Design of a small kitchen with a bar counter

Consider the options for the design of modern kitchen, if set 2 conditions: the kitchen itself is small, but it must have a bar counter.

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Design of a small kitchen with a bar counter

It is necessary to design the kitchen space so that it is comfortable, technological and beautiful, that is, it was decorated with taste, in any of the interior styles.

If you approach the problem constructively, even in a small kitchen, you can successfully enter a compact bar counter. Moreover, a thoughtful option with a rack can be just a find in a space deficit.

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Most likely, the classic version will have to be abandoned. Numerous lockers and shelves, a wide table top in a close room simply will not fit.

Apparently, the island version does not fit, although this is a controversial issue. Sometimes it is possible to work out so much the organization of space in a small kitchen that the island located in the middle is loaded with many functions and in no way is a hindrance.

The most acceptable ways of arranging the bar

1. High classical stand, which has only a table top and a support. Bar chairs are hidden under it and do not take up space. And if they are of transparent plastic, they will become "incorporeal": if they are not seated, then they are supposedly not at all.


2. The stand can be adjacent to the wall and be under the hanging cabinets. So it will be useful to use the place. Under the cabinet, above the counter, you can place the holders for glasses or narrow shelves. Sitting behind such a stand, however, will have to face the wall - but what to do? Sometimes it just does not work out otherwise.

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3. Very common options are the combination of a bar counter with a surface. This is either a window sill, or a working surface on which the landlady is cooking.

The option with a window sill may be an excellent substitute for a dining table, especially since there will not be a blank wall before your eyes, but a living view from the window.

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Advice! It is useful to install local lighting over a bar counter, even with a change of colors. This will enrich the interior and create a more interesting atmosphere in the evening kitchen.

Will the bar refresh the dining table in a small kitchen, and what is better

What's best is that everyone will decide for himself. Let's discuss both possibilities.

1. Option one: the kitchen has a dining table, but there is no bar counter. This is the usual situation, the difference is only in the form and size of the table, and even in its location.

The dining table is used for meals and as an auxiliary work surface, when the hostess is taken for her daily activities.

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2. Option two: there is no dining table in the kitchen, but a bar counter is installed. Behind her family eats and drinks, she also performs auxiliary functions.

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As you can see, the appointment of a dining table and a bar counter in the conditions of a small kitchen exactly coincide. The question is which of the options is more convenient.

Here additional factors come into effect. If a bachelor or a family of two adults lives in the apartment, then the second option is more preferable, since the rack takes up less space than the dining table. It is an attribute desirable, and the owners are happy to sit behind it.

Another thing is when the family has kids or people at a respectable age. Children, of course, will gladly get into the high bar stools, but they also fall willingly from them.

People of the older generation, as a rule, do not welcome such innovations, especially since they do not want to try to climb tall stools.

Here it would be convenient to make a two-level rack: on the one hand you will get a bar stand in its pure form, high, as it should be, and on the other - a dining table of usual height, maybe a little narrower than we are used to.


This option would be ideal if it could be realized. But it's very difficult to do this in a small kitchen.

Is it possible to combine a bar with a dining table in the kitchen

A bar counter, located along a wall or a window sill, can be successfully interpreted as a dining table. This is an excellent option for a small kitchen, and in the case of a window sill the surface is large, almost the same as a familiar table. Access to it is one-sided, but this inconvenience quickly gets used to.

If we are talking about alignment, then most often in the rack smoothly passes the working surface. In this case, since it takes place from the wall to the wall, you have to attach the rack in the form of letters "G" or "P", in the same plane.

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What size should the bar stand

The standard bar must be 100-130 cm high, 110 is the optimal one. Bar stools or stools are made under it, also high, equipped, as a rule, with a height adjuster so that you can adjust the chair for yourself.

If the rack is two-level, then the second level, performing the duties of the dining table, makes 90 cm. The same height as the stand, which is a continuation of the working surface. In this case, bar chairs to 60 cm go to it.

The width of the countertop at the counter should not be less than 30 cm, the optimum is considered to be 50-60 cm. The length is calculated according to the standard: 60 cm per person.

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