Furniture for a small kitchen

A small kitchen is a problem room. However, with a competent approach, it can be arranged stylishly and functionally. Moreover, just with the help of the right furniture, interesting design moves and an optimal layout, you can make the kitchen not only cozy, but also visually much more spacious.

mini-kuuxnyaSmall cozy kitchen in light colors

Choose furniture in a small kitchen

Owners of a small kitchen can not afford to neglect to choose furniture. They should focus not only on their own taste and desires, but also take into account the appropriateness of the selected items in a small room. First of all, it is necessary to decide what kind of furniture is needed, and what will only occupy the useful area. Thus, it is possible to save a significant part of the area already at the initial stage.

mini-kuuxnya2The space in the kitchenette must be used rationally

In the kitchen must be present:

  • Furniture used to store utensils and food. The best option is to purchase a set with a lot of ergonomic boxes and cabinets - floor and hinged. It is acceptable to use other storage systems. The main thing is to think about how to rationally place them in the kitchen and make the best use of it. You can not afford the luxury of a half-empty box, so every element should work 100%. But do not forget about the appearance. If you decide to purchase a separate system, rather than a single headset, they should fit well visually.
  • Equipment. The minimum required is a refrigerator and a stove. The next level is a dishwasher and a microwave oven. Next, a steamer, a multivark, an electric meat grinder. After that go blender, toaster, coffee machine, juicer, pancake maker, waffle maker, etc. Everyone, even the smallest household appliance, occupies a certain place, remember this before you buy it.
  • Work zone. A place intended for cooking. Usually this is a table top, based on the lower pedestals of the kitchen set. However, it can be successfully replaced by a bar counter, in which can also be placed and boxes for storing utensils.
  • Dinner Zone. Most often in apartments with a kitchenette there is not a separate dining room, so you have to eat in the same room. It is necessary to have a minimum set - a table and a pair of chairs. Then the number and size of objects depends on the size of the family.
mini-kuuxnya3Bar counter in a small kitchen

Determine with the kitchen set

The headset will help optimize space and solve many pressing issues.

In modern kitchens, it is almost indispensable:

  • is a convenient and functional storage system;
  • can contain an embedded technique for which you do not have to allocate a separate area;
  • solves the problem with the working surface.
mini-kuuxnya4Built-in household appliances in a compact kitchen set

Most preferably, the headset is made to order. At the same time, you should pay maximum attention to the design project. You need to know not only the dimensions of all the components, but also visually represent them. It is advisable to distribute the assignments of drawers and cabinets even at the planning stage.

When ordering cabinets it is worth considering:

  • Boxes are more convenient than shelves. They are pulled out, and the landlady has access to the entire surface, while the far zone of the shelves is rarely used even by 50%.
  • Cellular storage systems. Optimize the space in the drawers and especially on the shelves. If the boxes are allowed to use systems with soft walls, then on the shelves only solid structures - so that they can be removed.
  • Better three shelves than two. If you know in advance that in a particular cupboard oversized objects will be stored, but a kitchen trifle, then instead of two high shelves or boxes, it is better to make three lower ones. Thus, you will avoid the formation of voids in the top of the shelves. However, do not make the distance between them less than 20 cm.
  • Vertical pencil cases. Narrow long pencil boxes take up little space, but are very roomy.

Facades for a small kitchen preferable to choose glossy. They will add a room of light and make it visually much more spacious. Glass and mirror inserts contribute to the same tasks.

mini-kuuxnya5Glossy facades are able to visually expand the space

It is not necessary to consider that if there is not enough space in the kitchen, it is necessary to put the headset only with small lockers. On the contrary, it is desirable to install large cabinets with many compartments, which will accommodate almost all kitchen utensils. Accordingly, the rest of the space will be freed up.

Determined with a table and chairs

The table and chairs are the element of the situation, where you may have to sacrifice your design claims. Furniture of complex shape, cumbersome and actively decorated, alas, not for miniature kitchens. It not only takes a lot of space, but also visually eats space. Two basic principles when choosing tables and chairs for such a room are laconism, practicality.

mini-kuuxnya6Dining area in small kitchen

This does not mean that you have to sacrifice external characteristics. Now a huge selection of stylish, modern and interesting mini-tables. An excellent option for a miniature kitchen will be furniture-transformer. A sliding or folding table will occupy a minimum of space. It can be laid out only for a meal, and all the rest of the time, excess furniture will not occupy space.

