Design of a small kitchen 6 square meters

The standard size of the kitchen in the "Khrushchev" - 2.5 × 2.3 meters, which gives an area of ​​5.75 square meters. meter. This kitchen connects with the entrance hallway with mezzanines and along with this very passage it occupies the very 6 square meters. meters, which have become a byword for several generations.

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Similar "microscopic" kitchens can be found in houses of later construction. Many they lead to a stupor or even scare, but in fact in such a kitchen you can comfortably cook and dine. The main thing is to know how to organize space properly.

Kitchen design 6 sq.m. meters highlights

Effective use of space

The main secret of the right arrangement of a small kitchen lies on the surface - it is necessary to use as much as possible literally every square centimeter of its area.

To achieve this, you must first remove all the measurements, and then pick up the kitchen furniture in such a way that it is compactly fit in this small room, just as the figures in the famous "Tetris" should fit.

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Effective use of height

Also, the owners of small apartments should maximally fill each meter of the height of the room. Selecting one, two or three walls in order to make them furniture, arrange it so that it occupies the entire wall - from the floor almost to the ceiling.

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Color matching

Small rooms are categorically contraindicated in dark colors, and the cuisine here is no exception. The abundance of dark brown or, especially, black color will make the already small space even closer, and being in such a kitchenette is likely to be uncomfortable.

Light colors, in contrast, visually expand the room, so they will be the best choice. Also create an additional illusion of space help blurry drawings on the walls - for example, you can use wallpaper with images with fuzzy outlines.

But this method is more appropriate in rooms measuring 3 × 5 meters or more, and for a small kitchen it will be enough to limit the selection of the correct color scheme.

Here you can see a photo with wallpaper.

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Also it is worth bearing in mind that when decorating small rooms it is better to refrain from using bright contrasts - it will be much better to work a harmonious color scheme without sharp transitions.


There are several basic layout options for small kitchens:

  • linear;
  • L-shaped;
  • U-shaped;
  • L-shaped with an island table;
  • two-storied kitchen.

On which of them to stop - depends on the ratio of the length of the walls of the room, the location of the door and personal preferences.

Linear Layout suitable for narrow elongated rooms. The stove, sink and all the necessary kitchen furniture in this case should be located near the long wall, lined up in one row.

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L-shaped layout suggests that the furniture is located near two adjacent walls. In this case, it can either occupy the entire length of both walls. In another option, one of them will be filled only partially, so you can use a wall with a door.

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U-shaped layout assumes that all the necessary elements of interior decoration fill three walls, and the fourth remains completely free.

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When L-shaped layout with a separate table the furniture is located near two adjacent walls, and the table itself stands in the opposite corner, forming the very "island".

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Double-row layout - a good option for a room in which the front door is in the middle of one of the walls. In this case, the stove, tables, cabinets, other elements of the situation line up opposite each other at opposite walls. Between these rows there is enough space, and in such a room there is where to turn.

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Kitchen set for a small kitchen

Furniture plays a major role in the interior decoration, it depends on its right choice depends on whether your kitchen is comfortable. Follow the rules above - carefully measure all the dimensions of the room before you go to the store, try to maximize the principle of "Tetris", choose light colors and avoid sharp contrasts.

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Note! Find a suitable set in the store will not be easy - most of them are designed for large and medium-sized rooms. Ideally, you need to make furniture to order - in this case, you can be sure that the interior elements are located inside your kitchenette in the best way.

Where better to place the refrigerator

Some have refrigerators outside the kitchen - in the corridor next to it or in the hallway in general. This option has the right to life, but it will be much better to still place this unit directly in the kitchen.

On sale you can find a lot of narrow and high models of refrigerators, each of which will perfectly fit into a tight interior. As already noted, it is better if the elements of the interior decoration of a small kitchen occupy its entire height - from the floor almost to the ceiling.

This advice can and should be guided when choosing the right refrigerator. Positioning it is better near the cutting table. This rule applies to all the above planning options.

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Gas column in kitchen design

Another typical problem of a small kitchen "Khrushchev" - a gas column, which sticks out, as it seems, in the most prominent place and corn eyes. A simple but effective solution is to disguise it under a hanging cupboard, thus elegantly incorporating it into the interior.

The main thing at the same time - do not forget about fire safety (ideally it is worth consulting with a specialist). Make a custom-made cabinet with a large number of ventilation holes, as well as holes for the pipe and the corrugation.

An even simpler solution to the problem is to arrange the column in the corner, where it will be the least obvious.

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What kind of furniture to put in the kitchen 6 square. m

In a small kitchen you need to place a minimum of necessary furniture, in this case it will always be convenient to be.

In addition to washing, a plate and a refrigerator in it can be:

  • Cabinets: It is necessary to use floor and hanging cabinets to fill the whole space vertically, corner cupboards are also suitable for a small kitchen.
  • Shelves: they can replace part of the hanging cabinets.
  • Cutting and dining tables: in a small kitchen, you can put a dining table with drawers to use the space more efficiently, also it is worth bearing in mind that the table can be played by a wide window sill.

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Advice! A good solution for a small room is folding furniture - it can be folding chairs, a table that rises to the wall or retracts into it when it is not needed, and other similar solutions.

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Another important question, which is necessary to find the right answer - whether you need a stove or a cooking surface in the kitchen. If the oven to you to anything, stop on the second option, because the hob will take up minimum space.

Also, do not forget that to save space, you can buy a stove or a hob for two, not four hot plates.

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As you know, there are no problems that could not be overcome. And arranging the interior decoration of a small kitchen is no exception. At first glance, such a task may seem very complicated, but in practice everything is quite simple, the main thing is to approach it creatively and with the mind.

If you follow the recommendations above, your little kitchen will become cozy and comfortable. You will always be comfortable in it, and you can even invite guests into it - of course, if they are not too many.

Kitchen design 6 square meters, photo

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