Gray curtains in the interior - 75 photos of beautiful

The fashion trends of recent years have thus changed our perception that those colors that were previously considered boring and inexpressive in the modern world have acquired a completely different "character." The gray color in the interior is the embodiment of rigor, tranquility, pacification, elegance, etc. The use of this color in textile decoration is quite wide.


  • Neskuchny gray ...
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  • Scope of gray curtains - the original options on the photo
  • This color is very in demand for office design
  • 75 photos of ideas how to decorate gray curtains in the interior

Neskuchny gray ...

Speaking of the variety of tones of this color, one can not help recalling the sensational film: "50 shades of gray". And indeed, its palette is so rich that it allows using this color literally everywhere.

Gray in the interior curtains

Light gray curtains - perhaps the most versatile, can be used in places with different lighting, well combined with chrome, silvery interior details.


Dark gray curtains - look good in sunny rooms, favorably combined with light walls. But, do not use dark shades in small rooms.


In modern interiors for curtain compositions are used such fashionable shades, as:

  • ashen
  • lilac-gray
  • slate
  • silver gray
  • color of black pearls


These and other shades of gray curtains harmoniously fit in almost all styles of the interior: from baroque to classics, from modern to high-tech. And, even, it would seem, in such a gently-elegant style as a provan - this color is also applicable, if you use a floral print and natural fabrics.


By the way, about fabrics - for tailoring gray curtains are well suited: satin, brocade, jacquard, shenille and other synthetic or mixed types of matter. Embossed fabrics with pattern, monophonic smooth with low tide, multilayered, with pile, with glitter, etc. - Gray is good in everything! Read: Light curtains - the best ideas for fashionable design (105 photos)


Methods of combining gray curtains

Since gray is neutral, it blends perfectly with almost all other tones. The most simple and harmonious ensemble is gray + white + black. You can add any bright accents - burgundy, raspberry, green, lime, etc.


To add warmth, combine dark gray tones with yellow, orange, peach, coral shades. In hot rooms, on the contrary, use light gray shades with blue, blue and turquoise.


The gray drapes, decorated with silvery or golden elements - braid, cord, brushes, etc. - look great.


When choosing a tone, colors and fabrics for curtains, rely on other interior details. The optimal combination is the coincidence of the fabric of upholstered furniture and curtains in color and texture. Also use the method of duplicating the print on curtains and other textile items - pillows, bedspreads, etc.


In a combination with walls and case furniture the method of contrast is applied. To light colors of the situation (white, cream, beige) will suit dark gray shades of curtain compositions. If the walls are in dark tones, then the fabric for the curtains is chosen lighter.


Scope of gray curtains - the original options on the photo

The living room, the windows of which are decorated with textiles of gray tones, is filled with elegance, austerity, gracefulness. Especially elegant will look large rooms with panoramic windows, decorated in gray.


Deep gray, pearl, beige-gray and other warm shades of gray - will create in the bedroom a unique atmosphere of comfort and tranquility.


Fresh light curtains of gray shades are fresh and directly look at the kitchen. It will be practical to use rolls or Roman curtains here.


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Is it appropriate in the children's room to decorate the windows in gray tones? In the rooms for boys and teenage girls this color in textiles has long been used widely enough. But, now also trendy is its use in bedrooms for young princesses, if you use light shades of gray in combination with pink.

sThe gray curtains in the interior

Strict drapes of gray tones are an excellent option for the cabinet. Not a flashy color will provide the calm working atmosphere.


In addition to home interior, the use of gray textiles is widely used in other different premises. Due to their neutrality, gray shades are popular in educational and medical institutions.

Gray curtains in the interior

This color is very in demand for office design

In halls of different focus, whether concert or conference halls - the gray color on the windows emphasizes the classics of the style.


Restaurants, cafes, club rooms are the favorite places for designers to decorate in gray tones.


75 photos of ideas how to decorate gray curtains in the interior

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Gray curtains in the interior



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Gray curtains in the interior






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Gray curtains in the interior


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