Table transformer:

  • can be attached to the wall;
  • can be pulled out from the kitchen.
mini-kuuxnya7Compact desk by the window

If you are staying on the traditional models, it is better to place the table in the corner, since at least 40 cm should remain behind the back of the sitting person. A chair + 40 cm is a perceptible area for a room of small dimensions. In any case, the furniture should be without sharp corners - they have no place in the mini-kitchen.

mini-kuuxnya8Traditional table with rounded corners is a good solution for a small kitchen

It is desirable to choose furniture of light shades. An excellent design solution will be a glass top, but it needs special care. Chairs should also conform to minimalism. Be simple, without additional decor elements. However, this does not prevent them from becoming bright accent details of the kitchen environment.

mini-kuuxnya9Table with glass top

Often owners of small kitchens replace stools with stools. Perhaps, this is the best option, considering that with the current assortment you can pick up very interesting and stylish models.

mini-kuuxnya10Stools take up much less space in a small kitchen

Bar counter - style in a small kitchen

A modern solution to the problem with lack of space will be a bar counter. A cumbersome design that requires a lot of space is an outdated stereotype. In fact, the counter is the table top on the support. It can be massive and wide, or maybe - narrow and miniature. This is the perfect way to stay in the kitchenette.

mini-kuuxnya11Bar counter in a small kitchen - оптимальный вариант для экономии пространства

Traditionally, there are two ways of placing the rack - perpendicular or parallel to the wall. Remember that for small kitchens only the second option is suitable. The former will only exacerbate the problem of a deficit of free space.

The original and relevant solution will be the placement of the rack at the window sill. In this case, they can be issued in one style and another surface will be obtained, where the microwave oven, for example, will perfectly fit. In addition, the window wall usually remains unused, and so you will have more options for using the rest of the walls.

mini-kuuxnya12Bar counter located at the window

If you install a bar stand with a cabinet - another storage system will be added. But sitting behind such a design will become less comfortable. To save space, you can install a sliding bar, it is very compactly hidden in the kitchen.

mini-kuuxnya13Bar counter with a curbstone in a small kitchen

Is there a place for a kitchenette in a small kitchen?

The kitchen corner with its one presence gives the room a cozy and homely atmosphere. However, what if the kitchen is very small? It is not necessary to give up a soft sofa. If the family is big - it will even help to save space, no matter how surprising it may sound. The corner sofa will take up less space than a large number of chairs. And, naturally, households on it will be much more convenient.

mini-kuuxnya14Kitchen corner is an excellent alternative to chairs, for a large family

Learning the right alignment

Miniature cuisine can be compared with tetris: all the details of the situation should ideally match each other. Here it is necessary to take into account not only comfort for the hostess, but also the most suitable variant of accommodation of all subjects. You need to start with a thorough planning. It is necessary to draw up several design projects and choose the most suitable one. One of the main criteria for a suitable project will be the absence of voids.

mini-kuuxnya15Kitchenette, where every inch is important

Be sure to use in a small room:

  • angles;
  • walls to full height:
  • window sills.
mini-kuuxnya16Miniature kitchen with functional window sill

Layout options for the kitchenette:

  • Linear. All furniture is along one wall. In doing so, first install the headset, and everything else afterwards.
  • Double row. Filling the kitchen is along two opposite walls. One is a set, the other is a dining room / bar counter and a few cabinets (if there is room for them).
  • U-shaped. Actively involved is a window sill and two walls adjacent to his wall.
mini-kuuxnya17Linear layout of the kitchenette

At the last variant it is necessary to begin a lay-out from a window sill. It can be used as:

  • surface for installation of low storage systems;
  • countertop (the table can be limited to a window sill or smoothly go beyond it);
  • a working surface (the table-top intended for kitchen works is established);
  • the location of home appliances.
mini-kuuxnya18U-shaped layout of the kitchenette

Depending on what role the window sill will take on, the two remaining walls will be planned.

Furniture of what color to choose in the kitchenette

The color palette is one of the main tools in the visual expansion of space. It will help a small kitchen seem more spacious and cozy. It is worth considering not only the choice of shade of walls, floor and ceiling, but also to the color scheme of furniture. Remember that the main "savior" of small rooms is light colors.

mini-kuuxnya19Miniature kitchen in light colors

When choosing the color of furniture you need to focus on the overall color scheme of the kitchen. They should not be discordant.

Not only externally increase the space, but to make it more comfortable will help the following colors:

  • beige;
  • light olive;
  • light golden;
  • pastel orange.
mini-kuuxnya20Cozy small kitchen in beige color

Furniture should be different from the surrounding situation, even if only a few tones, so as not to merge with it. If the owner of a small kitchen wants to see objects of furniture in black or other dark colors, only dot blotches are allowed.

Items of bright colors can be slightly larger, but also a very limited number. For example, the bright yellow facades of a canary shade are not suitable for a small room, or the rest of the colors will have to be thought through very carefully. But chairs of the same color will be appropriate and will become bright relevant accents in kitchen design.

mini-kuuxnya21Kitchen with olive-colored suite, diluted with juicy and bright apron

Anyway, a small kitchen is not a verdict. With it you can and need to work, creating a cozy cozy room from it, where the whole family will be happy to settle.

mini-kuuxnya22Small kitchen in light color scheme

Furniture for a small kitchen


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