Folding tables in the interior of the kitchen - maximum

A folding kitchen table is the best choice for a small kitchen. Its feature is that it can be folded, taking up a minimum of space, and unfolding, increasing to the size of a full-fledged table.

Rules for choosing the material, color, shape

Folding kitchen tables, as a rule, consist of several types of materials. For example, the legs and straps can be wooden; table top, folding floors or a chalkboard - from veneered particle board; but the fasteners, as a rule, are steel. Most often, for the production of folding and sliding tables used wood, glass, laminated fiberboard / chipboard / MDF, plywood and even plastic or aluminum.

  • The most reliable legs, supports and straps are made of wood, but they will be relatively heavy and expensive;
  • The worktop of tempered glass is not afraid of scratches, it is strong enough and looks beautiful, but care for it will not be the easiest, in addition, it is cold and "sonorous";

Sliding glass dining table

Folding table made of veneered MDF
  • The top of the solid wood - beautiful, reliable, is subject to restoration, warm and pleasant to the touch. But it increases the construction and costs more;
  • Veneered chipboard, MDF or fiberboard - looks no different from wood, it weighs more easily, costs less, so this material is optimal for countertops;
  • Laminated chipboard or MDF - light in weight, easy to care for and the most affordable material, but loses its longevity and appearance;
  • When choosing a folding table, keep in mind that the base, legs, legs, straps and other parts of the construction are more reliable from solid wood or metal.

The form of the table-top folding and sliding models can be any, most often this:

  • Square - rationally occupy space and at the same time are spacious enough, therefore such models are recommended for small kitchens. As a rule, square tables in folding form become rectangular;

Folding square table

  • Round - require more useful space, so less suitable for a small kitchen. But exactly round tables лучше всех способны сделать пространство уютным. В раскладном виде round tables становятся овальными за счет дополнительной вкладной доски;

Round small wooden table in the interior of a small kitchen

  • Oval - more rationally occupy space and more spacious than round models. At the same time they are also beautiful and traditional;

Oval folding table for 4-8 people

Oval book tables, assembled in half, become semi-oval and in this form can not be better suited for a small kitchen.

Oval folding table-book

  • Rectangular - the most common models due to its spaciousness and convenience. Suitable for both large and small kitchens and can be laid out as a "book" or move apart, doubling.

Extendable dining table IKEA INGATORP

After the material and shape are selected, it remains to decide on the color. In a small kitchen, it is very important that the visually folding table does not clutter up the space. Therefore, the dark tones are inappropriate. It is better to choose light shades, but, of course, taking into account the color of other kitchen furniture. More information about the combination of colors read in this material: the color in the interior of the kitchen: bright ideas and traditional combinations. In the photo below, Ikea's folding table, the Ingatorp model.

Folding table in the interior of a small kitchen

Types of folding table constructions

Folding tables are of the following types of structures:

  1. Stationary, where the table top is transformed. Can be folded, when the table top unfolds as a book, sliding like a slider or when parts of the table top move apart from the center, and another additional element is placed in the center.

Folding Kitchen Tables

Folding kitchen table in the interior

There are also models with additional "wings". Externally reminiscent of the standard kitchen table, but by simple manipulations increase the usable area to 40%.

  1. Portable folding tables in the style of bistros are suitable for very small kitchens - they are easy to assemble and unfold. In the photo below the model "Madrid" of Russian production.
Folding table Madrid
  1. Demountable. They are sorted into separate elements and stored until they are needed. Specific tools in the assembly is not required. Such models are often equipped with a transformation system and can be adjusted in height.
  2. Built-in furniture. They are a mobile part of the kitchen set, which can be removed at any time. As a rule, it coincides in height with the kitchen set.

Retractable dining table

  1. Folding. Mounted on the wall, and if necessary, the table top is folded and fixed with a foot. In assembled form they represent a narrow shelf, and in the dismantled can accommodate from 1 to 8 people, depending on the area of ​​the countertop.
  • Folding table for kitchen
  • Folding table for small kitchen

What else do I need to know before buying a sliding table?

  • When choosing a sliding table, immediately consider how it will be disassembled. In consideration are taken and the dimensions of the table relative to the room, and the number of people planned to be located behind it. For example, for four people, a rectangular surface of 70 * 90 cm will suffice.

Dimensions of the dining room

  • The decisive indicator of quality will be the use of reliable accessories - for a folding design, this element will be as important as possible. In any case, from time to time the screws in the folding tables need to be tightened.
  • Be sure to evaluate the ease of transformation of the table. The best simple solution is a standard book, but effective design models can be more difficult to operate.

Folding wooden table in the interior of a small kitchen

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