How to make the kitchen more spacious

Most urban residents have to settle for small kitchens, the area of ​​which significantly limits the use of the premises. However, we should not take this state of affairs as a given - the space of even the smallest kitchen can be "increased" if it is wisely to approach the issue. Begin to "stretch" the room should be at the stage of its planning.

malenkaya kuxnyaThe most suitable choice for a small kitchen is a set in light colors

It may be necessary to sacrifice some elements of the interior for the sake of space expansion - this could be a wall, a full-fledged dining table, some household appliances. There are tried and tested techniques that will allow you to turn the kitchen from a close closet into a comfortable and comfortable room for cooking, gathering with family and tea parties with friends.

Choosing compact furniture for a small kitchen

By equipping a small kitchen, you should abandon the massive furniture, which takes up too much space, and at the same time is not particularly functional. In such a room, there is no place for decorative sideboards and showcases with exquisite services on display. It is necessary to choose a compact set, each shelf of which will be the most useful and popular.

malenkaya kuxnya2Space in a compact kitchen should be maximized

It is advisable to give preference to a model with a height to the ceiling - so you can win even more storage space for various kitchen utensils, without encroaching on the precious square meters of the kitchen.

If you adhere to some rules, choosing furniture, you will be able to completely transform and "expand" even the closest kitchen:

  • Kitchen set, made in light colors, looks less cumbersome. It is desirable that it merge with the color of the walls.
  • An excellent solution for the arrangement of a small kitchen will be the purchase of transparent furniture (table, bar and even chairs made of plastic), which seems almost weightless.
  • At least one piece of furniture in a small kitchen should reach the maximum. So he will draw attention to the top of the room, and visually "lift" the ceiling.
  • Furniture should be as small as possible. Preference should be given to the maximum functionality of each piece of furniture. The abundance of small-sized furniture creates an effect of disorder in the kitchen, so it should be a minimum amount.
  • Sliding and folding furniture designs can significantly save space.
  • Saves the space in the kitchen will also help the doors of the headset, which have an unusual shape - they can move sideways, up, folded accordion. Such doors provide more opportunities and freedom when planning a kitchen.
  • Another great solution is the use of open shelves, which are more ergonomic.

Advice! Ideal solution for storing things in a small kitchen - all sorts of built-in shelving, basement boxes and high cabinets.

malenkaya kuxnya3Small kitchen with furniture up to the ceiling

Using a light color scheme in the interior

It has long been known that light shades help visually "expand" a small space, they fill it with light, make objects more lightweight and weightless. If the kitchen is small, the light colors on it should predominate. Light should be walls, ceiling and even the floor. It is desirable that all furniture, including a kitchen set, also be as light as possible.

malenkaya kuxnya4Light and cozy small kitchen

To the room did not resemble a hospital ward and did not look too sterile, it is necessary to use inclusions of bright, contrasting colors - but there should be few. By equipping a small kitchen, it is not recommended to choose finishing materials and furniture facades of juicy, saturated shades. It should be remembered that such colors visually approximate objects, and therefore make the room even closer.

malenkaya kuxnya5Compact kitchen with a bright accent

Choice of curtains and curtains for a small kitchen

Choosing curtains or curtains for such a kitchen, it is recommended to give preference to translucent lightweight textiles that pass sunlight well. It is desirable that these curtains were short and reach to the window sill, and not to the floor.

Also it is quite possible to manage one light curtain - it can be collected in the middle by a beautiful brooch or pick-up. In the interior of a small kitchen, it will look good to have a long gauze on the windows, which flows downwards with thin threads and practically does not limit the flow of daylight.

malenkaya kuxnya6Short translucent curtains will be the best option for a small kitchen

An excellent solution will also be light light blinds, or a Roman curtain of a light shade. If necessary, they fully open the window, because of what the room seems more spacious and light. If the interior of the kitchen is made in such modern styles as minimalism or hi-tech, then it is better to abandon the use of curtains or curtains.

malenkaya kuxnya7Roman blind in a small kitchen

Advice! To the room does not look littered and even closer, do not use the sill, as a stand for numerous flower pots.

Use of built-in home appliances

Built-in home appliances - this is a very practical solution that helps to significantly optimize the space of a small kitchen, make it more functional and compact. It should be installed in the most convenient places all appliances: hide in a special niche oven, set the hob, instead of a full plate (it can be a two-burner). In the high cabinet-pencil case you should hide the refrigerator and dishwasher.

malenkaya kuxnya8Built-in home appliances great solution for a small kitchen

Built-in home appliances do not just take up little space in the kitchen. It is practically invisible, does not violate the integrity of the kitchen set. Most devices are safely hidden under the worktops and behind the doors of the cabinets, without disturbing the harmony of the design. In doing so, use them as conveniently as with conventional household appliances.

malenkaya kuxnya9Washing machine is hidden behind the door of the kitchen unit

Advice! To add an additional volume to the room will help point lights located under the open shelves.

