Design of a direct kitchen (real photo)

Each hostess would like to see her own small kitchen in some other form and make it more functional and spacious. But what can you do if the room does not have huge dimensions?


The solution is the most optimal way out of this situation will be a linear (direct) layout of the kitchen space. What is the peculiarity of this method of registration? Let's take a closer look at all the subtleties of this style.

Direct kitchen: what is it?

Linear layout of the kitchen is one of the simplest methods of arranging a kitchen set. Its feature is the absence of islands and any angles. The kitchen set can be located either in one line if the room has a rectangular shape, or in two rows, if square.


Hence, direct planning has two varieties:

  • Single row. The entire kitchen set is placed along one wall, while all the space next to the other wall is immediately considered a dining area.
  • Double row. Large-size home appliances and the entire kitchen set is placed along two walls.

As for the dining area, it is located on the remaining free space of the kitchen space.


Advantages and disadvantages

Direct planning has always been one of the best variations of the interior. After all, it is perfect for kitchens that do not have a large area, and allows you to place furniture of any shape and configuration.

direct_ kitchens090

Such a way of arrangement will be an excellent solution for those owners who will not be constantly cooking, because the area of ​​the working surface of the linear layout is an order of magnitude smaller than that of the angular or other similar types.

Linear arrangement will also be a good solution for the arrangement of space in the kitchen, which has a rather complicated and intricate layout.


If you competently fit the selection of the headset, it will provide an opportunity to emphasize all the advantages of the room and as much as possible to smooth or hide all kinds of shortcomings.

Advice! Direct planning is perfect for arranging studio apartments. After all, it will allow to emphasize the working area, as well as visually separate it from the space intended for rest.

The merits of the above-mentioned planning include:

  • Ease of arrangement. Simplicity of form does not require you to develop a complex and carefully thought out project. Be sure that even without any experience in the field of design, everyone will be able to decide on the most optimal design of a linear kitchen.
  • Affordable cost. If to compare with complex kitchen sets, the direct planning will be available at a price to absolutely everyone.
  • Space saving. Thanks to the installation close to the wall, a linear arrangement of furniture will save precious square meters.
  • Practicality. If you select a small kitchen, during cooking you can reach each section without any difficulty, for example, to get the necessary dishes or food.
  • Attractive appearance. The simplicity of the linear arrangement allows it to be harmoniously combined with the interior, which has a rather complicated layout. In addition, many manufacturers provide the opportunity to purchase a set of the required depth and length.

As for the shortcomings, the linear kitchen has a few:

  • One of the drawbacks already mentioned above and he is in shortage of working space. But this is a problem only for those who like to cook frequently and regularly, and you can solve it simply by ordering a kitchen with a length of about four meters or more.
  • The second minus is that in a room with relatively small dimensions it is sometimes difficult to install a kitchen set in one line.

A few tips from designers

Regardless of the area of ​​the room when planning the interior, it is especially important to pay due attention to even the smallest details, namely the location of certain elements of household appliances and cabinets for storing all utensils and various kitchen utensils.

Remember! The kitchen must necessarily be as practical, functional and comfortable as possible, but do not take up much space and allow easy access to any desired section.

As for the length of the headset, the designers recommend giving preference to the kitchen with a length of about 2.5 meters or more. After all, if the length of the direct kitchen exceeds the mark of 3 meters, then it will be much easier for you to ensure its practicality and functionality.


But if the length is small, in most cases you will have to give up certain amenities or, on the contrary, carefully think through and design, in what order the elements for the kitchen will be located.

direct_cup 002direct_ kitchens018direct_cooks039direct_cooks050direct_cooks053

Planning should start with choosing a place for washing. After all, it is directly connected with communications and quite often it can be difficult to transfer it to some other zone.

Experts advise not to place a sink near the wall, because as you wash dishes you will touch it with your hand, which will not be too comfortable. The most optimal solution will be to place this zone in the middle of the kitchen set.


How can I improve the functionality of the linear layout?

To make the kitchen a real assistant, it is necessary to think over and correctly organize additional storage space for utensils and complete the boxes and shelves.

Even at the design stage, try to think about how the boxes, built-in containers, etc. will be located, and also how many of them will be the most optimal.

For the convenient storage of all kitchen utensils and products, there is a huge number of a wide variety of compartments.

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Here are some examples of them:

  • boxes for dishes, dish dryers, sections for bottles;
  • A special cabinet with built-in or suspended draw-out sections and shelves;
  • containers for small kitchen accessories;
  • baskets for storing fruits and vegetables;
  • containers for various bulk materials;
  • additional lockers for oversized household appliances;
  • suspended containers for garbage, access to which is provided at the opening of the locker door.

If you want to save a precious place, then a good solution is to use:

Pull-out tables. In most cases, they are built directly into the furniture set. An interesting and quite practical solution will be a countertop, which was made in the form of a box and in a closed form it is no different from other boxes in the kitchen.

9 and 49 KD

Folding top-doors. This kind of folding table can easily be mounted in any free surface or wall.

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Direct kitchen with breakfast bar

The kitchen with a bar counter represents a kind of symbol of the dynamic, active lifestyle that is inherent in the modern young generation.


This kind of interior style was able to successfully combine the signs of public and personal space, which gives the design a certain luxury and zest. In addition, bar runoff is an important element in the organization of the area of ​​the room.

If you are an owner of a studio apartment, then it will become an excellent and practical tool for zoning space and will allow you to separate the area intended for cooking from dining. This is especially useful if there is no partition or wall in the room.


In the list of advantages of a bar rack also it is necessary to attribute and economy of space. After all, if family noisy feasts are not often, and a quick breakfast and a cup of hot coffee is a daily necessity, then you can refuse altogether from a separate dining table.

