How to choose the size of a kitchen table

When choosing a table for a kitchen, it is necessary to take into account:

  • style of the room and its dimensions;
  • purchase budget;
  • number of family members.

But the main thing is all the same dimensions. Choosing a kitchen table, you need to focus on the standard, based on the rules of ergonomics, because on average it will be used for 7-9 years, and it should be convenient to use. Let's find out how being in the store you can determine the optimal size of the main object in the kitchen.

What sizes are considered standard

Serving table

  • To calculate the size of the dining table, you need to use the following rule: for each person for a comfortable meal should have a surface of at least 60 * 40 cm (width and depth, respectively).
  • And in the middle there must necessarily be at least 20 cm of free space for common serving items (salad bowls or vases with flowers). Therefore, the minimum width is 80-85 cm, and the length is selected depending on the number of diners and kitchen area.

The standard form is a rectangle that can comfortably accommodate four people. In this case, the height is 75 cm, the length is 100-120 cm, and the width is 80 cm.

Standard dining table

But you can choose a folding or sliding structure, where the width and length of the table top will vary, and at the transformer tables, even the height will change. The sliding table is able to turn from a standard table to 2-4 persons - in a full-fledged dining table with a tabletop up to 3 meters long. In the photo below, the folding version of Ikea, the Ingatorp model for 4-6 persons.

IKEA INGATORP sliding table

Dimensions and capacity of a rectangular and square table

Kitchen tables - square and rectangular

Rectangular kitchen table is considered the most convenient for daily use. Choosing a medium-sized model (about 90 * 150 cm), you will provide comfortable seating for 6-10 people. The ratio of capacity and size is as follows:

  • 150 * 90 cm - 4-6;
  • 200 * 110 cm - up to 8;
  • 260 * 110 cm - up to 10;
  • 320 * 110 cm - up to 12.

Be sure to take into account and the area of ​​the kitchen, because the dining table will be convenient to use only in the case when the chairs will be pushed back without problems, and the passage between the dining room and other furniture will be comfortable - it is desirable to maintain this distance of at least 100 cm.

Convenient location of the table in the kitchenTable location in the dining room

For example, from the wall to the countertop there should be at least 90 cm of free space, then it will be convenient to sit here. And if you decide to move the table to the wall with a long side, then four people will be placed behind it, provided that the dimensions of the tabletop are 80x120 cm. By placing the "rectangle" with the short side, you will get 5 seats, and pushing it to the middle of the room - 6.

Rectangular table, attached to the wall with a long sideRectangular kitchen table with a short side to the wallRectangular kitchen table for 6 people

Note that stationary rectangular models are usually quite bulky, and therefore for a small room the folding variant is best.

Very convenient to use folding tables of small sizes from Ikea (pictured below).

Folding table Ikea in the interior of a small kitchenFolding table Ikea Ingatorp in the interior of a small kitchen in Khrushchev

Perhaps the most compact, but roomy, is a square table. Especially this form is relevant for small kitchens, kitchen-living rooms with a dedicated dining area and for small kitchen-dining rooms, since square tables of any size economically relate to the space. So, for a daily family of four people, a square with a size of 90 * 90 cm for 4 persons is enough. The photo below shows the square tables in the interiors of small kitchens.

Square table in the interior of the kitchenSquare table in the interior of the kitchen

But a square kitchen table of small sizes in the interior of the living-dining room.

Square table in the interior of the living-dining room

In spacious rooms, a large square table is suitable, designed for 8 people, as in the next photo.

Large square table for 8 people

Dimensions of round and oval table

For a round dining table, there is a slightly different standard:

  • Diameter 110 cm - no more than 4 people;
  • 130 cm - 6 people;
  • 150 cm - 8;
  • 170 cm - up to 10.
Round dining table for 10 peopleRound table in the interior of classic cuisineRound table in the interior of the kitchen-dining room

This option will look traditional, exquisite, in addition, the round table has no corners, so it is shown for families with children. But it has a lower capacity compared to rectangular structures. However, in this segment, you can also choose folding and sliding structures, and tables-transformers.

Small Round Sliding Kitchen Table

To save space, the round table is placed in a corner and placed closer to the wall.

Round table in the corner of the kitchenSmall round table for 2 people

For small kitchens are more suitable semi-circular options - such as the following photos:

Semicircular table in the interior of a small kitchenSemicircular table in the interior of a small kitchen

Oval structures can rightly be called the most practical - they look more original than rectangular, and more convenient to use than round ones.

Oval table in the interior of the kitchen-dining room

In addition, there are no sharp corners with full preservation of the useful area of ​​the countertop, which ensures safety for families with small children. However, if such a model is longer than one and a half meters, it will still take quite a bit of free space. In small kitchens, most often oval tables are equipped with a comfortable kitchenette as in the photo below.

Oval table in the interior of a small kitchen

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