Design of red and black cuisine (real photo)

It is unlikely that the kitchen interior in red and black colors can be called ordinary. Such a gamut for registration can be chosen only by freedom-loving, self-assured and non-ordinary personalities who keep pace with the times.

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Design of red and black cuisine

The decoration of the kitchen in the red-black scale begins with the choice of the dominant tone. In most cases, this role is assigned to red color.

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The dramatic and spectacular red tone is emphasized by the complementing black color, which gives the interior even more sophistication and originality.

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When decorating a kitchen in red and black, it is not necessary to use only these two colors, because it will look pretty aggressive. The role of the third color in such an interior is to divert attention from saturated and deep tones and to balance the color range of the interior.


An ideal addition to the combination of red and black gamma will be light colors that visually expand the space and relieve the stress caused by the red-black color. Suffice it to apply them in the design of floors, ceilings and walls of the room, and the drama of the kitchen will be diluted.

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Heat and comfort to this room will give warm shades of white: pearl, creamy, beige, the color of the tea rose and ivory.

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Also, a deep gray color will perfectly complement the black and red interior, which will emphasize its style and uniqueness. But the pure white color of the ceiling, walls or floor will give the room an excessive severity and officiality, so it is undesirable to use it.

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Advice! To soften the black and red scale when decorating such a room, use frosted glass, mirror surfaces, as well as a marble texture.

There are many variants of color combinations of red-black kitchen sets: you can use a combination of black bottom and red top, and vice versa, or a chess combination, and you can make the black only a table top or a few details in the interior, which will give some restraint to the room. combination of black bottom and red top.

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The kitchen in such tones does not need pretentiousness, additional decor and extra details. Everything should be laconic and simple: the clearness and severity of the lines of the facades, the accessories of chrome-plated steel, the minimum of decorative finishes.

In the design of black and red cuisine, you can combine different textures. For example, if you choose glossy facades of red color, they will beautifully reflect the black elements of the interior, and vice versa, the reflection in the black glossy facade of red details of another texture will add even more originality and drama to the interior.

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A big role in this interior is played by lighting: the better the room is lit, the more reserved and cozy the room will look.

Kitchen accessories should be selected in design and color, which will complement other elements of the interior and harmonize with them. The kitchen utensils, having a strict design and color, as close as possible to the basic tones in the room, will look best.

Wallpaper in black and red kitchen

In the decoration of walls should use light neutral tones, which will balance the aggression of red and black. For such a kitchen ideal for a smooth texture of solid wallpaper in gray or beige scale, which will emphasize the merits of the main background and its dominant place in the interior.


To make the kitchen look more cozy, the contrast of colors in it should be minimized, using a muted shade of red and calm white tones when decorating the walls of the premises: the color of melted milk, pearl, cream, caramel.


This combination will perfectly fit into a laconic interior in minimalism and hi-tech styles, as well as in styles, the distinctive features of which are looseness and freedom (for example, avant-garde and retro).

It is necessary to avoid finishing the walls with wallpaper with a large pattern or ornaments: in this case, one can not avoid ludicrousness and excessive congestion of the design.

To divide the room into zones, which is most relevant for kitchen studios, you can use a combination of wallpaper in different colors.

Also, in such a kitchen, the design of the walls looks original, in which the decoration is combined with wallpaper and textured decorative plaster.

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Advice! Remember that the smaller the kitchen, the more light colors should be present in the interior. Since the red and black colors visually reduce the space, when decorating the walls try to make the most of the calm light scale.


Picking up an apron for red and black cuisine, please note that it should harmoniously fit into its interior. Its tone can be the same as the color of the countertop (in this case, pay attention to the shades of beige and gray colors), and make it a contrast.

The most successful combinations of apron and table top are:

  • A white apron and a red top and vice versa (red apron and white countertop).
  • Apron белого цвета и столешница из камня (натурального или искусственного).
  • Apron и столешница в одинаковом светлом тоне (светло-сером, бежевом).
  • Apron из уложенной в шахматном порядке плитки черного и красного цветов и столешница светлого тона.
  • White apron with red ornament and white top.

As for the materials, an apron made of glossy tiles or a monophonic glass apron (skins) is perfect for such a kitchen.

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For extraordinary personalities who value originality and individuality in the interior, a glass apron with photographic printing, with which you can realize all your desires, revitalize the interior of the room, give it originality, and with a correctly chosen figure - and visually increase the space.

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A drawing or ornament on such an apron should not break out of the interior and maintain a common color scheme. The table top is better to choose in light colors.

Very original in the premises with modern styles of the interior looks apron with black and white animal prints (colors that simulate the color of the zebra or leopard skin).

When choosing an apron with photoprinting, large drawings should be avoided, which will introduce lustiness into the interior of the room and even more aggressiveness.

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A very important element of the interior for such a kitchen are textiles, among which one of the main roles is curtains.

The color scheme of curtains for placement in red and black colors is selected based on how saturated these tones are in the interior.

Too bright and aggressive colors should be slightly smoothed curtains in a calm light palette. And if the tone of the black and red cuisine is not too aggressive and saturated, you can choose the curtains of red.

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It is best in this kitchen will look monochrome light curtains, the color of which will be harmoniously combined with other elements of the interior and decoration of walls, floor and ceiling.

It can be portieres of milk, beige, pearl, light gray colors, which can be supplemented with light tulle in the tone of the curtains.

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Textiles in a neutral range will make the room in red and black colors more cozy and refined. Thanks to him, the kitchen space will visually increase and the room will not look heavy and cramped.

To give the interior of the room a finished look and correctly place the accents in it, in a tone for the curtains, select other textiles.

For example, soft seats for kitchen chairs, as well as kitchen towels in light colors will make the interior of this cuisine light and harmonious.

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