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Direct kitchens are recommended to be purchased in rectangular spaces and small rooms where it is impossible to put corner furniture and you need to fit in a row tables, cabinets, as well as home appliances.

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With a linear layout, when the furnishings and equipment are located exclusively along the wall, there is enough free space for the arrangement of the dining area with a comfortable table, as well as chairs and even chairs.

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Arrangement of structures in a row in roomy interiors

The advantage of placing a direct kitchen in spacious interiors is the possibility of placing additional household appliances.

For example, many owners prefer that the washing machine was only in the kitchen, as in the bathroom it does not fit the interior.

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An unusual and quite practical option for placing kitchen furniture near the wall is the built-in way of cabinets, appliances, countertops.

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In this case, the necessary safety rules will be taken into account from the position of the elements of the working triangle.

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If you touch on the issue of the arrangement of individual kitchen items, then there are certain rules. For example, you can put a sink in any place, if only the distance to electrical appliances reached no less than 60 cm.

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The dishwashing machine is mainly built into the closet next to the sink. As for the plate, it should not be in the corner to prevent splashes from getting into the kitchen walls when cooking.

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The oven is preferably arranged not at the bottom, but at the top. Thus, the hostess does not have to incline indefinitely while cooking. Near the device it is desirable to determine the place for the baking sheet.

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Color and stylistic ideas for a direct kitchen

Direct kitchen set in white shade is always relevant. Surfaces in a light color visually expand the space, look fresh, bring a certain weightlessness to the room, even with large sizes of furnishings and household appliances.

White straight kitchen in a modern interior is considered one of the practical options from a cleaning position. On bright surfaces, there are no greasy spots, drops, which can not be said about the bright and dark colors of the facades for the kitchen interior.

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The modern design of cabinets in white is inclined to minimalism - absolute smoothness of facade surfaces, lack of variety of accessories, rigor in every detail.

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To slightly dilute the idyll of white color, you can buy wooden chairs, arrange dark countertops, inserts on the front of the cabinets.

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An alternative option for a snow-white headset will be the use of a calm color for painting facade parts. The resulting shades will make an excellent impression on the hosts and guests, because in such a space is always comfortable.

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In the interior of the direct kitchen in the country style, it is good to use open shelves for dishes, as well as accessories instead of upper cabinets. The dishes, which are in sight, create an atmosphere of village life in the kitchen.

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To create a kitchen interior in a retro style, ordinary wardrobes without the use of an upper row are suitable. Colorful posters, as well as a flashy refrigerator in retro style will become evidence of belonging to a certain style.

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A traditional suite is perfect for arranging a loft-style kitchen. To see this, look at what the straight kitchen looks like in the photo in the catalog on the resource.

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For belonging to the style can be responsible for finishing the room. To equip an elongated and narrow kitchen, neutral-tone cabinets, colorful tabletops made of natural wood, are suitable.

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One-row furniture of the kitchen, which consists of a neutral shade of cupboards, perfectly fit into the space in style minimalism. Practicality and conciseness of the direct kitchen will help to dilute the contrast of the table tops, as well as the fringing on all the structures.

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What can you think of in the kitchen with windows of impressive size, where you can not hang the top cabinets? The use of such cabinets will not change the attractiveness of the situation.

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It will bring originality to such rooms exclusively the dining area. To make sure of this, look through the photos of the modern direct cuisine, which are presented in a variety on the resource.

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Photos of the kitchen with a direct layout

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