Design of a narrow kitchen

Design of a narrow kitchen is a complicated and responsible business. How to make it so that the space was both functional and beautiful? How to properly arrange furniture and what colors to choose when you design such a kitchen? On these and many other questions, we are looking for answers today and learn how a narrow layout opens us wide prospects in the interior design of the kitchen.

The layout of a narrow kitchen - how to place a dining area and a suite?

It is through planning and arrangement of furniture that you can correct the shortcomings of a rectangular room. There are several options for the location of furniture:

  • One-row layout, which is also called linear, is when a kitchen set is installed along a long wall so that the refrigerator and the stove are on different sides of the sink. So there will be room for passage, and free space can be used for the dining area. For a very narrow kitchen it will do the best. Different ways of arranging furniture you can see in the photo below.

One-row layout of a narrow kitchen without a dining area

One-row layout of a narrow kitchen - dining area

One-row layout of a narrow kitchen - dining area

  • When L-shaped (or angular) layout Furniture is placed along adjacent walls for the best proportions, and at the same time create an additional working surface. In this case, you can increase the window sill and make it a continuation of the countertop, use it as a table, or put a washing machine in the niche.

L-shaped narrow kitchen without dining group

Corner kitchen

Corner kitchen с обеденной зоной

  • Double-row layout is best for an elongated, but wide enough kitchen. Choose a layout option if you have a large, square-footed kitchen that has a rectangular shape. Then the dining area can be carried to one end of the kitchen, for example to the window.

Rectangular elongated kitchen

Rectangular elongated kitchen

Rectangular elongated kitchen

Advice! It must be remembered that between the rows of cabinets should remain 90-120 centimeters.

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If the space is too small and narrow, then the dining area must either be taken out to another room, as shown in the photo:

Narrow kitchen without dining area

Or think over a non-standard solution for placing a dining area - a bar counter, a folding small or narrow table along the wall.

Arrangement of furniture in a narrow kitchen

Arrangement of furniture in a narrow kitchen

Arrangement of furniture in a narrow kitchen

  • Другой вариант для подобной кухни – это П-образная планировка. Удобный с точки зрения вместительности шкафов и возможности оснастить кухню всей необходимой техникой, но вот почти все свободное пространство будет «съедено». When такой планировке придется перенести столовую зону в комнату, ведь на кухне места скорее всего уже не останется.

U-shaped narrow kitchen without dining area

On the other hand, if the yardage allows, then the dining group can be placed as shown in the photo below.

U-shaped narrow kitchen

U-shaped narrow kitchen

Advice! When preparing a work area, keep in mind the so-called "triangle rule". Plate, sink and work surface should be placed side by side, as if in three points of one triangle. This will allow you to spend a minimum of time and effort during cooking and related processes.

Select a headset

The best option, which will take into account the features of the elongated kitchen, will be the manufacture of kitchens to order, because typical headsets are usually made for standard layouts. Maximizing the utility of a narrow space can be maximized by ordering open shelves (visually increase the space) or cabinets that will "stretch" to the ceiling - this solves the problem of storage, when the most used utensils are put on the top and the required one is placed lower.

Set for a narrow kitchen

Advice! It is desirable that the doors of cabinets in this case were made with transparent glasses, can be semi-matt.

Set for a narrow kitchen

The doors of the headset, by the way, can open upwards - this will add the spirit of modernity to your kitchen, and nothing will interfere.

In addition, the headset, made according to your requests, in the case of a narrow kitchen will make it possible to realize the most daring ideas: how about the sliding table tops and unfolding tables? You can use them both for food intake and for cooking.

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The main task in the design of any narrow room is to visually "extend" it. You can achieve this by choosing light colors for the decoration of walls, which can be covered with both wallpaper and paint. It is also desirable to make an apron in the tone of the walls or lighter.

Color of the walls of the narrow kitchen

Of course, it is better if the walls are monophonic, but you can choose wallpaper with a picture, in that case, the main thing is that it should be small. Another option is wallpaper with a panoramic image that will create a linear perspective and expand the space. From dark wallpaper is better to give up, and even more so, do not highlight the long wall with dark wallpaper, wallpaper with light fine drawings or a horizontal strip will do much better.

Wallpaper for a narrow kitchen

A darker shade is better to allocate narrow walls in order to balance the space.


As a coating for the floor is suitable for almost anything, you just need to choose the right pattern and correctly lay the cover.

Tiles should be placed diagonally, as in the photo below.

Design of a narrow kitchen - tiles on the floor

When choosing the color of the floor covering, it is important to keep in mind that it is better to choose either contrasting with the main color of the room or repeating it. For example, a dark color on the floor will make the narrow room visually higher, and light floors, similar in color with furniture, will add light.

Design of a narrow kitchen-parquet, laminate, linoleum

Advice! It will be good to look a covering of rectangular elements, where the narrow side will be facing a long wall - so you can lay, for example, a laminate.

And here are some more successful examples of floor coverings in a narrow kitchen in the following photos:

Design of a narrow kitchen-parquet, laminate, linoleum

Design, color, decor

Design of a narrow kitchen is harmonious in minimalist or Scandinavian style. The restraint of these styles will come in handy, because in a narrow kitchen are not allowed any extra items or massive structures. These styles like order, simplicity, a minimum of trifles, cluttering up space - just what you need in a long kitchen. Light colors are better to choose not only for decoration, but also when choosing furniture.

Design and decor of a narrow kitchen

However, if you like bright colors, you can add them in small things like chairs, houseplants or kitchen utensils. More information about the color in the interior of the kitchen can be found here.

Color of a narrow kitchen

Color of a narrow kitchen

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Additional Tricks

  • Good lighting plays an important role, so for windows choose light curtains or Roman curtains. The former are suitable for large wide windows, and the latter for narrower ones. Any kitchen should have several light sources, and a narrow one - even more so. The ceiling chandelier is best placed above the dining area, the working area is equipped with spot illumination. Ceiling fixtures can also be hung, highlighting a couple of areas of the kitchen, but it is important not to place them in a line so as not to strengthen the "tunnel" view of the kitchen.

Lighting an elongated kitchen

Lighting an elongated kitchen

  • Reflective surfaces will visually expand the space: choose glossy furniture and accessories, perform finishing with mirror elements. For a ceiling, the stretch glossy coating is best suited.

Design of rectangular kitchen

  • If the balcony is adjacent to the kitchen, then it can become an additional useful area. For example, if properly insulated, then you can put a dining area on the balcony or place a refrigerator there.

Dining area on the balcony

  • Remember that horizontal lines and patterns make the kitchen wider, and vertical - higher. Therefore, along the elongated walls, place high pieces of furniture and interior, and narrow end walls can be balanced with a wide window sill and short curtains.

Window-sill in a narrow kitchen

As you can see, it is easy to harmonize the space of a narrow kitchen with the help of properly selected finishing materials, simple furniture and a competent combination of horizontal and vertical lines. We hope that with the help of our tips and photos the design and arrangement of a narrow kitchen will become easier and more interesting for you.

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