Design of yellow-green kitchen

From time to time, we want to change something in our lives. One option is to slightly change the design of your kitchen. The simplest solution is to change the color design of the room. A fine choice is a yellow-green kitchen.


Design of yellow-green kitchen

Yellow-green kitchen design is a very fashionable solution. These two colors will create a feeling of comfort, add energy, vivacity, strength, and with it, peace of mind.

If we consider them separately, then yellow refers to a warm color scheme, belongs to the basic color spectrum, which helps to bring more light into the interior. He is loved by optimistic, joyful, warm personalities.

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It harmoniously looks with most colors, but do not get too carried away by it, because its excessive use, together with additional illumination of working areas, will directly opposite the expected effect. It is not recommended to use yellow on large surfaces, such as a ceiling or a field.

It is better to use it to focus on something. Yellow has many shades and any of them, especially bright ones, will suit the design of the kitchen.

It is worth remembering that this color contributes to the awakening of appetite, so if you have problems with weight, use it carefully.

In other cases, its use in the kitchen will be appropriate. As for the green in the interior, it represents life, activity. This color is obtained by mixing yellow and blue.

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Green - a symbol of prosperity and new beginnings, creates a sense of stability, peace. It is associated with nature, therefore it helps to recover after a hard working day, to put in order thoughts and a nervous system.

It is worth noting that often the choice of color design of the kitchen depends on which side the windows go to: if it's sunny, you can choose cool colors, and if the sun seldom peeps in here, give preference to the warm ones.

The room in the yellow-green color will look good in any case, since in this variant the cold and warm color is combined. Depending on the side on which the kitchen is located, you can change the amount of this or that shade.

Do not forget also that nothing prevents you from using additional colors that are in harmony with the others.

The combination of colors in the yellow-green kitchen

When choosing an additional color scheme that you will use in kitchen design, you should pay attention to how they will harmonize among themselves, as well as the significance of each hotel color. For example, if you use contrasting hues, they will cause a stimulating effect.

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The size of the room is also important: if it is small, it is better to choose lighter shades. For example, a combination with yellow, but it will also cause an increase in appetite. The blue color has a favorable effect on the nervous system, looks great with brown and orange.

The same is true for a more saturated blue. It goes well with green brown, so you can choose furniture from natural wood for the kitchen.

Modern fashion is very changeable, so it's hard to guess which color or combination will be popular in the near future. The main thing is that the chosen color scheme was to your liking, and the colors combined. Then in such a kitchen you will want to spend all your free time.

Yellow-green and white in kitchen design

Consider in more detail the combination of yellow-green and white in the design of the kitchen. It is worth noting that this is one of the most advantageous combinations. In this color, the kitchen will look spacious and light, regardless of its actual dimensions.

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Do not forget that white also has many shades: milky, beige and others. They can also be used.

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A great option is to paint the walls in green, pick out the yellow kitchen furniture, and make the ceiling and some elements white. In this decoration of the interior will also be the place elements made of natural wood, for example, parquet.

Do not forget that light shades visually expand the room, and dark ones - on the contrary. Therefore, if you have a small scale kitchen - use predominantly light colors.yellow-green-write

With this design, you have several options for furniture for the kitchen. You can choose as furniture from modern materials of yellow or green color, yet the classic option - furniture made of wood.

Yellow-green and white can be used in the design of cuisines of different styles, but the most successful option - styles of high-tech and modern. They provide for the presence in the interior of glass and metal elements. Also, you can safely use a combination of different textures.

Yellow-green and orange

Orange is a relative of yellow color, but brighter, fuller. It must be used very carefully, so as not to oversaturate the room with energy. It is best to use it in small quantities in order to focus on some subject.


Do not use yellow, green and orange in rooms intended for relaxation, as well as where there is plenty of sunshine. It is best to choose a combination of these three colors for rooms that go to the north side.

Also do not forget that orange has different shades: from more tender to brighter saturated. For the kitchen is best to choose a pumpkin and apricot shades. This color will not look very harmonious with dark green shades, so give preference to softer and lighter.

For kitchen design, the best options are a uniform distribution of yellow and green colors and emphasis on something with the help of the orange. For example, you can buy orange dishes or a vase for flowers. Or you can choose stylish orange furniture.

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Remember that orange, as well as yellow, contribute to an increase in appetite. So, if you have a tendency to overeating, be careful with these shades.

Whichever color you choose for your kitchen design, remember that everything is good in moderation. Do not forget about the rules of using cold and warm colors, the properties of each color.

First, determine the style of design, then start to select individual design elements. It is wrong to first pick up the dishes and only then think about the design of walls and kitchen furniture. Start always with the biggest elements: walls, floor, ceiling. Then go to the furniture and dishes.

If you do not have the opportunity to engage in experiments, it is best to consult with designers how to create a beautiful interior of your kitchen.

They will be happy to develop the layout, taking into account the color scheme offered by you and take into account all your suggestions. If you decide to cope with this problem on your own, approach it creatively and you have to get it right.

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