Redevelopment of a small kitchen

It may be necessary to resort to some radical measures - for example, to remove the wall between the kitchen and the living room, or to expand the room by combining it with the balcony. It is also possible to equip a large arch instead of an ordinary door. There are different ways to redevelop small rooms, you just need to choose the most optimal one.

malenkaya kuxnya10The kitchen combined with the living room is an excellent option for expanding the space

It is also very important to choose the right arrangement of the kitchen set, which directly affects the ergonomics of the room. The most convenient layout, which is suitable for kitchens of any size, is the L-shaped layout (it is also called the corner). It fits perfectly into a room of square or rectangular shape.

malenkaya kuxnya11L-shaped layout of the kitchen unit

Another version of the arrangement of a close space is a linear, or direct planning, in which the suite is located along one of the walls of the kitchen. For small rooms, the island and U-shaped layouts are categorically not suitable, which take up too much free space.

malenkaya kuxnya12Linear layout for a small kitchen

 Use of multifunctional shelves, lockers and rails

Each hostess appreciates the comfort and convenience in the house, especially in the kitchen, which should be as comfortable as possible. The order, functionality and practicality in this room are very important. Provide all this will help railing, thanks to which all the essentials will always be at hand, the space will be perfectly organized and the mess will disappear.

malenkaya kuxnya13Reiling - the best option for storing kitchen utensils in a small kitchen.

Built-in lockers, multifunctional shelves, niches, storage compartments help to organize the space in such a way that all the most necessary and important is always at hand, without cluttering the kitchen. Railings are needed to ensure that such items are always located right in front of the eyes, at arm's length.

malenkaya kuxnya14Reiling near the sink with a set of scoops and ladles

Advantages of rails in front of regular shelves and drawers:

  • they have more affordable value;
  • They are sold complete with numerous accessories;
  • easy and simple to install in any place, regardless of the layout of the kitchen and its dimensions;
  • they can withstand solid loads;
  • thanks to fittings, fit into any interior and style of the kitchen;
  • significantly increase the functionality of the kitchen and make it more convenient;
  • do not take up much space.

Where is the best place to place the railing system in order to make it as functional as possible?

People who often use food film can install a special holder with a jagged texture that helps to smoothly peel off the film, foil, baking paper, etc. Wine lovers will definitely like the bottle holder and the hanging bar.

malenkaya kuxnya15Hanging bar in a compact kitchen.

The holder for knives, side dishes, ladles must be placed above the working surface. Next to the plate, you should install a rail with holders for noise, blades, tack, spice containers, lighters.

malenkaya kuxnya16A small light kitchen has a knife holder

Near the sink it is necessary to arrange a rail with holders for paper and wafer towels, hanging drying for plates, sponges and household chemicals. The lid holder is better to install near the stove. A special shelf should be allocated for cutting boards. To ensure that the wine glasses and cups are always at hand, you need to fix the rail with hooks directly under the hanging locker headset, retreating from it about 5-7 cm.

malenkaya kuxnya17Reiling with holder for paper towels, cups and other kitchen utensils

Advice! The less used kitchen items, the farther away from the work surface should be the rails with holders for them.

Arrangement of a dining table in a small kitchen

A table is one of the central elements of any kitchen. Complete with chairs, it takes up a lot of space, but without it in such a room you can not do without. Fortunately, there are a lot of design tricks that allow you to skillfully write a dining table in the interior of even the closest cuisine.

malenkaya kuxnya21Folding table attached to the window sill

One of them is the use of a round table that occupies much less space than square and rectangular models. The design of the table can be folding. An ordinary rectangular table can be simply pushed close to the wall, or set in the corner of the kitchen.

small kitchen18Round table in small kitchen

If there is a need to save space in the room to the maximum, you can equip the kitchen in the bar, which will simultaneously serve as a dining table. This design is very compact and takes up little space. Right below it you can install niches and shelves for storing kitchen utensils.

malenkaya kuxnya19Bar counter instead of a dining table, save space in a small kitchen

Another way - arrangement of the table with a folding board, attached to a wide window sill. Perhaps, this is the ideal solution when it comes to the need to expand the space of a small kitchen.

malenkaya kuxnya20Save space with a desk-board

Competent use of space in the kitchen real photo examples

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