Festive table setting for children's table

Serving a children's table for a birthday or any other event has its own characteristics, rules and even trends. For example, in recent years, candy bars and thematic decoration of tables have become fashionable. Let's figure out how to arrange a magic and bright holiday for your child at home: how to treat young guests, how to decorate a festive table and / or candy bar, and how to catch everything and fit into the budget.

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So, in order to organize and arrange a children's festive table, you need:

1. Choose a theme or style

Children have an excellent imagination, which is why the thematic children's holiday is doomed to success - your baby and his friends will be happy to plunge into the magical world, for example, of your favorite cartoon. And it will be easier for you to come up with a color scheme, ornaments, a child's outfit and holiday attributes.

  • Theme of the holiday is better to choose together with the originator of the celebration, and if you are sure of his preferences, then the theme birthday can be made a wonderful surprise.

There are a lot of topics for children's holidays, here are three groups of the most popular topics:

  1. Themes of cartoons, films and books. For example, it can be classic "Alice in Wonderland" or "Cinderella", and there can be modern and very popular "Cold Heart", "May Litl Pony", "Harry Potter", "Smeshariki", "Minions", etc. Examples of such registration of parties look in the following selection-photo (leaf).
  • Candy bar in the style of Toy StoryCandy bar in the style of Toy Story
  • Design of children's table on the theme of the Little Mermaid ArielDesign of children's table on the theme of the Little Mermaid Ariel
  • The design of a candy bar in the style of Alice in WonderlandThe design of a candy bar in the style of Alice in Wonderland
  • Serving a childrenServing a children's table in the style of the cartoon "In Search of Nemo"
  1. Themes of interesting professions, fields of activity. It can be: scientists, ballerinas, pilots, cosmonauts, firefighters, farmers, detectives, etc. Also you can orientate yourself on your child's hobbies - whether he likes to draw, sing, dance, read, is interested in animals, history, geography, etc., All hobbies can be beaten in decorating a children's table.
Birthday in the ballet

Birthday in the ballet

Candy bar in a detective style

Candy bar in a detective style

Festive table and candy bar in the style of pilots and travelers

Festive table and candy bar in the style of pilots and travelers

  1. Themes of different historical epochs and cultures of the peoples of the world. It can be the design of a children's table, stylized on the theme of Indians, Vikings, medieval knights, pirates, etc.
  • Children's table in the Indian styleChildren's table in the Indian style
  • Making a children's table in a circus themeMaking a children's table in a circus theme
  • Table setting for birthday in pirate styleTable setting for birthday in pirate style

On the other hand, everything corresponds to the chosen topic and it is not very easy to oblige guests to dress up in certain outfits, so you just can choose some interesting motif (hearts, asterisks, stripes, etc.), style and color palette.

2. Withstand the color gamut

Regardless of whether you want to arrange a themed birthday or simply beautifully decorate a table, you need to withstand a certain color range of 2-3 colors - this is the condition and is almost the main secret of a successful serving. Ideally, all elements - from napkins to tubes for drinks should match the chosen shades.

Making a children's table for a boy

Rose-gold decoration of the table

3. Choose a suitable room and prepare the furniture

  • Children's holiday at home can be done in the children's room, living room or in the kitchen.

Birthday at home

  • If you want to put a candy bar, then a dresser, a coffee table, a mobile serving table can come up as a table. You can place it in front of the window or in the corner, if space is not enough.

Children's table at home

  • If the room allows the room, then you can divide the guests into two companies and cover two tables - one for the parents, the other for the little friends.

A separate table for moms

4. Hanging ceilings and wall decorations above the table

Decorate not only the table itself, but also the space around it. Virtually all the decor can and should be done by our own hands:

  • Garland with the inscriptions "Happy Birthday!" Or the name of the child;
  • Ornaments made of paper: colored pompons, flowers, figurines, asterisks, hearts, etc .;
  • Background at the table or candy bar made of paper or fabric, etc.
  • Wall decorations for children's candy barsWall decorations for children's candy bars
  • Birthday Celebration Decoration
  • Birthday Celebration Decoration
  • Background for candy barBackground for candy bar

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5. Find suitable dishes for the sweet

You will need to prepare:

  • Plates and instruments;
  • Stands for sweets and fruits;

Festive table setting for children's table

  • Glasses. Instead, you can use cans and bottles of a suitable size, for example, from a baby food. They, of course, should be decorated and pre-filled;

Bottles for idle serving of children's table

  • The barmen (a cake stand);
  • Vases for sweets;

Vases for sweets

  • For a dessert bar you will need dishes and trays for treats.

