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It's easy to see that the appearance of curtains in the interior of the house indicates that the dwelling has a master or mistress. Every situation is illuminated with comfort and becomes alive when curtains appear in it. They say: the eyes are the mirror of the soul, the books are the soul of the house, continuing the logic of reasoning one can say that the curtains are the warm embraces of the house. Whatever the repair and furniture, the interior remains empty and lifeless until it is completed with drapes framing the windows.

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In order for the image of the house to become complete, it is necessary to choose not only the style of the curtains, the type of fabric, its decoration, but also to choose the color of the curtains, which is necessary for the harmonious completion of the interior ensemble.


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Color combinations

Where do the color combinations of curtains begin? With what exactly can they be combined, are there any rules? There are no special rules, it is best to rely on your own preferences. In the creation of any interior there is a certain accenting thing from which the entire situation "dances". For example, you can choose such a basic note chandelier, sofa, floor vase or kitchen set if you think about the color of curtains in the kitchen. This is not so important, the most important is that after such a choice of the main motive in the room you want to be, it becomes easier and you can relax. You can do based on the classical techniques and set the tone of the curtains in harmony with the walls.


How to choose the right colors for curtains

If the curtains are selected in harmony with the furniture, you can try a related-contrast combination, or akin to drawing on natural wood, beige, coffee-milk colors. This choice is practical in the event that it is not planned to change the furniture sets frequently enough. Read: Curtains Provence - photo ideas of beautiful design and combination in the interior


The same can be said about choosing the main color background of the wallpaper. Remarkable and win-win will look solid wallpaper and curtains. What is the charm? Due to the lack of details on the wallpaper and curtains, they are relegated to the background and allow to allocate furniture and other interior decoration items. This decision will not fail in any style of design from the classics to the eclectic creative organizations of space.


As much as monochrome curtains and wallpaper are good in the home, they will not let you down in the office. And then you do not have to forbid the rampage. Monochrome walls will support both pilasters and African masks and clay jugs.


An interesting option - to combine curtains with large interior items. It is especially convenient in this way to think through the design of the bedroom, choosing the main party bed, or chest of drawers, choosing the color of the cloth curtains for them.


For small design tricks there is always a fantasy field and with the help of an accent on curtains one can hide the shortcomings of repair or furnishings. Correctly using the color of curtains in the interior can completely distract attention from small holes in furniture and the like. Assistants will be bright colors of curtains, unusual prints, a cage, a strip of contrasting shades.


It happens that a person has doubts about the strength of his own taste, there is no craving for design, and professionals do not want to go or there is no possibility. There is a way out in this situation. The simplest solution is to use in the interior of one or two colors, or a black and white composition. It is impossible to lose by using only two colors. Monochrome interiors always look elegant and elegant, even if they do not abound in detail and creativity. Tidy, strict and tasteful.


To properly use the space of the room, you can choose between warm or cold tones. According to the laws of color, more precisely, of his visual perception, warm tones visually reduce space, cold, on the contrary, increase.


Color spectrum of curtains and its meaning

How to choose the color of curtains? Whatever councils filled your head, when the curtains are selected, you need to remember one very important detail. Curtains - this is the subject of the interior, which you will have to look at every day, and therefore it is worth to torment yourself with too poisonous, bright colors, although preferences are the most important. After all, the decoration of any house is a state of the soul of its owners, and therefore, to solve them.


1. White curtains increase the room and create a sense of purity and freshness. It is important to remember that too whitish whiteness is good for the hospital ward, and therefore, if it is a child, bedroom or kitchen, it is better to dilute the unbearable white with gentle pastel tones - pink, blue, magnolia or vanilla.


2. Yellow - the color of the sun, but because such curtains necessarily warm and illuminate with joyful emotions any room. With the yellow color, magnificent African design styles begin. Good yellow and for children, kitchens. Sun blinds in combination with the color of green grass - akin to a natural combination that is incredibly soothing. Orange and yellow are the colors of summer sunset, very relaxing and tune to dreams. Yellow and violet - a bright, contrasting combination. As with any contrast with this combination, you need to be careful and be able to withstand the color balance. Visually yellow seems more, purple - less, do not forget about it, choosing curtains.


3. Red curtains - aggressive and very rich choice, which is suitable for the kitchen, cabinet and bright living room. Red is dangerous, very close to bad taste, and therefore you need to carefully approach this choice. It is better to supplement it with related combinations - walnut, oak, mahogany. In combination with black - very carefully, you can turn into two movements a nice and cozy kitchenette or bedroom in a hellish waiting room. It is better for such an interior to consult a designer.


Correctly chosen color of curtains in the interior



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