Extraction to the kitchen - 70 photo options in the interior

In order to make your kitchen cleaner and more fresh, it is recommended to buy a hood. But will it suit your interior? How will it look? Let's see examples of hoods in the kitchen in the photo.


  • Useful properties of the hood
  • Types of hoods
  • Classic hood
  • Built-in cooker hood in the kitchen
  • Dome hood
  • Extractable hood
  • Island hood
  • Types of filters for extraction
  • Oil filters
  • Carbon Filters
  • Connection with communications
  • 70 pictures

Useful properties of the hood

Many people believe that it is senseless to acquire a hood. Let's see - why do I need a hood in the kitchen at all?


In the process of cooking, often not the most useful fumes are allocated. To a greater extent, this applies to gas stoves, because their work produces carbon dioxide. But electric cookers also emit a lot of pollution, most of all fat. It is necessary to get rid of these contaminants as quickly as possible.

Hood in the kitchen

In the process of cooking, there is another problem - smells. Many products have an unpleasant odor when cooking. For example, many people do not like the smell of fish. In addition, it is very caustic, getting rid of it is not easy.


Walls, ceiling, furniture are badly damaged due to settled fat. Furniture and the ceiling you can wash, but what to do with walls and ceiling. Because of pollution and fumes, you will do repairs much more often, because the wallpaper will turn yellow and lose its appearance.


In order not to face such problems, you need to get a hood.

Hood in the kitchen

Types of hoods

Let's see what kinds of hoods exist. This will help to understand what kind of hood suits you.

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Classic hood

Данная вытяжка небольшого размера и ложна размещаться над плитой. Ее можно разместить открыто, либо спрятать в шкаф. Classic hood считается самой доступной из-за низкой стоимости.


Built-in cooker hood in the kitchen

The main advantage of the built-in hood in the kitchen is that it is not visible and, accordingly, it does not spoil the look. This hood is installed directly into the cabinet above the stove. Built-in hoods - this is the best hood for a small kitchen, on which every centimeter is important. Read: Curtains in the kitchen - an overview of modern ideas of kitchen curtains in the interior (95 фото)


Dome hood

The hood is installed in an impending position above the plate. There are various forms of dome hoods. In addition, the dome hood can be both straight and sloping. A great popularity now use sloped hoods.


Advantages of the inclined hood:

  • Noiselessness
  • Compactness
  • Touch Control
  • Simple assembly


By purchasing such a hood, you will not have the question "How to install the hood", because this can easily be done by yourself.


Extractable hood

The second name of this hood is telescopic. Using a special mechanism, it extends above the stove. Places they occupy little and do not connect to the duct.

Extractable hood

Island hood

Such an extract is fixed to the ceiling and directly above the stove. If the ceiling is high, then the hood should be bought more powerful. Such an extract is suitable for private houses with high ceilings.


Types of filters for extraction

All hoods must have filters. It does not play a role with a tap in the ventilation of your hood or not. Let's see what kind of filters there are.


Oil filters

These filters are needed to purify fats that are isolated during cooking. After the fat cools, it becomes sticky mud with an unpleasant smell, which is very difficult to clean. Such dirt not only spoils the look of your kitchen, but also harms the engine of the hood. To extract it has served you for many years you need to buy oil filters.


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Oil filters делятся на два типа: одноразовые и многоразовые.


Disposable filters are made of acrylic, non-woven fabric or synthepone. They look like a rug. If contaminated, the filter must be replaced with a new one. It is impossible to erase such filters, as the extractor will deteriorate.

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Reusable hoods should not be replaced. They will serve you exactly the same as the hood itself. In appearance, these hoods are similar to a metal grate. A reusable filter is recommended to be washed regularly.


Carbon Filters

Carbon Filters основаны на активированном угле. Благодаря ему очищается воздух на кухне.


The main purpose of carbon filters is to remove odors. Such filters reduce the drawing power by 20%. Do not use a carbon filter for more than 3 months.

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Connection with communications

By connections and hoods can be divided into 2 types:

  • With ductwork

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The work of the hood for the kitchen with a tap implies the withdrawal of air into the ventilation or to the street. Thanks to the duct, air exchange is much higher, but in winter, along with pollution, you will lose heat.

  • Without air duct

Island hood

Extracts for the kitchen without a tap work with the use of filters. Thus, the heat in the kitchen will be preserved, but it will not be possible to completely clean the contamination.

70 pictures



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