How to choose a kitchen set for a small kitchen

In standard small-sized apartments kitchens are small in size, and sometimes even tiny. And, picking up the elements of the situation for such a room, you'll have to try hard - the first you like furniture and appliances in a small room you will not put. How to choose the right kitchen set for a small kitchen?

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Choosing a kitchen set

The most important detail of each kitchen is a comfortable and functional kitchen set.

There are three main options for the shape of the kitchen set:

  • L-shaped - this is a corner set;
  • U-shaped - headset with two corners, shaped like the letter "P";
  • Linear, which is located along one wall.

Most often in kitchens of small size, they install corner L-shaped sets, since this form allows to make maximum use of the "triangle principle", which will be discussed below.

Such a set is considered the most convenient and functional, since it has a sufficient working surface.

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But also single-row headsets look good and often become the most advantageous option - a lot depends on the location of the window, the amount of home appliances, the organization of the dining area.

Cons - the minimum number of cabinets and a small working surface, but this kind of furniture does not take up much space, and all the working objects are at hand.

small-headset-photo (1) small-headset-photo (2) small-headset-photo (4) small-headset-photo (5) small-headset-photo (6) small-headset-photo (7) small-headset-photo (i) small-headset-photo (10) small-headset-photo (12) small-headset-photo (13) small-headset-photo (14) small-headset-photo (15) small-headset-photo (16) small-headset-photo (17) small-headset-photo (18) small-headset-photo (19)


The facades of kitchen sets are made mainly of the following materials: MDF (wood fiber board), chipboard (chipboard) and chipboard, as well as natural wood.

Sometimes they are supplemented by glass or metal. Facades from chipboard, MDF are covered with enamel, PVC film, veneer, decorative plastic.

Facades covered with enamel, are good in that here for the kitchen set you can choose absolutely any color. This facade can be both glossy and matte, easy to clean, does not absorb odors.

Disadvantages: high cost, the tendency to fade under the influence of the sun, fear of mechanical damage, while these facades require frequent cleaning - when you touch your hands on them, there are fingerprints.


PVC film - the cheapest material for covering the facade of the headset. It can imitate absolutely any coating: wood, enamel, lacquer, stone, metal and others.

Pros of the material: great color scale, durability, strength, cheapness. Cons: the film can peel from the panel, is afraid of high temperatures and is unstable to burning out under the influence of sunlight.


Decorative plastic glued over the base. Compared with PVC film and enamel it is durable, not afraid of shocks and sunlight, it is waterproof, not afraid of high temperatures.

The disadvantages of such a material is small: Glossy plastic is often fingerprints, and matte is difficult to wash. Sometimes a plastic coating can be distorted.


Wood - a good option for the manufacture of kitchen sets, including countertops, but not cheap. Depending on the type of tree, the headset will have only its own color, a pattern. Most often, kitchen furniture is made of pine, spruce, larch, birch, oak.

The most important drawback - high cost (1 running meter will cost about 2-3 thousand rubles). And you can not create a bright kitchen from wood - it's a pity to spoil the natural material. Pros - ecological and aesthetic.


Advice! If you do not have a lot of money, and you want a quality, not expensive kitchen set, then choose decorative plastic, this is the most optimal option.

For the countertop it is very important to choose a durable and high-quality material, as this is the most important surface in the kitchen where the creative process takes place.

The material should be resistant to moisture, temperature, and be very durable. For the manufacture of countertops using chipboard, granite, metal, natural and artificial stone.

The simplest option is LDSP. The price depends on the thickness of the fabric, and the strength - on the thickness of the coating. The material is moisture resistant, resistant to high temperatures, but easily scratched. 1 sq.m. Such a material with a thickness of 16 mm will cost about 200-250 rubles.


Porcelain tiles not afraid of hot dishes, no moisture, no sharp objects, and looks very aesthetically. The worktops made of this material are made of a tile sealed with a sealant or a single piece of ceramic granite.

Less material - high cost and complexity of processing. The average price is about 10 thousand rubles per meter linear.


Table tops made of natural stone slightly differ in characteristics from the tops of granite, but are more expensive: the finished countertop with the size of 1400 × 600 × 30 mm will cost about 30 thousand rubles.


Worktops made of metal - of stainless steel. Suitable for suites and kitchens in a modern style and high-tech style.

It is a durable, heat-resistant material, relatively resistant to moisture. Minuses - requires thorough polishing and is not suitable for kitchens in the style of "classic". The price is about 1500 rubles per running meter.


It is unambiguous to say which material for kitchen sets is better, it is very difficult: every person should choose the material in accordance with their desires and possibilities.


A recognized standard of quality is the fittings of European production. The mechanisms produced by Blum, Hettich, Boyard, Edson have proven themselves well. The cost varies depending on the quality of the materials and the complexity of the workmanship.

Handles of cabinets and boxes in a small kitchen should not be fanciful, large: on the contrary, there should be simplicity and conciseness. The optimum version of the material is stainless steel.

It is sturdy and does not lose its appearance with time. It is more expensive than plastic, but strong. Demand is the handles Gamet, Nomet, Boyard, Edson.


In small rooms, doors and cabinet cases are very practical, equipped with an opening mechanism without the use of handles. In order to open such a door, it is sufficient to press it and the door will open.

