Extraction to the kitchen - which one to choose

Recently, more and more popular is the combination of kitchen and living room.

In the presence of such an improved layout should think about installing a sufficiently powerful hood in the kitchen above the hob or stove.

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This will prevent the spread of smell throughout the apartment.

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But do not forget that this technical device is extremely necessary and in an isolated kitchen area, as it will help protect furniture and equipment from possible contamination.

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In this article, we will look at modern kitchen hoods and their fitability in a modern interior.

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Classification of kitchen hoods

The most popular in recent years are the so-called flow options for hoods in the interior of modern cuisine. It has a wide-shaped pipe, capable of removing from the room all extraneous smells.

The pipe is attached to a special hole in the wall or can be taken directly to the street. Purification of air is carried out by means of complex filters.

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The positive qualities of such a system include the ease of installation, as well as the absence of the need for an air vent. Their cost is quite low, but the filter sweep is required relatively often.

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Depending on the nature of the installation itself and the selection of hood width, they are divided into several types:

  • built-in - hoods 50 cm, the case is located behind the doors of the cabinet;
  • flat - hoods 60 cm, location above the hob;
  • Dome - hoods 90 cm, are part of the overall interior, while they have a variety of forms and stylistic solutions;
  • Island - fastening is carried out directly to the ceiling area.

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When choosing a kitchen hood in the interior of a modern apartment, you should not forget about the overall dimensions of the surface for cooking, as the design should be a little wider, so as to eliminate all odors as much as possible.

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Control panel and additional functions

Depending on the method of switching and control, the hoods are divided into:

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Slide control - switching is carried out by moving a special lever through the chute, while they have extreme positions (for switching on and adjusting the speed mode) and intermediate (control additional speeds) - this control is a relatively budgetary option, refer to the hood option with venting to ventilation;

Knot-hooked - mean choosing a speed mode without an intermediate position, but such a variety has its drawbacks: inconvenience of the cleaning process and accidental pressing of certain buttons, while the protruding elements have the ability to accumulate a variety of contaminants;

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Sensory - have a flat surface that allows you to comfortably produce the necessary cleaning, but the cost of such a pleasure is rather big, although the appearance differs modernity and laconism;

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Electronic control - have a number of additional functions, for example, a timer (allows you to program the period of switching on and off the hood), sensors (automatic activation in response to foreign smells, steam or human, while the speed mode is also determined automatically), the residual course continues for a short time after shutdown).

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All functions and modes are determined depending on the individual preferences of the owner, and so-called hoods for the kitchen without ventilation are not less in demand.


Almost all model varieties of hoods have a similar function. The only difference is which lamps are installed in the design. They may be:

  • incandescent lamp - low cost, easy installation, require frequent replacement due to permanent burnout;
  • LED - life is slightly longer than the previous version, but the cost is much higher;
  • Halogen - have a high price and a long period of use, in addition they have low energy consumption;
  • luminescent - have a bright and fairly uniform illumination;
  • Neon - differ in style and unusual.

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It is better to use those options that have a long period of use and a reduced amount of energy consumption.

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Performance and noise level

The productivity of the hood depends on how much air it can clean in an hour. It is better to buy those that have a margin of performance, as this will reduce the frequency of filter clogging, but it's also worth remembering the dimensions. The performance depends on the noise level, it is better if such indicators do not exceed 55 dB.

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Thus, to choose the necessary option is fairly simple, while the choice of design hoods in the interior of modern cuisine is relatively large.

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Photo hoods in the interior of the kitchen

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