Elegant curtains for a small kitchen

To even a modest room of 5-8 sq.m. it seemed important enough to abandon bulky furniture, properly decorate the walls and floor, and also take care of selecting the right decor for daylight passing windows.

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Curtains in the kitchen usually perform several functions at once: they decorate the window opening, protect against excessively intense sunlight and foreign views, and in some cases also correct the visual perception of the space, making the ceilings higher, and the room itself is more spacious.

What curtains are not suitable for a small kitchen?

Classic curtains "on the floor", fancy voluminous details, multi-layer curtains and dark drapes with rich draperies are able to turn an already small room of the kitchen into a real closet. The same effect will give bright paintings with a large pattern and catchy intricate ornament.

Lambruck in a small kitchen can look good, but only if it comes to a small concise design. Cords and cascades "steal" a useful area, and curtains with a small dark print create a feeling of dust.

Any complex designs and intricate shapes, alas, are out of place in a small room.

The ideal choice for a compact kitchen is simple translucent materials.

How best to decorate the kitchen window of a small size?

There are several requirements to the design of the window opening:

  • The ability to transmit light and provide sufficient air circulation;
  • Effective design, in harmony with other objects in the room;
  • Practical curtain material, which must be easily washed, quickly dried and have a long life.

Ideal fabrics for kitchen curtains are: translucent tulle, unpretentious chintz, practical flax and luxurious silk, which is recommended to be covered with a special impregnation.

Light curtains

Ideal if the windows go to the server, west or east, and bothersome neighbors and passers-by do not pester the increased attention.

Light curtains with vegetable or fruit ornament, a simple geometric pattern - the most traditional solution for rooms designed in the style of country or Provence.

Excellent monotonous light curtains, which visually expand the room of the kitchen. Eliminate such curtains from rapid burnout will help convenient pick-up, and for additional protection of the premises from the sun, roll structures or practical blinds will perfectly suit.

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Short Curtains

If in the room it is important to use every centimeter profitably, practical models with a length just above the level of the windowsill will definitely become a good choice.

On the one hand, the curtains will allow to give the window aperture a spectacular finished look, and on the other hand - will allow to use the space of the windowsill for domestic needs.

The original alternative to such curtains will be curtains in the style of "Cafe", which are particularly appropriate to look on small windows.

Small canvases are attached approximately in the middle of the window leaf, without occupying a precious place, but reliably hiding the room from the looks of passers-by. At the same time, the open top of the windows perfectly passes both fresh air and a sufficient amount of light.

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A weightless transparent tulle, a spectacular veil and delicate lace are considered the most advantageous materials for decorating windows in small rooms.

Tulle занимает минимум места, выглядит изысканно, отлично вписывается в любой по стилевому оформлению интерьер и лучше других материалов пропускает солнечный свет.

If there is no need to close the room from extraneous views, in the design of the window you can limit only to tulle length to the floor, to the window sill or to the middle of the wall under the window.

In other cases compact Roman or roller blinds will be an excellent addition to the elegant transparent curtain.

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Curtain-thread can become a real godsend in the design of a small kitchen window. Long straight strips visually increase the space, as if "lift" the ceiling, let in the light, very easily wear off, give the room a special cosiness and look really well.

You can decorate the gauze differently, for example, with the help of a spectacular stitch to fix the "noodles" in the center of the window or with one of the sides.

Additional features in the design gives a wide variety of color solutions: in addition to the usual monochrome options, there are spectacular combinations of shades with soft or very contrast transitions.

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Roman curtains

Roman curtains, пожалуй самое практичное решение для оформления кухонного окна. Особенности конструкции позволяют регулировать высоту тканевого полотна, создавая необходимый уровень затемнения.

The material of the product can be either absolutely dense, providing a complete blackout, and semi-transparent, as it were, scattering sunlight.

Roman curtains гармонично соседствуют как с невесомым тюлем, так и с основательными портьерами из плотных материалов. И что самое главное – в собранном виде конструкция компактно размещается под потолком и абсолютно не занимает такую дефицитную площадь.

