Indoor flowers and plants for the kitchen - choose

Indoor plants and flowers in the interior of the kitchen is always beautiful and useful - they refresh the air and add coziness, colors, make it habitable. But the kitchen - not the best place for breeding a home garden because of sudden temperature changes, an abundance of fatty vapors and high humidity. Therefore, choosing indoor plants and flowers for the kitchen, do not rely only on their beautiful appearance. After all, the flower that you like in the store can be completely unfit for living in the conditions of this room.

But still, there are several plants and indoor flowers that can and should be grown in the kitchen. Let's figure out what plants and flowers are in the room, how to take care of them and where to put them.

10 ideal houseplants for the kitchen (decorative and deciduous)

So, for the greening of the kitchen only drought-resistant, resistant to temperature changes, which do not require copious spraying, hothouse conditions and complex plant care are suitable.

Here is a list of indoor plants that are great for keeping in the kitchen:

10 best plants for the kitchen

  1. Chlorophytums;
  2. Aglaonemes;
  3. Epipremnum (Scindapsus golden);
  4. Sanseviri;
  5. Zmiyokulkasy;
  6. Aspedistra;
  7. Cacti;
  8. Tolstyanki (red);
  9. Philodendrons;
  10. Nolines (bokarnee).

Chlorophytum in this list is in the first place not only because of its unpretentiousness, but also the ability to clean and moisturize the air. It is so good that he is called an ambulance of the air and even in spaceships where it is impossible to ventilate the space. Therefore, in the presence of plastic kitchen furniture, for example, from chipboard, and gas stove, it is recommended to get them, and one flower for the kitchen will be enough. In addition, in the period of flowering, small and delicate white flowers grow in chlorophytum.


All indoor plants in the interior of the kitchen look harmonious and immediately make it more comfortable. Chlorophytum is no exception.

Plants in the interior of the kitchen - chlorophytum

Put it on top of the headset, high on the shelf or plant in a suspended pot any where, but not in the shade. A half-shadow is acceptable, but remember that the closer to the light it will grow, the brighter its leaves will be.

Chlorophytum - как содержать

The next favorite for the kitchen is Aglaonema, once famed for her "role" friend of the protagonist of the film "Leon". This evergreen herb like chlorophytum perfectly cleans the air, but worse tolerates temperature changes and needs more air humidity.


Aglaonema with green leaves can be placed in the depths of the kitchen, and plants with variegated leaves should be kept closer to the window, but not under the direct rays of the sun. The leaves need to be cleaned regularly from dust, which is not so difficult, since they are relatively wide.

Here's how this homemade plant looks in the interior of the kitchen.

Plants in the interior of the kitchen - aglanomea

The next popular species is the epipremnum (golden sildapsus). It is also referred to as the category of air-cleansing and unpretentious plants, and therefore suitable for the kitchen. In contrast to the first two kitchen houseplants, scindapsus is an evergreen tropical liana growing to 1.5 m in length.

Stsindapsus (Epipremnum)

It can be grown almost anywhere, as it is tolerant of temperature changes and even artificial lighting, which, however, makes it completely green. Where to put it? The best place in the top of the kitchen set, on the shelf of the cupboard, in a hanging pot, etc. Of course, long indoor plants in the interior of the cuisine in the style of Provence look most organic.

Plants in the interior of the kitchen - Stsindapsus (Epipremnum)

But in any other style from the classics to the Scandinavian minimalism epipremnum will be appropriate.

Plants in the interior of the kitchen - Stsindapsus (Epipremnum)

Now let's talk about 4 participants in the list of the best plants for the kitchen - sansevierii, which is also known as "tawny tongue" or "pike tail".


Due to its bright color and the shape of the leaves resembling kelp or flame of fire, in the interior of the kitchen of any style the "pike tail" looks very impressive, and with great growth it can play the role of an accent. In all modern styles - Scandinavian, minimalism, high-tech, modern and loft Sansevieria maintains the restraint of lines and shapes, as seen in the photo below.

Plants in the interior of the kitchen - sansevieriya

Plants in the interior of the kitchen - a pike tail

But it can fit into the kitchen interior in a classic style.

Plants in the interior of the kitchen in the classical style - sansevieriya

We examined only the most popular plants, because in one article you can not tell about all 10 species from our list. But zmiokulkasy, cacti, philodendrons and other specimens are no less interesting. Therefore, we recommend that you learn more about the topic of "kitchen botany" in special books and video lessons. In the meantime, we look at plants and flowers in the interior of the kitchen in these photos (scroll right).

  • Plants in the interior of the kitchen
  • Plants in the interior of the kitchen
  • Plants in the interior of the kitchen
  • Plants in the interior of the kitchen
  • Plants in the interior of the kitchen
  • Plants in the interior of the kitchen

10 ideal indoor flowers for the kitchen

What other indoor plants are suitable for decorating the kitchen? Of course, this room flowers, that is, beautifully flowering houseplants - more capricious and demanding of lighting, temperature, humidity and watering. But for the right care in the flowering period, they will fully thank you with beautiful blossoming buds. Here is a list of indoor flowers that are suitable for keeping in the kitchen.

