How to choose the color of the kitchen

A harmonious color scheme, of course, is in many ways a subjective concept. Each person has his own, only his characteristic, the concept of harmony. Nevertheless, according to psychologists, certain combinations of colors in general and the combination of colors in the interior of the kitchen in particular have an important emotional function. If we take into account the fact that in the overwhelming majority of families the center of communication is the kitchen, it is easy to understand the significance of the color solution in this corner of the apartment.

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It should be noted that the choice of the color of the walls in the kitchen, the full design solution of the room is not limited. It is important that the color of the walls is in harmony with the shades of the ceiling, and the flooring, and the color of the facades of the kitchen set, and with all the elements of the decor. Naturally, the combination of colors in the kitchen should satisfy the aesthetic preferences of all interested family members. Take into account the need for and the influence of different colors, shades and halftones on the visual spatial perception of the room.


  • Colors and visual space of the room
  • What color to choose for the kitchen: a flight of fantasy
  • Kitchen in white colors - a symbol of purity
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Colors and visual space of the room

Numerous studies, tests and surveys indicate a direct relationship between the visible dimensions of the room and the colors used in the interior design. It is clear that to increase the optical size of the kitchen you should use colors that have the property of visual increase in volume. Unobtrusive light colors in the interior of the kitchen, pastel colors - this choice will be best for small room sizes. Spacious kitchens on the contrary will look much more comfortable with the use of dark and more saturated color scheme.


The visual perception of the dimensions of the room is affected not only by color. Of great importance is the size and direction of the decor elements. So a large picture visually reduces, and small - increases the size of the room. Horizontal lines and stripes expand the dimensions, but reduce the height of the room, vertical - on the contrary, raise the ceilings, but "squeeze" the interior space. Read: Stylish kitchens - 5 ideas on 110 photos. Original design projects for a stylish kitchen


What color to choose for the kitchen: a flight of fantasy

Essential help in choosing the color range can provide a photo of the colors of the kitchens, to find and explore which is not difficult. In this case, it is absolutely necessary to take into account additional factors:

  • the area of ​​the kitchen;
  • height of ceilings;
  • degree of natural light;
  • the arrangement of windows relative to the sides of the world.


As already noted above, small-sized kitchens are better to decorate in light and pastel colors and colors. To such colors it is possible to carry white, and also beige, blue, light green, yellow colors of different shades. These colors and competently integrated decorative elements in the interior can significantly expand the visual space of the kitchen.


If the kitchen is perceived to be too spacious, it can be given additional attractiveness and comfort with the use of intensive, saturated colors. Visually compress the space can all dark shades of brown, dark red, most of the dark shades of purple and blue, black. On the other hand, these colors, with prolonged exposure to vision, can cause feelings of depression and even lead to depression. Therefore, the choice of such colors in the interior of the kitchen should be applied with caution, combining them with other, more cheerful shades.


If everything suits the size of the kitchen, and there is no desire to make even purely visual changes in them, you should use a different combination of colors in the interior of the kitchen. It is generally known that gray and green colors do not affect the visual perception of the room volume.

Styled Provence

A very significant effect on what color to choose for the kitchen is provided by the degree of natural lighting of the kitchen space. Kitchens facing the south, south-east and south-west sides, as well as the houses on the upper floors and the premises that are not covered by plants receive much more sunlight. In the interior of such premises it is more logical to use colder colors, to which one can include gray, blue, blue, green, silver. Decorated with warm orange, yellow, light red tones, these colors will create a light and spacious interior. Read: Red kitchen (105 photos in the interior). A combination of bright colors in the kitchen.


The darkened, north facing rooms require another combination of colors in the kitchen. Here the colors of soft, warm, sunny tones will be more appropriate. Yellow, orange, red colors and derivatives from them - an ideal color solution for the kitchen, in which the sun rarely looks. As an option, you can use artificial lighting, although sunlight, of course, can not be completely replaced.


Kitchen in white colors - a symbol of purity

Special words deserve the design of kitchens with the predominant use of white. The white color of the walls in the kitchen is associated with cleanliness, freshness, a constant sense of novelty. Photo of the color of the kitchens, decorated in white, occupy almost half of the publications about the interiors.


In fact, the kitchen in white colors decorated with contrasting elements looks both luxurious and very gentle. In this case, for the decor of white, almost all colors and shades, both cold and warm spectrum, are suitable.

55 photos of correctly selected flowers in the interior of the kitchen



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