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When there is a question of repairing the room, then the question arises for the owners: is it worth changing or placing doors in rooms, kitchen or between them. This is relevant, in its own way for everyone important, or necessary. But all of their doors, available indoors, are paying more attention to the design of the doors to the kitchen, with consequent additional reflections:


  • Do I need a door to the kitchen?
  • Or put the arch in the kitchen instead of the door.
  • What is the design of the door to the kitchen, in order to combine it with the chosen interior and fit the general background of the renovated room.
  • The next question will be the minds of the owners, this is what door to choose in the kitchen. Many options are presented in the photo of the doors to the kitchen.


To competently address this problem, you can invite the designer or yourself to weigh FOR or against all positions. On the one hand, the kitchen door is used as a protection against odors during cooking for their household. It can also be used as a study to prevent other family members from interfering. On the other hand, the door will significantly shorten the space, which is already lacking in old houses. You have to constantly pull the door to close or open. It's terribly inconvenient.


If the issue is solved with the door kitchen opening, the designer will be able to suggest how to properly and beautifully decorate the doorway. If the door is not needed, then it is necessary to decorate the opening, which in turn will save the room's space. This can be done in two ways:

1. Create a beautiful arch to the kitchen instead of the door. It can be made of different materials, ranging from wood and stone, finishing with ceramics and plasterboard.

2. You can also play the doorway to the kitchen in an original way and hang decorative curtains. They will visually divide the room into zones. Read: Modular kitchens - 150 photos of the best kitchen novelties in the interior of the kitchen

Doors to the kitchen

If the doors in the kitchen are still standing, then you need to consider some positions: the location, dimensions of the opening and the area of ​​the room itself, design and interior; practicality, durability of the material, financial component of purchasing power and installation; material selection and type of opening / closing. A variety of types of doors is presented in the photo of the design of the door to the kitchen.


Also, the doors can be swinging, sliding, folding, roto-doors. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages, but the choice is always for the owners.


Examples of the design of doorways and doors are the photo of the doors to the kitchen and the photo of the design of the door to the kitchen.


In the door market, manufacturers are bringing to your attention a variety of materials. They also have their own shortcomings and advantages. Then another question arises: which door to choose in the kitchen.

1. Natural array. It is durable, reliable, looks expensive and natural, an environmentally friendly product. But: the financial high cost, not resistant to moisture and temperature changes, there may be gaps between the glued plates.

2. Plastic. Durable, durable, the price policy is quite inexpensive, resistant to intense temperature changes, isolation on all points. But: it loses its relevance, as with time new materials appear, lose the original color, scratch, melt, not reconstruct.

3. Glass. Creative, fashionable, stylish. Glass doors have an original appearance, it is possible to create a variety of decor options, you can combine existing materials (MDF facade with glass inserts), are resistant to extreme temperature changes, are durable, have light transmittance, environmentally friendly product. But: the permeability of light is lost when decorating, the financial component is higher for glass and accessories, it is often necessary to wash.

50 photos of modern doors to the kitchen





Doors to the kitchen

Doors to the kitchen

Doors to the kitchen





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The doors to the kitchen



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The doors to the kitchen

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