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Models of Levers

One of the most relevant design solutions in the design of windows in homes and apartments - direct curtains, for attaching them to the cornice, the eyelets located on the upper edge of the fabric are used.

If the round cornice is mounted directly under the ceiling, long strips of fabric will help visually "lift" the ceiling. Literally in one movement, the fabric can be assembled into compact folds on the sides of the window and just as easily turn it into a reliable protection against unnecessary illumination and curiosity of passers-by.

Advice! The material for the design of the kitchen window can be chosen any: to provide a complete blackout of the fabric to an unobtrusive calico or an effective "header".

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Curtains with Lambrequin

Exquisite lambrequin can effectively blend in with thick curtains, and with weightless curtains, giving the appearance of the window a completed and expensive look.

Not always appropriate in a small room are wide draperies and numerous curvy folds. For the kitchen, lambrequins of a more laconic form are more suitable, for example, solid solid designs, the color of which is better to choose in tone with curtains or with furniture.

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Austrian curtains

Austrian curtains с многочисленными складками-фестонами на окне смотрятся особенно эффектно и изысканно, поэтому оптимально подходят для кухни с лаконичным классическим интерьером.

Additional advantages of this choice: the Austrian curtains collected in the upper part of the window occupy a minimum of space, and they can be sewn from any material: silk, organza, satin or even inexpensive synthetics.

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Rolling constructions

Optimum choice for practical hostesses: a compact roll can be easily rolled up in the upper part of the window opening and just as easy to deploy, completely or partially covering the window opening.

The design itself is simple, but you can make window decorations more spectacular by experimenting with colors, patterns, materials.

Canvas curtains can be monophonic or multicolored, fabric or woven from straw or bamboo fibers. Most often, a roll version of curtains in the kitchen is combined with a transparent curtain or veil.

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Strangely enough, strict vertical blinds on and in the home can look more than appropriate, although in the interior in the style of Provence or Baroque, this design does not fit too much.

Bamboo or wooden blinds will make the room more comfortable and create a pleasant twilight even on a hot summer day.

Models of fabric and multi-material materials will be pleased with a variety of color solutions and design: the blinds can be in the form of a lampbrick, or, conversely, the length to the very floor. Especially impressive are models with an unusual print or photo printing.

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Colors and patterns

Designers argue that the most advantageous in a small kitchen will look light green, lavender, lilac or blue curtains.

It is these colors that simultaneously refresh the room and visually expand the space. Muffled tones: lemon, pistachio, cream, pearly fit perfectly into any interior.

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Dark colors in the design of windows are appropriate only if it is a question of small lambrikenah or compact Roman or roller blinds. Dark gray or dark blue curtains in the floor can successfully look in the ultramodern interior, but the supporters of the classic and style of Provence are more suitable light pastel curtains, which can be successfully combined into a single ensemble of 2-3 colors.

Cloth with a print in the decoration of windows should be used especially carefully: a large picture will definitely become accentuated in the interior and visually reduce the already small window.

However, a small inconspicuous pattern creates a feeling of "dustiness". The optimal solution is to choose single-color curtains or a model with medium-size print, strips, small colors.

If you want to "revive" the canvas of muffled color, you can pick up a bright lambrequin, brushes, sticks and fringe, and also choose a fabric with rich texture.

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Some important tips for choosing curtains for a small kitchen

  • Win-win options in any kitchen - curtains of any pastel colors. If you want to choose a bright and original model, it is desirable that the tone and style of the fabric match the design of furniture or the color of the walls.
  • If the room windows face south, or you live on the first floor, tight curtains on the windows are simply necessary. It can be both classic curtains, and compact Roman or roller blinds.
  • For the upper floors, there is often no need to carefully hang the windows. In this case, an elegant veil, a luxurious organza or an original tulle can be used in several layers to luxuriously decorate the window.
  • From the correct choice of the cornice, the appearance of the room depends to a great extent. For a small kitchen with low ceilings, the ceiling models of cornices are excellent, as well as lightweight plastic designs or forged metal cornices, which should be fastened as close as possible to the ceiling.

Suffice it to follow these simple tips, and even the smallest kitchen due to the successful decor of the windows will create a feeling of coziness and unconstrained elegance.

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