How to choose the perfect coffee machine

The choice of a coffee machine for a house depends on the budget, taste preferences and even the lifestyle of you and your household. First, we offer 4 questions that will help you decide on the type of equipment, and then you can learn more about the coffee maker / coffee machine that you are interested in.

  1. How much coffee do you drink? This is the first question you should ask yourself before buying a coffee machine or a coffee maker. If you like to drink a couple of large mugs at a time or you have a large family, then you should choose a device that can cook large volumes of the drink. A time-tested drip coffee machine is ideal for this purpose, because most of them are able to boil 10-12 cups per cycle. However, if you consume only one cup at a time, then you need a machine that brews coffee portion by piece.
  2. What kind of coffee do you like? Lovers of coffee are as diverse as the varieties themselves, and each type can be offered its own coffee machine / coffee maker. For example, a French press will satisfy a true gourmet, because it preserves all the shades of grain taste better than others. Geyser coffee makers will be ideal for fans of extra strong coffee. Fans of milk drinks (cappuccino, latte, cocoa, etc.) should buy a capsule coffee machine or an automatic coffee machine with a cappuccino. Well espresso lovers are recommended espresso machine carob type.
  3. How and when do I drink coffee? If you spend the morning most often in a hurry and hectic, a drip coffee maker with a mug with double walls made of stainless steel will allow you to quickly make coffee, but not drink it immediately, but when you are ready for it. Moreover, you can take the thermo mug with you and drink your portion of caffeine on the way or already at work.
  4. How big is my kitchen? Decide which place you can allocate for your coffee machine and, possibly, a stand-alone coffee grinder. If there is not much room, then you should look for a compact model with a built-in coffee grinder.

Now that you answered these four questions, let's look at the type of coffee machine that interested you in more detail.

Drip coffee machine

This is probably the most common type of coffee maker in the world, because they are so convenient, inexpensive and easy to use. Drip coffee machines can boil up to 12 cups in about 5-10 minutes. And although they receive bad reviews from the strict connoisseurs for the quality of cooking, for those who like coffee "American", and not espresso, does not drink exquisite varieties every day, a drip coffee maker will be an excellent choice.

Drip coffee machine

This "workhorse" is an ideal choice for large families and amateurs "Americano" (coffee in a large mug and not as strong as espresso)

Principle of operation: the water heated in the tank flows into the filter with ground coffee and drops into the jug.

How to use a drip coffee machine: all you need to do is fill the water tank, pour the ground grain into the filter, press a couple of buttons and voila, your coffee is ready!

How to choose a drip coffee machine:

  • It is desirable that the water tank is removable, not built-in so that you can clean it of scale.
  • The higher the power of the device, the faster coffee is brewed. On the other hand, the longer the cooking time, the stronger the coffee.
  • The filter in the drip coffee machine can be paper (disposable) or nylon (designed for 60 cycles). Paper filters are good because they are thrown together with the coffee grounds, it's better to filter the drink, but they do it a little longer, besides, they need to be bought separately and always have in stock.
  • Well, if your chosen model will provide for the heating of the jug to maintain the temperature of the finished drink. This function, as a rule, is for more expensive coffee makers (from 2500 rub.).
  • Drip coffee machine может иметь не только кофейный фильтр, но и фильтр для воды.
  • Note also the option "Drop-stop". Thanks to it, after removing the jug on the pallet, the coffee remains from the filtration part of the device will not drip.
  • Some models allow you to adjust the strength of the drink, which is always good.
  • It is convenient, when the measuring scale is calculated in milliliters, and not in cups, as it often happens. Before buying a coffee maker, make sure that there is a graduated calibration at both the tank and the pitcher.
  • A glass jug should be equipped with a rim, designed to protect the container from breaking.
  • For two people you can buy a mini-model, which serves coffee simultaneously in two mugs, not in one pitcher.

