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Designers know that no matter what the curtains perform, the main role in the color palette of the room. Fitted correctly and tastefully, they are ready to transform even the most gloomy style of design, or, on the contrary, dilute the very bright. However, to choose suitable curtains, this is fifty percent success. You should still hang them. Take a closer look at the photo, how to hang curtains, so that they will gladden the look.


There are many options to hang curtains. Along with classical and simple, there are more advanced ones that require certain knowledge and fundamentals. For this reason, it is rational to analyze the two main methods of placing curtains.


  • Fastening of curtains to the cornice
  • Ways of hanging curtains, the most common ones
  • Roll curtains - mounts
  • Photos examples of how to properly hang curtains

Fastening of curtains to the cornice

How correctly to hang curtains? The number one method is to hang curtains on the cornice. It is considered classic and easy, but having a wide range of modern devices for keeping curtains can put you at a dead end. To prevent this from happening, it is important to observe a couple of conditions for making the right decision.


How nice to hang curtains? Initially, you need to understand what you want to get as a result. If it's curtains from one single piece of cloth, then a single bar is enough. Two guides are needed, if desired, hang the tulle on the window. And if you mean a complete complex of curtains with the use of lambrequin - three or more.


The second step, the choice is the length of the cornice. Here, the individual requirements of the desired appearance are also taken into account. If only the window area is curtained, you will need a cornice 5cm longer than the width of the window on each side. If you want to curtain the wall where the window is located completely here will be taken length minus 5-10 cm from each edge.


The next step is to fix the cornice to the wall. To do this, holes for dowel-nails are perforated. Before you start drilling, you need to make a markup. Having made marks with a pencil with the same interval from a ceiling to that place where the cornice will be fastened. If everything is done correctly, you will get a smooth, securely fixed cornice. Read: Modern curtains - the best selection of 2017 with a photo and description


And the final stroke, to measure the height of the potential curtains. It is made from fixing on the cornice to the floor. In addition to height, the width of the curtain can be measured according to the cornice. To obtain abundant folds, the width of the curtain increases at least one and a half meters more.


Ways of hanging curtains, the most common ones

Curtains fixed on the eyelets. This method implies that the cornice is passed through the curtain through special round holes in the canvas, which are called eyelets. This method is well proven for hanging heavy curtains, thanks to the strength of the holes. Another important advantage is the protection of curtains from leaks, which increases the service life.


How nice to hang curtains? To do this, use rings. Finished curtains are mainly sold already complete with rings, just sew them to the curtain. Such curtains are the simplest of the mounting options. When observing an even interval between the fastenings on the fabric, beautiful waves are produced.


Roll curtains - mounts

This type of curtains, is densely able to close directly the opening of the window. They are not hung on the cornice, but are attached to a special glue in the upper part of the opening. Now you know how to hang roller blinds.


Mounting roller blinds is easy and fast installation. You will need 15-20 minutes and on your window there will be an excellent curtain.


The technology of fastening roll curtains is as follows:

1. Take a special glue intended for these purposes, shake it well and evenly apply it to the upper part of the window opening. By measuring the width of the adhesive strip with the width of the curtain.

2. Gradually press the glued tightly to the surface of the window. After the sheet is glued it should be held for about 5 more minutes. No need to worry that the curtain will fall off, as the glue almost instantly grasps. Read: Curtains in the nursery in the nautical style - the best interesting ideas on 50 photos


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