Fashionable curtains - 200 photos of stylish curtains ideas

Everyone tries to arrange the house so that it is cozy, stylish and fashionable. Professional designers have many different techniques that help to transform the room in a certain atmosphere. One of the strongest techniques is the decoration of windows. Windowed in a certain style, set the tone for the entire living space. Current trends, will prompt what kind of curtains are now and what will be the trendy curtains in 2017.

Fashionable curtains

  • How to choose curtains?
  • Fashion curtains in the living room
  • Multilayered classic curtains in the dining room
  • The choice of colors for fashionable curtains
  • Photos of the most fashionable curtains of 2017 in the interior

How to choose curtains?

If you want to be a designer or just do not pay him, and do everything yourself, transform your house, you need to follow some tips in order to correctly select the fashionable modern curtains.


You need to take into account the area of ​​the room, how many windows in it, their dimensions. The color of the room, furniture, the type of upholstery, decorative elements in the room, all this should fit the design of the window. It is necessary to imagine well how the chosen fashionable design of curtains will be combined with the general interior of the rooms and the decoration of its walls.


Fashion curtains in the living room

Having looked at the photo of fashionable curtains, we can say that this style is minimalistic. Laconic and simple. But this should not be impaired convenience and functionality.


Like any classic, straight to the floor curtains is a win-win option. With them you can not use the curtain at all, while the room is filled with heat and light, which will penetrate into all its corners. An excellent option for such curtains, if located next to two narrow windows. Located between them, some decorative element will be the logical conclusion of the living room design.

Fashionable curtains

Multilayered classic curtains in the dining room

Horizontal decorative drapery or lambrequin at the top of the curtains is better to use in rooms with high ceilings. Because of the volume of such curtains, it is not advantageous to hang them in small living rooms, since they will appear low and narrow. Simplicity prevails in modern styles. And such curtains are no longer decorated with accessories such as brushes. Fringe and other other decor. Read: Thread curtains in the kitchen: photo ideas of competent combination in the interior


In modern interiors are considered the most fashionable curtains - roll. Drawings made on such curtains of cotton and linen, perfectly fit the solid background.

Multilayered classic curtains in the dining room

Roman curtains are good for a kitchen or a bedroom. They are well combined with conventional curtains or can themselves become a nice decoration for the window.

modern curtains-24

The living room is perfectly fitted with vertical blinds made of fabric. They do not pass the daylight brightly and give the room a visual height. Such curtains impart rigor to the room, and make a warm and cozy atmosphere will not work. In the horizontal version, such curtains are poorly protected from light, they perfectly match the classic designs of curtains in white.

Fashionable curtains

Curtains with rings made of plastic or metal. Still as popular in various fashionable designs. They are always careful and reserved. On such rings only curtains of dense fabrics are dressed. This type of curtains perfectly suits children's rooms, they are elegant and simple, and beautiful drawings with fabulous animals, plants or patterns will be an excellent addition for the nursery.

classic curtains1

The choice of colors for fashionable curtains

Today, single-color colors of wildlife are popular. Based on the color on the walls, the color of the curtains is chosen to be darker or lighter. The predominant colors are: walnut, gray blue and various shades of green. White color is the same in the trend, as always. It visually lends volume and makes the design airy and light.

Fashionable curtains

Attractive will be an option from Roman curtains, in which, in turn, there are bands of light and dark tones of fabrics. If you want to make the general tone of the room darker, just collect the blind so that the dark stripes lie on the light.

Fashionable curtains

Drawings on the curtains today came to us out of fashion in the 80's ready for the last century. They are presented in the form of strips, large flowers, geometric figures.

Fashionable curtains

A good addition to the design of the living room is also the tightening of furniture with covers or the addition of cushions for the sofa. To bypass the fragmented style, the type of furniture fabric should be one tone. With this design, it is good to combine striped curtains or black and white tone. If the drawing room has drawings on furniture and walls, it is better to use the curtain and the curtain itself, of different colors, which will look like the color of the drawings on furniture or walls.


Well-designed windows are the face of your house. Having decided and choosing for themselves the most fashionable curtains in the new trends of designs, will give the room not only a good look, but also add functionality. You can not choose one color or design curtains, which will become a fashionable embodiment for any type of room, because fashion seeks to be democratic. If you really want to decorate your house, then you do not need to completely re-create everything in it. Textiles help in this. After all, it is mobile, and it can be easily changed. At the same time, your house is significantly transformed miraculously.

Fashionable curtains

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Photos of the most fashionable curtains of 2017 in the interior

Fashionable curtains

Fashionable curtains


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Fashionable curtains







Fashionable curtains

Fashionable curtains

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Fashionable curtains

Fashionable curtains

Fashionable curtains

fashionable curtains

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