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The question of how to equip the interior of a small kitchen, for sure, interests everyone who has started repairing in their own small dwelling. In fact, it is very important to decide in advance. As well as what will be done, after all, practicality and comfort are very important here! So that you can enjoy ready-made solutions, be inspired by ideas, look at the photo of the interiors of small kitchens offered on our website.


Many owners of small kitchens believe that it is enough to use small furniture to successfully create such a room, the walls must be white, and accessories - of small sizes, and due to all this, the room will appear to be visually larger. In fact, all this is used immediately - not necessarily! So, professional designers own certain subtleties, cunnings in the issue of interior design, allowing you to create your own, unique interiors.


Interior design of a small kitchen - choice of colors and patterns

In fact, it is possible to enlarge the space visually very well, by "stretching" the space. To do this, you can use different tricks, for example:

  • Use a neutral color scheme, because it is able to reflect colors, as well as stretch the boundaries. This means that you can absolutely not afraid to make walls in light colors. And for interesting design, you can add dark or colored accents.
  • It's great when the room is very bright, with both natural and artificial light. This issue is very important, the more, if the color is deep enough, and also saturated. Curtains choose light colors, half transparent. Also it is possible to equip a lot of fixtures of local type. An excellent variant of improvement of LED lighting. But the glossy surfaces of furniture are able to perfectly reflect the light, so that the small kitchen is visually, it seems more.
  • A small kitchen can be combined with an adjacent room / hallway. This option is especially appropriate if the rooms do not have a door. The walls in both rooms make sense to paint / coat with similar colors. This nuance will allow the visual room to look like a single whole.
  • Creating an interior, use textile products of light color, pastel tones, with soft prints. So you will make the effect, as if the transition is soft and smooth. As for bright contrasting colors, they certainly immediately attract attention to themselves and, at the same time, make it so that the room seemed smaller.
  • The same goes for when talking about not using more than two colors in the interior. If the visual space is simply decorated, it seems more spacious and broad.
  • Do not use too bright and in lots of patterns. Well, if you really need a pattern / picture on wallpaper, or textiles, choose the most pale option. It will look great relief relief type of ornament, matched in tone to the base.

Furniture for miniature kitchens

If you choose furniture in light and soft colors, it will not look so cumbersome. And even more so, if it almost merges with the tone of the walls.


An excellent idea of ​​the interior of a small kitchen is to install transparent furniture. So, for example, the same bar counter, glass shelves, transparent plastic chairs - all this looks easy, especially if you compare this furniture with a wooden one.

Characterizes the design of a small kitchen the basic rule, the less used, the better. Yes, the furniture should be bigger, but there should not be too many items. Well, for example, if the room is a lot of furniture of a small size, it will look cluttered and cluttered, as if here is a complete mess. As a result, the room will look even smaller than it actually is.

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At a minimum, one of the items must be high to attract attention to yourself. This will visually make the ceilings higher.

Compared with the square shape, in the kitchen, less room will take the option of a round-shaped table. Also, the shape can be oval. If you choose a collapsible table type, or transformer, so you will save space when creating a small kitchenette. By the way, such tables can be used as workers, and the whole kitchen can be simultaneously as a home office.


Use of textiles

  • Drawings, the same applies to patterns, should be used in kitchens delicately. According to the designers, in this question it is necessary to make only strokes. For example, use patterns on furniture upholstery, or on cushions for decoration. In this case, you do not overload the space.
  • Cornice makes sense to fasten higher than the topmost part of the window. This moment will visually make the ceiling higher. Remember that for a small kitchen it is better to choose a longer cornice. If you hang a tulle, as well as a curtain, the second should not cover the window opening, so as not to block the access of light.
  • Instead of using printed textiles, fabrics should be preferred with a textural type of pattern. So your little kitchenette will be more expressive, while in it there will be no commotion or confusion.
  • If you do not want to hang textiles on window openings, you can use a light version of the blinds. Also perfectly suited is a Roman curtain made of a monophonic type of half transparent fabric. They and the light will pass, while it will be softer and more absent-minded.

