Double and double-sided curtains in the interior of the

Some housewives believe that the kitchen is quite enough ordinary curtains. In fact, this room can be made much more respectable and original with the help of curtains. Even if the kitchenette is small and it has only one window, properly sewn drapes will emphasize its style, give comfort and warmth.


Kitchen - a place in which most often all household gather, so you should give her maximum attention. Many designers recommend using for this premise original double-sided, or double curtains. They can be bought already in ready-made form, or sew to order - the main thing is to specify all the parameters of the kitchen window. This design will be a worthy and stylish decoration for any kitchen.


Double curtains in the interior of the kitchen

Double curtains are called curtains, which are located one on top of the other, and at the same time are a single composition. This design is perfectly combined with all kinds of lambrequins, hairpins and sticks. On the cornice, such curtains are attached using hooks, eyelets, hinges, or special magnets. This ensemble looks very elegant, festive and harmonious, it is ideal for decorating the kitchen in all classical styles.


Double curtains have several advantages: they look very impressive, and with their help you can literally transform even the most modest kitchen. Despite the multilayeredness, it is not difficult to care for double curtains - they are simply removed, washed and ironed. In addition, such an ensemble can be successfully combined with many other types of curtains and curtains.


To create the most harmonious version of the design of the kitchen, you should use some tips from designers. For example, you should not choose monophonic canvases, it will be much more interesting to look contrasting shades of curtains - this ensemble will give the kitchen energy and dynamics.


If the kitchen is small, it can be visually expanded with the help of properly selected double curtains - for this you should choose canvases of light shades, similar in color. The room, decorated in this way, will look elegant and stylish.


Also it is possible to combine in one ensemble a monophonic material and a cloth with a pattern. An excellent solution will be a combination of paintings with the same patterns, but different in color and with a different density of fabric.


There are several ways to attach double-sided curtains. Cloths with different density and transparency, just freely hanging down. The glowing upper row and the patterned bottom help create an original decorative effect.


The next method, the most traditional - Double curtains are assembled downstairs together or singly, with the help of graceful pins or stitches. Very elegant looks the design option, in which the outer part of the curtains are pierced in the center with a brooch, or tied with a ribbon. Also one or both canvas can be picked up in half, using decorative magnets for this.


Double-sided curtains in the interior of the kitchen

Double-sided curtains are a model in which two different cloths are sewn together with the wrong sides. With the help of clamps and sticks, it is possible to create interesting draperies of such curtains, focusing on this decorative element.


As a rule, when making double-sided curtains, such combinations of canvases are used: patterned textiles with small or large pattern and monophonic canvas, dense and thin fabrics, cloths of the same color range, contrasting fabrics, shiny and matte textiles.


Double-sided curtains are most often used in the interior of a large kitchen-living room. They look very expensive, luxurious and respectable. If the kitchen is not very spacious, you can choose a shortened version of double-sided curtains, but they will look so pompous and solemn.


To ensure that these curtains are in harmony with the interior of the kitchen, it is recommended for their front side to choose a canvas made in one range with a shade of the walls. At the same time, on the wrong side, there should be a contrasting color, a bright canvas. The most successful combination of colors in the design of double-sided curtains: beige and lilac, yellow and blue, gray and burgundy, gold and olive, blue and brown.


Roman double curtains in the interior of the kitchen

This way of decorating windows is called "day-night". This design of the kitchen is perfect for a modern interior. Roman double curtains are practical, attractive in appearance and yet functional.

In addition, these structures are very easy to maintain and operate. What do double Roman blinds look like? On the window are attached two independently controlled cloths - one of the transparent material (day), and the second of the dense (night). To regulate the light penetrating the kitchen, one canvas is shifted relative to the other cloth.


You can control the design with an electric drive or a conventional chain (just pull it). The panels are fixed in the desired position. Both canvases of double Roman curtains can be raised completely, then the illumination of the kitchen will be maximum. To completely stop the access of daylight to the room, it is enough to lower the opaque fabric. The position of the panels can be adjusted at their own discretion, making the gap smaller or larger.


To produce a double Roman curtains used a variety of fabrics. For example, the canvas "night" is most often made of textured opaque fabrics, and the cloth "day" is made of light cotton, linen, tulle, organza, satin, lace, mesh and so on. You should choose both canvases in such a way that the Roman curtain itself is in harmony with the overall interior of the kitchen.


The colors of both canvases can be as close in tonality as in contrast. You can also choose unusual combinations, then the Roman blind will become a real decorative decoration of the kitchen. One of the advantages of double Roman curtains, due to which they are very popular - you can mount such structures on a window frame, on a wall near a window, or on the ceiling.

This means that for each kitchen interior, you can easily pick the best option, given the existing conditions.


The Roman double curtain is also easily attached to the attic windows. Whichever method of attachment is chosen, the design will be distinguished by good controllability. In this case, all the structural components and attachments can be hidden behind special overlays - the window will look very aesthetically pleasing.


Unlike traditional double and double-sided curtains, used exclusively in classical interiors, Double Roman curtains fit perfectly into any modern kitchen design. This design is clear lines, laconic and elegant, and a wide range of colors allows you to create the most original options for window decor.

How to make double curtains for your kitchen

If there is a sewing machine and there are some sewing skills, then sewing double curtains with your own hands will not be difficult, the main thing is to make the right measurements. The result of this work will depend on the chosen variant of combining the tissues.


For example, if the construction of two different canvases is placed on a double cornice, then for the production of such a curtain you just need to cut the prepared fabric, leaving a small margin for folding, then you should stitch its edges, then attach a special curtain tape and hang the finished curtains on the window .

If a single cornice is to be used, it is enough to sew two canvases on top, by connecting them together with a curtain tape.


The order of the work will be as follows:

  • First you need to measure the window, then cut, according to the measurements, two types of fabric. In this case it is necessary to take into account allowances (about 3 cm), for curving the curtains along its entire perimeter. The length of the curtain itself is selected individually - it can reach the floor, or only up to the window sill. To the width of the window opening, add a stock to the assembly, so that the curtains are lush with folds.
  • The lateral edges are processed by the seams (the folds can be indicated by ironing).
  • Both cloths are joined together by a seam.
  • From the bottom and from above is made a double fold and is wasted.
  • At the top of each curtain, on the underside, the curtain tape is sewn, then the cords are tightened to form folds. The finished construction is leveled along the length of the eaves.
  • Ready double curtains are suspended on the cornice and fastened to the sides with picks.


Advice! To the kitchen looked original, you can combine two-color sliding curtains with double roller blinds.


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