Prices: the most simple models can cost from 1000 rubles, coffee makers of the "premium" class - from 2500 rubles.

In the next video you can see an overview of 4 models of drip coffee type.

Geyser coffee maker

The good old method of brewing coffee in a geyser coffee maker on the stove still remains popular among coffee makers. The reason for this is in the cheapness and simplicity of the design and, of course, in the strength of the drink, which it turns out to achieve.

  • Coffee from a geyser coffee machine is somewhat richer in taste than coffee from a drip coffee machine, but still not better than an espresso machine.
  • Geyser coffee maker на плите
  • Geyser coffee maker с готовым кофе

The drawback of geyser coffee pots is that they require attention during coffee brewing and a small volume of the tank. In fact, a geyser coffee machine is a device for one or two people. Cook several cups of coffee for guests will be quite difficult. However, to weld a drink less than the volume provided by the manufacturer, too, will not work.

Principle of operation: when water boils at the bottom of the jug, it under pressure rises to the middle part with ground coffee, passes through it and finally, the drink gets to the top of the coffee pot.

How to use the geyser coffee machine: fill the bottom compartment with water, and fill the middle with coffee (medium grind), then assemble parts of the coffee machine and put it on the stove. After 3-4 minutes, as soon as steam comes out of the nozzle or the hiss begins to sound, remove the coffee pot from the plate and enjoy your drink. The main trick is not to over-rest your coffee and not bring it to a boil, otherwise the taste will turn out to be bitter.

  • Electric geyser coffee makers do not even require a plate, they heat up and turn off automatically.

How to choose a geyser coffee machine:

  • Volume is the first criterion for choosing a geyser coffee machine. Consider that one "Italian" cup, which is most often measured by the volume of coffee pots, is only 50 ml, that is, only a quarter of a standard cup.
  • The degree of readiness of the drink is more convenient to determine if the bulb is glass, and not metallic.
  • The function of maintaining the temperature of coffee will give you the opportunity to drink a hot drink not immediately, but within 30 minutes after its preparation.
  • For an induction cooker, it is necessary to purchase a coffee pot specially designed for this purpose.
  • The handle of the device should be made of heat-insulating material.

Prices: 1200-4000 rubles (the price of standard geyser coffee makers) and 4000-8000 rub. (the cost of electrical models).

Horn coffee machine (semiautomatic espresso machine)

Boil an ideal espresso, cappuccino or latte at home can be in the carob espresso machine, which is also called semi-automatic or manual. Such an aggregate is expensive, but due to more efficient extraction of coffee requires a third less grains.

Espresso machine

  • Carob espresso machines are separately standing and built into the kitchen set.

Principle of operation: in a semi-automatic coffee machine, the drink is not boiled with boiling water, but with water vapor passing through a layer of ground coffee, compacted in the horn, under high pressure (9-15 bar).

Ground coffee in a horn

In many ways, the taste of espresso from a carob depends on how the ground coffee has been compacted in the horn. By the way, you can experiment with the taste of the drink, changing the force of pressing the temperature

How to use a carob espresso machine: first you need to fill the boiler with water. Then the ground coffee is poured into a specially designed horn (Holder, Port Filter), it is manually tamped with a tempera in the "tablet" and inserted into the brewing group. Next, you only need to start the car and wait about a half minute, when the drink will pour out into a pre-prepared cup.

  • Most espresso machines can prepare not only espresso, but milk froth for cappuccino or latte with a hand (panarello) or automatic cappuccino, which whisk the milk (see the wiki).

In the next video you can see how to make cappuccino with a semi-automatic coffee machine with a manual capucciator panarello.

