Handles for the kitchen - details about the details

Quality furniture fittings for kitchen furniture should be selected very carefully. Especially it concerns such an element as handles - after all, they have both a functional and decorative purpose. Indeed, without handles it is impossible to imagine a kitchen set. But the original, attractive and convenient to use your kitchen will only be if all its elements you choose correctly.

Main types of kitchen knobs

Handles for furniture can be made of colored plastic, and can be decorated with rhinestones. Naturally, before buying, you will have to analyze a lot of factors - from the color of the room and the style of furniture to financial possibilities, but the main thing you'll have to figure out is what kind of pens there are.

As a rule, the fittings offered by manufacturers can be of such types and forms:

  • handles-rings, mounted on a decorative base - massive, noble and elegant. The material for their manufacture is metal, patinated or coated with bronze coating. They perfectly match with classical wooden kitchen facades. However, each time you need to open the door very carefully, so as not to damage the facades;
pens-rings for the facades of the kitchen
  • popular handles-sinks (made of both metal and plastic), the surface of which can be decorated with painting and carving;
Sinks-handles for facades of kitchen set
  • Compact and comfortable fittings in the form of "buttons" can be made of wood, metal or plastic and is perfect for light facades;
knobs for kitchen facades
  • light and small pen-drops - this product refers to the classic, but is best combined with the plastic facade;
drop-handles for facades
  • the most practical and concise (and therefore very common) are considered handles, staples, which can be executed from different sizes;
staples-pens for kitchen
  • built-in handles (they look like a canvas cut on a smooth facade) - ideal if the facades of kitchen furniture are already richly decorated (for example, with rhinestones or carvings).
built-in handles для фасадов

Choose the handle according to the technical specifications

It's no secret that the doors of kitchen furniture open daily many times. Therefore, you need to choose the hands for the headset so that they are not only a decorative element, but also provide the proper functionality.

For this reason, most often selected metal or wooden, rather than plastic accessories. Plastic, especially cheap, can not provide the necessary durability and practicality. In addition, it can even deform due to high temperatures. However, the danger of damage exists also in wooden handles - that is why they are not placed in the high-temperature zone. As for metal, for all cases this will be an ideal choice.

Tip: it is very important and right to choose the size of the pens. Small products, fastened on one screw, are considered the most impractical. Therefore, the staples, which are performed in different styles and in a wide range of sizes, have gained popularity. From the point of view of ergonomics, a large handle will always be more comfortable than a small one. In addition, they are attached to the facade in several places, which guarantees increased reliability.

Accessories, corresponding to the style, - what is it?

The fittings must be reliable, practical and highly decorative. You can not choose these staples with crystals only because they made an impression on the exhibition stand - you need to think carefully about the overall style of the kitchen and choose the appropriate solution. There are not so many basic recommendations here:

  1. For furniture in the classical style, bronze or porcelain handles will suit.
knobs for the kitchen in the style of classic
  1. Looking for an option for a kitchen set in style haj-tek? You can not do without modern railing - it's kind of staples, straight, laconic and very comfortable. The roof rails are installed on plastic or aluminum facades, and they can be mounted both vertically and horizontally.

kitchen knobs in high-tech style

  1. Handles-staples also differ in simplicity of shapes and are suitable for horizontal or vertical arrangement. Typically, these options are not overloaded with carvings or rhinestones, and therefore ideal for "modern classics" and modern. The most common colors in which staples are produced are "wood", bronze, aluminum, chrome, satin, gold.

handles for kitchen in modern style, classic, Scandinavian

  1. For kitchens in the style of Provence or vintage is selected artificially aged accessories or classic handles with porcelain insets, looking like aristocratic antiques.

kitchen knobs in the style of Provence

  1. Unique handles with rhinestones Swarovski will be a masterpiece for a unique brilliant interior. By the way, kitchen facades can be decorated with rhinestones. However, do not "pour diamonds" the whole kitchen - it will be enough if the rhinestones will be decorated only with handles. By the way, they are perfectly combined with laconic painted surfaces.

Swarovski crystals on kitchen grips

Recommendations for installing pens

So, you have chosen quality, functional and attractive pens. It remains only to properly install them - while it is important not to disrupt the symmetry of the arrangement.

For этого установка проводится по шаблону - с его помощью фурнитура монтируется еще до навешивания фасадов. Шаблон представляет собой прямоугольный кусок фанеры с отверстиями, выполненными в нужных местах. Благодаря такой простой конструкции вы сможете сделать отверстия под крепеж сразу на всех фасадах без дополнительных замеров.

Tip: Glass and wooden facades need to be fitted with an additional washer (on the back of the bolt). This will not only reduce the risk of cracking, but also protect the fastening from splashing.

Важен и выбор инструмента. Так, для деревянного (или из МДФ) кухонного фасада используются ступенчатые или корончатые сверла - острые и позволяющие сверлить без нажима. For стекла применяются особые сверла с алмазным напылением.

Совет: Отверстие в стекле можно проделать и расплавленным оловом - в этом случае появление трещин невозможно. For проведения работ потребуется олово (которое используется в процессе пайки) и песок. Фасадная филенка размечется и посыпается песком. В нем делают воронку нужного диаметра, куда и заливают расплавленное олово. Через несколько секунд припой остынет и его можно будет убрать - вместе с песком и стеклянной пробкой.

So, the choice of kitchen pens is not a difficult event. You can prefer traditional braces, or you can decorate the set with an extraordinary fittings - it all depends on the style of the room and your own desire.

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