Ivory kitchen - nobility of shades (67 photos)

Your kitchen will necessarily impress everyone who is in it, will never get bored with you, will be both fashionable and unique if the color of ivory is chosen for it.


Do not be surprised! There is an explanation for everything.

Kitchen ivory

4 reasons that will explain why you need an ivory kitchen

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Reason one: spectacularity in any areas

The color of ivory is amazing. Light, but not white, which cools, soft and fresh at the same time, he deprives the kitchen of everyday life and introduces into the room, sometimes perceived as an ancillary, solemnity and festivity.

In this kitchen design in ivory color is possible in almost any apartment.

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In the kitchen, occupying a large area, it will fill the space, not oppressing it.

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The kitchen, located in minimal areas, the color of ivory will literally increase for visual perception, making it light and at the same time visually spacious.

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Any size Budin is equally comfortable mastered by an ivory kitchen.

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The second reason: the universality of color and color combinations

Kitchens of ivory in the interior of the house can be attractive by their colorful approach.

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Many design solutions use ivory kitchen in a monochrome version, without adding other colors. And this kitchen confirms: the color of ivory is interesting and self-sufficient in itself.

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The combination of colors in the interior of the ivory kitchen makes it possible to create the uniqueness and uniqueness of each kitchen.

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Optimum for a combination of shades

  • Colors of coffee, coffee with milk, chocolate: light beige with different shades of brown - a perfect combination.
  • White: The color of ivory on a white background is used to give an additional impression of the airiness of the room.
  • Black: contrast with black color will strengthen the main color.
  • Gold: complementing the beige color, makes it luxurious.
  • Silver: emphasizes and brings a feeling of freshness to the basic color.
  • Pastel: give a calm brightness to a light beige.
  • Bright colors of different shades: used for color accents.

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Advice on the use of additional shade: the most successful places to use additional colors is the furniture fittings, windows, edging furniture, socle.

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In addition, white color is successfully used in the decoration of walls and ceiling, and black - for facades and countertops.

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Reason three: stylistic diversity

Kitchens of ivory in the interior of the apartment allow the designer and owner to choose almost any interior style:

Classics: for classical style it will be appropriate to use a decorative finish of gold or silver color, this will make the kitchen truly luxurious.

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Provence: use traditional Provence style colors, olive or lilac, for wall decoration. On their background, ivory furniture will be particularly elegant.

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Modern: in this case, the use of natural colors, for example, grass, water, wood, combined with the basic color, will look good.

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High-tech: the elements and finish of metallic color as a complement to light beige will look modern.

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Ivory kitchen will be very good if it is made of wood. However, modern materials based on wood, such as MDF, do not reduce the impression of the kitchen.

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Effectively look at such kitchen inserts of glass, plastic elements. And in this kitchen of ivory - is also universal.

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Reason four: freedom for creativity and experiment

The kitchen of ivory color opens an absolute space for creativity and experiment.

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And you can continue this experiment constantly, introducing new elements of kitchen design. That's why such a kitchen will always be perceived as new!

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Just do not forget: this kitchen loves the light, so it requires a special light design.

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Modern neo classical design decorated wooden country style kitchen

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