Crockery for a candy bar

Advice: for reasons of safety, economy and beauty, use disposable utensils - paper or solid plastic. You need to try to find it in a certain color, but if you do not find it, take universal white sets.

Disposable plates for serving children's festive table

6. To make a smart tablecloth

How to make a tablecloth for a children's table with your own hands

To the festive tablecloth for the children's table there are no requirements, except for compliance with the chosen color scheme. Therefore, it is not necessary to buy high-quality finished products and spend time on neat sewing.

  • The tablecloth for a candy bar can have a small overhang or a length in the floor. Such a banquet the table-cloth is easy to make by own hands literally for 1 evening of taffeta, organza, mesh or wrap film. To fix and drape the fabric, in addition to sewing, you can use a stapler, glue web or just an adhesive tape as shown in the photo to the right.

Tablecloth for Candy Bar

  • On a festive children's table you can lay a colored one-time tablecloth or oilcloth, which is now easy to find in ordinary stores;
  • The most ordinary white tablecloth, which is in every house, easily lends itself to creative modifications. You can simply lay on it a smart runner of the right color, a colored one-time tablecloth or decorate it with a garland. In the next photo you can learn some ideas.

White tablecloth in the design of a child's candy bar

7. Make or buy decor for serving and serving

Decorations for a children's festive table play a very big role, and you can also make them yourself with help from improvised and natural materials.

  • Vases;
  • Countertops;
  • Napkins (paper, not textile);
  • Ornaments for straws, skewers, spoons, etc .;
  • Decoration for cake and desserts;
  • Various table decorations, including thematic;
  • Candlesticks (you can only decorate, you need to light candles with care).

Here are some ideas you can take note.

Festive children's table in school style

Festive children's table in school style

Decorations for the table in the style of the cartoon Cold heart

Decorations for the table in the style of the cartoon Cold heart

Table decorations

Ornaments for children's paper table

Ornaments for children's paper table

8. Create a menu and find suitable recipes

Birthday for children is a holiday of the stomach, when the table is covered with favorite sweets and not very useful goodies. Your task is not only bright decorating dishes, but also serve them in a form convenient for children: in mini-formats, in glasses, in boxes, in the form of canapes, on skewers, on sticks and in tartlets. And most importantly, do not overdo it - kids do not need a lot of food during the fun.

Festive table with treats for children's birthday

Here is a list of dishes from which you can make a menu:

  • Sweet (for the main table or candy bar): cupcakes, donuts, eclairs, pancakes, cookies, macaroni, gingerbread, cake-pops (biscuit balls in glaze on sticks), candies, marmalade, marshmallows, gingerbreads, beautiful sweets and, of course Cake. Sweets can replace / supplement fruits, berries and nuts in the form of canapé, in sliced ​​or with yogurt in a glass. The photo below shows an example of decorating cupcakes and fruits for pirate night parties.
Decoration of desserts for a birthday in pirate style

Decoration of desserts for a birthday in pirate style

  • Second: baked potatoes with stuffing inside, french fries, nuggets and macaroni and cheese are more likely to be eaten.
  • Children's table can be covered only with snacks: pancakes with stuffing, pies, small sandwiches, mini sandwiches and burgers, crackers, salads in tartlets.

Children's birthday menu

9. Decorating chairs

Chairs can also "participate" in the creation of the holiday. To do this, they can be decorated, draped, bandaged with a bow, tied a ball, hang ornaments on them, nameplates or some thematic attributes.

Decor chairs for children's birthday

Decor chairs for children's birthday

10. Prepare memorable presents or compliments for guests

If you wish, in the memory of the event, prepare mini-presents or compliments for guests and put them on snack plates as shown in the photo below. It can be carrots with sweets, toys or attributes that correspond to the subject matter. For example, diadems for princesses, magic wands for fairies, eye patches for pirates, dudels, caps, etc., that is what children can immediately apply, and then take them home.

Presenters in the table layout

And the last advice is to start preparing for the holiday better as soon as possible, then you will have more time to make decor yourself, search and "rehearsal" of recipes and other things. So, if you want to organize a holiday with a candy bar, then preparation should start as much as 6-2 months, depending on the size of the table. Well, that's all, we wish you pleasant creative hassle, creative ideas and their successful implementation!

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