You can equip the kitchen door with gas lifts, also very convenient.

gas lift-for-kitchen

Also convenient are the doors equipped with mechanical closers. Such doors do not clap and they close smoothly.


To open the closet doors as much as possible and do not interfere, you can use the usual simple loops.

In a small kitchen it is useful to use "tricky" accessories for storage - revolving shelves, "trains-trains" for storing pots, etc.

Retractable storage pans.hklugkjgh image

Such fittings will require additional financial investments, but the level of convenience and functionality of the kitchen will significantly increase.

Kitchen appliances

While doing the kitchen arrangement, it is useful to use the principle of the "working triangle", the top of which is a sink, a refrigerator and a stove.

The maximum convenience in the kitchen creates the location of these points in the form of a triangle. They should not be adjacent to each other and at the same time it is important that they are close enough to each other.

Most objects can be successfully "hidden" in the kitchen set itself: narrow built-in stoves, dishwashers. Instead of the oven, you can buy a hob, and under it, a box for storing kitchen utensils.

The microwave oven can be installed on special brackets, mounted on the wall.

microwave oven

The refrigerator should be narrow, but high, to contain all the food. Also on sale are built-in small refrigerators.

If the refrigerator is large, and the kitchen is planned a dining area, it is advisable to remove it into the corridor or adjacent to the kitchen part of the apartment.

The hood is important to take small sizes, and above it you can put a cabinet or brackets for a microwave.


Small equipment should be based on the frequency of use: what is used more often, should be at hand - on the lower shelves or on the table top or in special drawers.

You can also build a small flat TV in the kitchen door. The main thing is to choose a convenient place, so that the handle of the next door does not hurt the screen.

Increase functionality

Reyling, located along the apron - a good option for storing kitchen appliances. Its downside is one thing: all kitchen equipment remains in sight.

reiling (1) reiling (2) reiling (3) reiling (4) reiling (5)

Stop your choice on high wall-mounted cabinets to the ceiling: they will occupy the remaining centimeters, while presenting an extra couple of shelves.

How to choose a kitchen set for a small kitchen, photo

Discard the swinging doors of the headset: it is better to use blinds or doors opening upward, as well as folding doors to the accordion.

How to choose a kitchen set for a small kitchen, photo

It is convenient to have a bottle-bottle - a small narrow locker that will take the remaining centimeters somewhere in the corner, but will contain several containers with liquids.

How to choose a kitchen set for a small kitchen, photo

Advice! In a small suite you can build in scales, clocks, timers and much more, which will increase the cost of the headset, but will give the kitchen additional functionality.

Choose a color

When creating an interior of a small kitchen should be guided by a simple principle: light shades of space increase, and dark - hide.

kuhni-cvet (1)

The kitchen should have as many light shades as possible combined with bright or dark accents. The best colors for a small kitchen set are: white, beige, vanilla, light wood, light blue.kuhni-cvet (2)kuhni-cvet (3)

The color scheme should not be variegated: stop on 2-3 colors and combine them.

It looks good combination of white, beige and black with a predominance of light colors. You can use bright colors, combined with a neutral shade.

kuhni-cvet (10)

If the kitchen has a light wall cover, then the headset can be bright red with a gray top, saturated blue, accompanied by light colors, herbaceous green and other colors.

Also, the color of the headset needs to be chosen taking into account the color of the walls, floor and ceiling. For example, the color of the wallpaper should be the same tone as the headset. And the table top can be made in the color of the kitchen flooring.

In a narrow small kitchen, it is undesirable to use a set with a pattern in the form of horizontal stripes - it will visually stretch the kitchen. But the vertical bars allow you to make the room more harmonious.

Advice! Do not use only white in the kitchen, otherwise this room will become uncomfortable. Add a few bright aspects, at least a picture on one of the walls - it will revive the small kitchen.

kuhni-cvet (4) cooked-flowers (8)  kuhni-cvet (11) kuhni-cvet (12) kuhni-cvet (15)


And finally, a few useful tips:

  • In small rooms, avoid installing furniture of unusual shape, three-dimensional construction - they will give the kitchen a cumbersomeness. A little rounded corners of the headset can be - it will add a little free space.
  • If you have chosen a corner set, then in the corner, place a sink in order not to clutter the work surface.
  • To increase the working surface, a rolling worktop is suitable.
  • Use organizers for boxes - they will create order.
  • Use a window sill, if it's wide, for cutting food.
  • Sometimes in a small kitchen it is advisable to make a small bar counter - it will be used as an additional working surface or as a dining table, and in its corner you can arrange a rotating rack with shelves or baskets.
  • When choosing a facade and table tops, the headset should stop on glossy surfaces - they reflect light that will make the room visually more spacious.
  • The facades of the headset in a small kitchen should not be deaf and closed - they are complemented by glass inserts, but of frosted glass, so that kitchen utensils can not be seen.

Make it functional and cozy you can any kitchen, even a small area. A significant role in the creation of the interior is played by the correctly selected kitchen set.

And the variety of materials, techniques and pleasant trifles on the market is so great now that it is not a sin to take advantage of this. It remains only to fantasize, and then to translate ideas into reality.

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