Design of violet cuisine (photo)

Some believe that the purple color, which is a symbol of mystery and sophistication, is not entirely suitable for kitchen interior. And if in the bedrooms and living rooms such a color solution is quite common, in kitchens such an interior is rare.

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However, if you love experiments and you like deep and rich shades of violet scales, the kitchen in violet color can become a real decoration of your home.

Design kitchen violet

A saturated purple color fits perfectly into such modern styles in the interior as hi-tech, minimalism, avant-garde, constructivism, and also in some traditional styles (country, provence and others).

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It will look good both on the facades of kitchen furniture, and as some accents in the interior of the room.


If you decide to finish the kitchen with this color, remember that purple color is very contradictory: according to psychologists, on the one hand, it can cause anxiety, depression, anxiety and other disturbances of a person's psychoemotional state, and on the other - increases efficiency, improves sleep and reduces appetite.

design-foolette-kitchens (23)Not everyone will be comfortable in the room, where the main color is purple. Therefore, the main rule when using this color in the interior of the kitchen - do not overdo it.

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The design of the kitchen in the violet range should begin with the definition of the main tone, because this color has many shades (exquisite lilac, romantic lavender, subtle shades of violets and fuchsia, deep eggplant), each of which will look quite different in the interior.


Advice! When choosing a tone, remember that the smaller the room kitchen, the lighter the shades of purple need to be used in its interior.

The same rule applies to rooms with insufficient natural light: light tones will compensate for the lack of sunlight, and dark ones will visually reduce the space and will bring tangible discomfort when in the room.

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Designers do not recommend the use of several tones of violet in the interior. In order not to overload the interior of the kitchen, use this scale, diluting it with neutral light shades of white, gray and other calm colors.

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Saturated colors of violet are best used in the form of bright strokes in the interior, and its lighter shades (gentle lilac, lilac or lavender) are suitable for furniture facades or kitchen walls.

In this case, if you chose purple furniture, when decorating the walls you should use more calm light colors (beige, light gray, creamy, creamy), as well as some shades of light green.

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Conversely, if the walls have a purple color, the kitchen facades should be neutral or of a contrasting color. Only then the interior of the room will look easy and harmonious.

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Suitable shades for the floor and ceiling in this kitchen are pastel light colors (beige, creamy, ivory). They should be in harmony with the main color of the interior and not be much lighter or darker in comparison with it.

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It is not recommended to use pure white in the interior of the violet kitchen for finishing the planes having a large area (this applies to the floor, ceiling and walls of the room).

Light colors of this noble color will look equally good both on glossy facades of a kitchen set in modern styles, and on wooden furniture in country and provence styles.

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For such a room is suitable furniture, which has clear lines and strict proportions, as well as accessories of simple forms of stainless steel. The presence of glass furniture facades with a golden finish will give originality to the interior.

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When choosing a countertop, one should proceed from the fact that the brightest tabletops (white, light gray, sandy) will be the most harmonious with the bright violet range. An interesting option can be a table top made of natural wood.

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As for the kitchen apron, glass aprons (skins) with photo printing in pink or lilac tones, depicting landscapes, flowers or berries, will look very beautiful in such a kitchen. If the furniture is light, it will harmoniously combine a bright apron of glass or tiles of violet.

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One of the important elements in the interior of such a kitchen is kitchen textiles, the main task of which is to harmoniously complement the interior and soften the saturated range.

Curtains, as well as other textile accessories (kitchen towels, soft chair seats) should be chosen in light calm colors (gentle pink, lilac, some shades of green, milky or beige shades will suit).

Design of violet cuisine (photo)

When choosing curtains, you should pay attention to the curtains of light fabric that has a light shine: this method will make the room light and avoid darkness in the interior. Instead of curtains, you can decorate windows using blinds or Roman curtains of the same shades.

Put the finishing touches in the interior of the violet kitchen will help kitchen accessories, appliances and tableware bright saturated colors in the purple and other indoors tones.

What colors are best combined with purple in the kitchen?

Optimum variants of a combination of violet scale are a combination of this noble and saturated color with such colors:

  • white and its shades;
  • black;
  • gray;
  • green.

Using a combination of shades of purple with these colors can revitalize the interior of the kitchen, giving it an originality and unique personality.


The combination of white and violet colors in the interior of the kitchen can be used both in pure form and be diluted with neutral shades (best of all, the colors of natural wood or stone will fit here).

It will be good to look at such a combination in the studio apartment, where the cooking zone can be decorated in purple, and the dining area - in calm shades of white. The style of the room should be supported in kitchen textiles.

Another interesting variant of a combination of these colors can be the choice of kitchen furniture, where its upper part will have light colors, and the lower one - a saturated purple color.

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The black

To ensure that such a kitchen does not look too gloomy and aggressive, as a rule, black color is combined with light shades of purple. In this case, a combination of these two colors can be a large number.

It can be dark kitchen facades and light purple walls or light furniture with dark accents, as well as a floor in black.

Usually the combination of these two colors in the interior is diluted with neutral light tones (pastel shades of white, and also gray). To soften their saturation it is possible and with the help of kitchen accessories or fixtures with original lampshades.

black and purple (2) black and purple (3) black and purple (4) black and purple (8) black and purple (10) black and purple (11) black and purple (16) black and purple (19)


Noble gray blends well with the rich purple in the interior of the kitchen. It is a good neutral background for the bright range.

Use this color in the interior of the violet kitchen follows, applying this rule: the more intense the violet, the more must be in the interior of gray, and vice versa.

Use gray shades in such a room can be differently: having trimmed them the walls, applying on the floor or combining them with the basic tone in the kitchen set.

The table top or kitchen apron, decorated in silver or steel tones, will also look good in the violet kitchen.

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The combination in the interior of the kitchen of colors such as green and violet, will revive the interior, make it light and boring. But it should be remembered that only in a large area of ​​premises these gamuts can be used in equal parts.

It is best to make one of these colors basic, and the other to apply fragmentarily. In this case, the colors should not be the same in saturation: if one of them is less bright, this will visually expand the space of the room.

The combination of green and purple is most appropriate for the kitchen in the style of Provence, which uses soft, light colors of these colors: a gentle lilac or lavender and muted green.

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