Do not doubt, the bar is a worthy replacement, which with brilliance will fulfill all its functions.


Many will ask the question: "How can I decorate the bar?" It should be "hacked at the nose" that it should be distinguished from another furniture set. The most optimal solution will be a special lighting setting.

To this end, either lamps are used on long cord wires that are hung in a row, or spotlights that are mounted to the top of the rack.

On_good 001

If you want to visually increase the area of ​​the kitchen, then focus on light colors and in no case choose a bar stand, painted in burgundy, black or brown.

Pearl, white or light gray color will make the stand virtually invisible among other furniture, which will achieve an elegant and more elegant design of the kitchen.

Well, if you want to create a brutal, "male" interior, then the use of dark plastic or natural stone, combined with a chrome bar counter, is welcomed.

Which kitchen is better straight or angled?

To date, there are two most common ways of arranging kitchen furniture - angular and direct.

The first type is in great demand and popularity. The peculiarity of the corner kitchen is that it is perfect for square rooms and will help create a comfortable and ergonomic design.


Often, this method of placing furniture is done with a beveled corner, into which a wash is subsequently installed.

Today corner kitchen in most cases has a modular structure, which makes it possible to arrange the sections in the order that the landlady wishes.

The merits of angular layout include the compactness and the ability to place the headset in a small, but not narrow and not oblong room.

As for direct kitchens, it is a classic and versatile way of placing kitchen furniture. The distinctive features of this design are its convenience and functionality.


Linear layout is perfect for kitchens of any shape, from square to rectangular. You can get a large work surface on either side of the plate or sink.

In addition, a direct arrangement allows you to beat the design of the kitchen in a very original color solution, which will create a spectacular and breathtaking view of the style of the kitchen.

What color is suitable for a direct kitchen?

Choose the color for the kitchen set based on your preferences. So, you can achieve a calm or tonic, calming or spectacular, gentle or bright and memorable design.


But in any case, you need to adhere to the advice of experts, because in this case you can avoid the most common mistakes.

Designers recommend:

  • Do not combine more than two different colors in one kitchen set.
  • If you chose two furniture colors, the lower cabinets should be darker than the upper ones.
  • If the headset is executed in several colors, then the dominant style should be only one.
  • Monochrome design looks much better, if it is made of quiet, pleasant and not too flashy colors.
  • Choose a one-color kitchen, if the room is not large in size.
  • The colors chosen by you must necessarily be combined with each other.
  • In a small room, do not use saturated and dark shades. Remember, bright color visually increase the area of ​​space.
  • Give preference to natural colors. They are best for a kitchen set.
  • Particular attention should be given to the design of furniture. If you want to order bright furniture, then perform walls in neutral and calm tones. Well, if the kitchen set is fairly monophonic and not too noticeable, then the walls and the surrounding decor should be distinguished by contrast and catchy colors.


If you prefer this or that color of the furniture set, do not forget that the color solution entirely depends on the chosen style, in which you want to realize your own ideas and ideas.

To understand which design is right for you, let's consider the subtleties and characteristics of each of them.

Classic. In this case preference is given to milky and white shades, which are harmoniously combined with a noble and luxurious burgundy.

The classic style also welcomes the interspersions of gold, although the design is both strict and warm. To give the interior of aristocracy and a certain raisin, order a kitchen set made in dark red tone, while the work area will be distinguished by elegance and light tones.


Modern. In modernity, natural colors predominate, which are often quite bright and bright. But bright tones should only be in individual elements or smooth lines.


Provence. This style of the French village on the Mediterranean coast is distinguished by the presence of warm or cold shades that have faded under the influence of sunlight.


Some details can be bright. As for dark colors, it can only be used for floor design.

High tech Hi-Tech is a functional and modern style, in which the main emphasis is on technology. That is, the design emphasizes the technology of the interior, its metallic notes, for which the colors of cold tones and glass are used.


Modern style. Modern design is a kind of antithesis to historically emerging traditions. The kitchen, made in this style, is minimalistic, but at the same time it has maximum functionality and practicality.


This allows even a small room in a two-room or one-room apartment to turn into a real work of modern art.

Direct kitchens (real photos)

direct_cookies005 direct_cooks006 direct_cooks008 direct_cupons010 direct_cooks011 direct_cooks013 direct_cup 004 direct_cookies015 direct_cooks017 direct_cooks019 direct_cooks023 Straight_Kitchens026 direct_cooks030 direct_cooks032 direct_cooks034 Straight_Kitchens040 direct_cooks045 direct_cooks047 Straight_Kitchens048 Straight_Kitchens051 Straight_Kitchens052 Straight_Kitchens055 direct_cooks056 Straight_Kitchens057 Straight_Kitchens058 Straight_Kitchens059 direct_cooks060 direct_cooks061 Straight_Kitchens062 direct_cupants063 direct_cooks065 Straight_Kitchens066 direct_cooks067 Straight_Kitchens068 direct_cupants069 direct_cooks070 direct_cooks071 direct_cooks072 direct_cooks073 direct_cooks074 direct_cooks075 direct_cooks076 direct_cooks077 direct_cooks078 direct_cooks079 direct_cooks080 direct_ kitchens081 direct_cooks082 Straight_Kitchens083 direct_cooks084 direct_cooks085 direct_cooks086 direct_ kitchens088 Straight_Kitchens089 direct_cooks091 direct_cooks092 direct_cooks094 direct_ kitchens095 direct_cooks097 direct_cookies099 Straight_Kitchens101 direct_cookies102 direct_cookies103 direct_cookies105 direct_cookies106 direct_cookies107

More photos of direct kitchens can be found in our photo gallery.

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