Fixture for the kitchen by own hands - 3 ways and ideas of

There is no doubt that the correctly executed lighting of the kitchen sets the sound to the whole interior. And the chandelier can become the central element in this cozy and warm room.

Using improvised materials - or even junk - you can make a lamp shade, a lamp in the style of eco from jute twine or plastic bottles, or you can make a real masterpiece - a beautiful chandelier made of wood or glass beads.

And a lamp made by one's own hands can not only be hung in the kitchen or in the dining room, but also given to relatives.

Method 1. From the available materials - everyone will be able to!


The simplest lamp with its own hands is made of thread. Indeed, even a child can cope with such a design. So, to make a chandelier out of thread, we will need:

Luminaire of threads that will be required for making

  • Threads - you can take a usual jute twine or cotton thick threads, with a total length of at least 100 meters, the color is chosen based on your imagination and the existing interior;
  • Glue PVA and brush for its application;
  • Vaseline;
  • 2 balloons - one for work, the second for testing; It is better to take a ball not usual, and round, then the form of the lamp will be the correct form.

Advice! Also suitable for children or rubber beach ball. For very large fixtures fit ball for fitball, for example.

The work on the creation of a ball of threads is carried out in the following sequence:

  1. We inflate a ball of the right size. We do not forget that the resulting lampshade from the threads will repeat the shape of the ball. Draw a marker with one or two circles from above and from below (from below it is possible more).
  2. Adhesive is poured into a container and carefully processed threads. And the ball itself can be coated with a brush with petroleum jelly.

Advice! Do not immediately apply glue to all threads - it is better to move around the place of winding.

  1. Then follows the winding of the thread on the ball, taking into account the drawn holes - depending on the density of the winding, it depends on what will ultimately result in your lampshade.

Kitchen lamp with own hands

  1. After the ball is wrapped, you need to leave the future chandelier to dry for at least 24 hours.
  2. The ball bursts and its remains are easily removed from the solid structure that has become solid. As a result, the lampshade was made of solid threads.
  3. A hole is cut from above - under the cartridge.
  4. It is necessary to check the strength - another ball is inserted into the lamp and inflated. This will demonstrate the flexibility of the design.

In this way, you can perform local lighting in the kitchen, creating with your own hands a few luminaries from the thread. And you can hang in the dining area, as shown in the photo.

Lamp of threads in the interior

Lamp of threads in the interior

Do not forget that for a ball of threads you can make additional decor in the form of an interesting coloring, beads, butterflies or artificial flowers, or you can make a whole bunch of balls of different sizes.

Kitchen lamp with own hands

By the same principle, you can come up with your unique lamp design. For example, from lace, or a ceiling light as in the photo below.

The lamp itself - a master class

The lamp itself - a master class

Method 2. Create a masterpiece - you need to try!

Fine lighting of the kitchen will turn out and if you make your own hands a lamp made of beads, or fabric. You will get a lamp in the style of a shebbie-chic or a real chandelier-candelabra.

For this work you will need:

  • Old hoop, garden basket, suspended metal pots, or wire to create a frame;
  • Decorative chains;
  • Beads, beads, ribbons, strong threads;
  • Lamp holder.

Lamp in the kitchen - a master class

Lamp in the kitchen - a master class

The luminaire will be a two- or three-level structure of rings arranged one above the other and connected by chains or wire.

Rings can be taken in different sizes, creating a lampshade in the spirit of vintage classics, or the same - this kind of lighting is performed in the Art Nouveau style.

Chandelier with their own hands

Chandelier with their own hands

The base of the lamp is always painted, wrapped or decorated, and then begin to string beads.

Chandelier with their own hands

The expenditure of beads in this project is as follows:

The lower part: beads with a diameter of 16 mm, 15 pcs. on the thread;

Upper part: beads with a diameter of 12 mm, 31-32 pcs. to the thread.

Here you can vary the degree of tension and the number of threads.

Advice! The work should be done by hanging the chandelier first and inserting a cartridge into it.

By analogy, you can create a kitchen chandelier for artificial fruit. A muted lighting will be obtained if you use a fabric for the carcass plating. Typically, such a lampshade is performed for country and Provence styles.

Method 3. Lamps from junk materials - for modern kitchen!

The most original luminaire can be made from such waste material as plastic bottles and disposable spoons - it's beautiful, cheap and environmentally friendly!

We make the lampshade in the style of minimalism and hi-tech - no additional embellishments of threads and beads, only matte white or colored plastic. To make such a muted lighting of the kitchen with our own hands, we will need:

  • Base of a 5-liter plastic bottle;
  • A cartridge with a wire and a lamp;
  • Glue for high-quality fixation;
  • Many disposable spoons.

To make a chandelier with your own hands, we cut out the bottom of the bottle and cut off the handles at the spoons (not completely, so that there remains a small stalk). Using glue, fix the cut spoons on the bottle-base. They need to be placed evenly, in order, then the lampshade will look attractive.

Advice! Each next row is overlapped, with no gaps.

The resulting chandelier will resemble fish scales. However, it should be remembered that such a construction is quite dense, which means that additional lighting is absolutely necessary in the kitchen.

The shape of the lamp can be different, for example, in the form of a lotus.

Lamp from disposable spoons in the form of lotus

From disposable spoons you can make and such decorations.

Crafts from plastic spoons

The luminaire made of plastic bottles, or rather from their bottoms, made by hand, can seem lacy or consisting of many small flowers.

Chandelier from plastic bottles

Advice! Such a lampshade can be made not with white, but with colored ones, which means that you need to take colored bottles or paint it with paint of the original color: copper, gold, steel, pink, black, etc.

The resulting lampshade can be hung in the kitchen or over the dining table.

Let your kitchen be cozy and light! We wish you creative success and we present several more excellent ideas for making kitchen fixtures with your own hands from improvised means.

Lamp with your own hands - ideas

Lamp with your own hands - ideas

Lamp with your own hands - ideas

Lamp with your own hands - ideas

Lamp with your own hands - ideas

Lamp with your own hands - ideas

Lamp with your own hands - ideas

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