one into the other.

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Furniture in a small kitchen can be built up at least on one side. Let it be a series of additional lockers or a high pencil case. If there is a place under the cabinets below, you can equip them with drawers.

Will help to clear the space of the refusal of the opening flaps of furniture and replace them with those opening upwards. The headset is better and more convenient to make to order, having pre-engineered it in special programs.

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Than to finish a floor, a ceiling, walls

Alas, this problem is solved without options. For the decoration of walls and ceiling, you can take any materials: wallpaper, paint, PVC panels. The main thing is that the materials are well washed and light colored. Only light shades visually expand the space, so here you can not do without them.

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The ceiling will look better stretch glossy white from the PVC linen. In a high kitchen will help create a multi-level perspective ceiling: gypsum plasterboard or stretch. Any color or dark options will give a feeling of hovering over your head.

There are also no restrictions for the floor material - tiles, boards, linoleum, laminate, parquet, each chooses solely based on the size of the budget. Each floor has its pros and cons: the tiles are good with the dishes, and the mud is clearly visible on it, the boards are more difficult to wash, the linoleum can tear.

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What color to choose

Visually expand the area can be due to the correct use of the color palette. To change the perception of space, the room is decorated in pastel colors. Bright colored surfaces can make the room close.

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Here are some tips for creating a small kitchen space:

  • The ceiling and walls can be decorated with one cool shade;
  • low ceilings need to be done on a couple of tones lighter than the walls;
  • The wall far from the entrance can also be decorated with a lighter shade to extend the room;
  • the shade of the walls must match the color of the furniture;
  • if you want to use several colors, you can arrange such shades: gray-brown, sandy-beige, white-cream.

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How to make a window

The window in the small kitchen should be as open as possible for sunny color. Ideally, it can remain naked. Adherents of traditional design can advise short curtains to the radiator or blinds to the window sill. A lucky option, releasing the window sill is interroom blinds, controlled by the node output to the outside.

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On the curtains, by the way, you can not forbid a faint stylistic print: small flowers and birds for village styles, geometry for Scandinavia, etc. If desired, you can combine a window sill with a table top by ordering a product according to standards from artificial stone or with a working area, setting there a sink.

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How to organize lighting

Despite the fact that the kitchen of 4 squares has microscopic dimensions, lighting can be arranged both basic and additional. The height-adjustable chandelier can, of course, cover the entire room with light, but traditionally it should be located above the center of the dining table, which changes the amount of light in other corners if the dining area is not in the center.

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Correct the position of an additional row of point lights over the ceiling and additional illumination of the working area arranged either above the apron, or at the bottom of the hanging cabinets. Replace the lamps can be LED strips, which are mounted even easier. Add liveliness to the interior is also a light bulb on the hood, lighting inside the cabinets and lighting underneath the cupboards.

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How to make the kitchen more practical advice

Despite everything written, the small kitchen remains small, no matter how clever the hosts in it put everything.

The best way out of the situation will be only cardinal measures:

  • unification of the kitchen with an adjacent room by demolition of the wall;
  • expansion of the kitchen at the expense of the loggia;
  • expansion of the kitchen due to the hallway due to the dismantling of the door and partition;
  • Transfer of the dining area to a separate dining room.

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If all these options are unworkable, you will have to cut out the space centimeter by centimeter:

  • look for a narrow refrigerator, refuse a plate in favor of the hob, consider as an option the built-in technique;
  • order furniture according to individual less deep dimensions, increase the storage area upwards, use corner cabinets;
  • cut down the dining area, using a reclining table or bar counter, folding chairs or rearrange the windowsill under the dining table;
  • Use in decoration light shades, mirror and glossy surfaces for visual enhancement of the kitchen;
  • Increase the amount of natural light, maximally open the window, conduct additional lighting;
  • Remove the doors or replace them with an accordion or sliding ones.

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