How to choose a coffee machine (semiautomatic) type:

  • The horn in the espresso machine can be metal or plastic. The metal horn is not only safer, but also better for extracting coffee. Espresso, brewed in a plastic port filter, will be weaker.
  • The machine must have an automatic overheat protection option that extends the life of the unit and protects you from burns.
  • It is desirable that your hand held coffee machine has the function of maintaining the temperature of the finished beverage.
  • The presence of two pumps allows you to simultaneously prepare cappuccino and espresso.
  • The coffee machine must have a drip tray.
  • A useful option for the carob coffee maker is the possibility of brewing not only ground beans, but also chalds (pictured). and offered a - a "pill" of filter paper and "filling" of portioned ground and pressed coffee. One pod corresponds to 1 cup of the drink. Espresso, cooked from the chalde, is very tasty, and the process of brewing coffee becomes easier.
  • Chalda in the hornChalda in the horn
  • and offered aand offered a

Price: from 8 to 70 thousand rubles, depending on the capacity, the volume of the reservoir for water and functional.

Automatic coffee machine

If the previous types of coffee makers require your participation / control, then the automatic coffee machine can weld the perfect drink practically without you. At what it performs a full cycle of work - from grinding grain coffee to self-cleaning. The only drawback of an automatic coffee machine - a high price (on average - $ 650).

automatic coffee machine

  • The process of preparing 1 serving (from grinding to spilling) takes only 30-40 seconds.

How to use the automatic coffee machine: fill in the coffee beans, pour water, select the strength of the drink, set the desired number of portions and turn on the unit. In half a minute your ideal home-made espresso will be ready.

Below is a video review of the fully automatic coffee machine of the middle price category of KAFFITCOM.

How to choose an automatic coffee machine: in fact, all automatic coffee machines are similar and brewed coffee is almost equally good. Models of different price categories differ only in design, size and a set of functions.

  • So, for example, the cheapest coffee machine in 2016 Philips Series 2000 HD8649 does not have a fortress regulator, cooks only cereal coffee and only espresso (however, you can make milk drinks manually with the built-in cappuccino). And here is one of the most expensive coffee machines for home Delonghi ESAM 6904 has an LCD display, touch buttons, two fuser, allows you to choose the height of the foam and can cook even hot chocolate at the touch of a button. However, the coffee they cook is about the same quality and at the same speed.

Therefore, you need to choose the unit based on the price-functional relationship. Under "other equal conditions" it is worth giving preference to a machine with a metal casing, a ceramic coffee grinder, a higher cup height, greater pressure and power. Before buying, be sure to try the capuchin tube, open / close the water / grain / cake containers, press the buttons.

Prices: from 20 thousand rubles.

Капсульная кофемашина

Capsule coffee maker is the best choice for those who like espresso and drinks with foam, but do not want to: spend a lot of money to buy a coffee machine, independently brew coffee in any kind of coffee maker or just do not like to clean the parts.

  • Capsule coffee makers are designed for brewing coffee only from batch capsules and chalde. They are very convenient both in the preparation of drinks and in cleaning. To keep the device in order, you need only once every three months to start a "cooking" cycle with a special cleaning tablet.

Капсульная кофемашина

However, capsule coffee machines, firstly, can weld only one cup per cycle, and secondly, somewhat restrict the choice of varieties (although there are many varieties of capsules). And thirdly, require the purchase of coffee in specialized stores. In addition, foam for cappuccino and latte is made from powdered milk and packaged also in a separate capsule. It turns out that for the preparation of cappuccino you will have to use two capsules, which is not too economical. The taste of these drinks, of course, loses drinks from the coffee machine.

Principle of operation: the capsule is punctured, the coffee is mixed by a stream of air, then the water comes under pressure from the coffee compartment.

How to use a capsule coffee machine: all you need to do is insert the capsule in a special compartment, fill the reservoir with water and press the start button.

How to choose a capsule coffee maker: tips for choosing a capsule coffee maker and the capsules themselves can be found in the following video story.

But a video review of the popular capsule model Nescafe Dolce Gusto krups kp 2205 melody 3.

Price: 3000-19000 rub.

And finally, we offer to see a general video on how to choose the right coffee / coffee machine for home.

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