10 best indoor flowers for the kitchen

  1. Spathiphyllum;
  2. Hoya carnosa (waxy ivy);
  3. Killers;
  4. Orchid falenopsis;
  5. Room hibiscus;
  6. Cenpolia, violet;
  7. Hyacinths;
  8. Geranium;
  9. Euvira;
  10. Begonia.

From this list in our country the most popular kitchen beauties can be called geranium and orchid.

Let's start with the world's popular geranium. This unpretentious, beautiful and at the same time very useful flower, about which you can write more than one article. Home geraniums are conventionally divided into 2 groups - fragrant and beautifully flowering. Fragrant species of geraniums have small nondescript flowers, but they perfectly smell of apple, rose, nutmeg and other smells depending on the species. Beautifully flowered, have large inflorescences and different colors. Varieties of geraniums are very many and they all differ leaflets, which are also beautiful in themselves, the size of the inflorescences, the color and nuances of care.


These familiar flowers for us in the interior of the kitchen in any style look very nice.

Geranium в интерьере кухни

And here are the orchids in the interior of the kitchen. Perhaps, it is most often possible to discern it in different design photographs, it can, perhaps, compete with her only hydrangea.

She will feel great on the windows facing east or west. The flower loves heat and light very much, but it does not tolerate direct sunlight. Even when the plant is blooming, it will continue to please you with green leaves. Or you can put an orchid in a transparent pot - so that you can see the ground and the bizarre shape of the roots.


  • Orchid в интерьере кухни
  • Orchid в интерьере кухни
  • Orchid в интерьере кухни

No less popular flowers in the interior of the kitchen are:

  • Senpolia, violet, begonia, spathiphyllum, calanchoe and hyacinths.
  • Flowers in the interior of the kitchen
  • Flowers in the interior of the kitchen
  • Flowers in the interior of the kitchen
  • Flowers in the interior of the kitchen
  • Flowers in the interior of the kitchen

How and where to keep flowers in the kitchen correctly

Determining which plants are best for your kitchen is best, you need to take into account the lighting of the room. For the northern side, shade-tolerant specimens are selected - the same sansevieri, zamiokulkasy, ficus with dense green leaves. And for a well-lit kitchen you can choose a palm tree, hibiscus, croton or even an orchid.

Lighting in the kitchen and growing plants

The most important rule is to learn about the requirements of plants for care, even before purchasing. So you avoid unnecessary waste and disappointment.

Even the most unpretentious flowers in the kitchen will not hold out long if they are placed incorrectly. Here are the following recommendations:

  1. Near the shell, the plants are not placed - none of them will stand the constant spray of fat and soapy water.
  2. Flowers in the kitchen should match the dimensions of the room - the larger the room, the more large copies in it will be appropriate.
  3. Do not forget that decorative-deciduous trees are often more unpretentious than blooming ones. And the latter are very sensitive to lack of light.
  4. Near the stove, above the burners, near the window opened for airing (in winter), flowers can not be placed.
  5. At the top, air is the driest, so the plants located here will have to be watered and sprinkled more often.

Plants and flowers on top

  1. Strongly smelling flowers - not the best choice for this room, but fragrant spices will prove to be the most appropriate.
  2. Potted plants can be decorated and dinner table - only better to prefer a miniature and fully healthy specimen.

Indoor flowers and plants on the table

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A few more ways to green the kitchen

The most luxurious flowers in the interior of the kitchen are beautifully flowering specimens that decorate the windowsill: begonia and senpolia, kalachik (geranium), primula, azalea. To accommodate in the center of the dining group, the Scheffler and Drazene are suitable.

Beautifully flowered houseplants for the kitchen

Coffee trees, decorative pepper, miniature pomegranate or an impressive lemon tree will harmoniously complement the kitchen stylistics. In a small distance from the sink (so that the spray of the detergent does not fall on the plants), you can have kalatheia, balm or mantle.

Enough light, but do not want to water the plants often? It is worth paying attention to succulents - cacti, agaves, aloe, fatty or spathiphyllum.

Succulents, zmioculcas, cacti, peas, aloe vera, sansevieria in the kitchen

If there is no hood in the room, and the problem is solved by frequent airing, then the suitable flowers are Zebrinum, Tradescantia, Chlorophytum, Scindapsus, Hypoesthesia, Begonia. All these plants are impervious to drafts.

Flowers in the interior of the kitchen can be located in the form of an impressive green oasis. If the room is spacious, then the basis of such a composition will be large plants in tubs - hibiscus, monstera, ficus, yucca, dracaena.

If the kitchen is decorated with racks and shelves, the green decor will be ampel plants - such as ivy, passionflower, Tradescantia, scindapsus or chlorophytum. For plants in this group, you can also make special decorative stands or pendants. And do not forget that the kitchen is a place where you can grow spicy herbs - mint and watercress, dill and parsley, thyme and basil.

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