What accessories to choose in a small kitchen?

  • If you want to decorate the wall with photos in frames, paintings or other interesting accessories, do not hang them in the spotlight, as many have used to do it. For example, the original will hang the attribute slightly above / below the usual location. In this case, all who will come to your house, not so will pay attention to what the size of the kitchen space. An excellent and original option - hang one image, and above / below it - the second one. Such an insignificant nuance will visually increase the height of the ceiling.
  • As for the decor, the principle is welcomed, the less - the better. For example, instead of having to hang a room with a lot of decor, go around with two or three. Believe me, this will be enough! If your kitchen is decorated with light colors, bright walls and pictures will look great on the walls. How can the interior look, look at photos of small kitchens!
  • With the help of mirrors, space will not only appear broader, but also deeper. They help to reflect the light rays. This allows the kitchen interior, in general, to become more cozy. You can make mirrors in many ways. For example, hang on the wall in a frame, combined with the main frame. You can also make mirror doors on the lockers.
  • To raise the ceiling visually, hang a crystal chandelier. This is a great way to also increase the visual space. And the interior will look like playing. But in this case the ceiling should be made perfectly.
  • If you listen to the advice of experienced professionals, you can use accessories with a gloss or transparent for a small kitchenette.
  • Also, do not install a huge bouquet of flowers, or lush plants. The maximum that would be appropriate here is an orchid in a pot, or an ordinary banal vase with fruit.

Kitchen Stove

Carrying out repairs in a small kitchenette

If the apartment itself is small in size, the floor needs to be made in it the same, and in each room. In an extreme case, it should at least be very similar in color. To make the room seem visually larger and wider, it's a great way to put materials such as: laminate, parquet, ceramic or other tiles in an oblique way.

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If you use fewer types of material, as well as textures and decoration materials, the interior will look better. It is simplicity that will help to create a spacious room!


If there is a desire and perhaps, generally remove the doors on the lockers. You can also replace them with a sliding or glass type.

Storage system in small kitchens

If there is a round-shaped table in the corner of your kitchen, but you will not move it, you will not move it, under it, arrange a small storage system to put small things in it. In this case, the tablecloth should cover the table right up to the floor. As an option, the top of the table top can be covered with glass, which must be cut strictly in the same form as the table. But the scooter itself can be periodically changed, depending on the situation or your own mood.


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Are you used to reading mail, as well as disassemble accounts in the kitchen? To store papers and all sorts of trivia, a wicker basket, a smart box, a wide ceramic vase are perfect for this. Any of the proposed options will allow the reign of order, and in a completely organic way!


The main ideas for decorating the kitchen design in Khrushchev

In Khrushchev, or other small apartments, one of the main problems is a very small kitchenette. And so, the basic ideas to plan such a premise:

  • The place should be used as efficiently as possible. The main problem here is little space to store dishes, food and other small things. In this case, the shelves made under the ceiling in height will help. So you and the storage space will do more, and completely unused in most cases, the place is used with huge benefits.
  • The use of light tones. In a small kitchen, dark tones only reduce the visual space. Therefore, it is worth using the maximum of light. Dark, or bright, you can place accents.
  • Additional arrangement of hangers for potholders, towels. Excellent, if the bottom cabinets of your furniture will have long handles.
  • Opening the doors is up. This applies to the hinged shelf type. After all, opening the doors upwards, and not sideways, you will not notice that the free space has somehow changed, or it has become smaller.
  • The sink is the right size. In order to fit a lot of dishes in the sink, it is better to choose its medium or large size, but certainly not small!
  • As an analogue of swinging doors, use drawers. Thanks to them, the space in the boxes is used as efficiently as possible, and the kitchen seems to be wider and more modern.
  • To the kitchen was not limited to free space, do not set the entrance doors to this room. After all, today we offer modern models of the most powerful hoods, because of the work of which no unpleasant odors will remain in the housing!

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