Kitchen color lime - an overview of the best options for

The kitchen is one of the main places in the apartment. There is going to a family in full force. Now the designers offer an interior in citrus tones.

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Very fashionable, fun and bright. And citrus colors also raise the mood and take a person out of depression.

Modern kitchen interior.

The color of this interior consists of different shades: yellow and green. These shades are advised to use in the kitchen, even dieticians. They assure that this kitchen is digestive.

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You can use lime in different ways. Someone puts upholstered furniture in the kitchen. And some - a green bar. There are many options. It is not necessary to put something big.

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Any trifle of such a joyful tone, it will be sure to catch your eye. The yellow and green corner furniture looks beautiful. In combination with beige parquet or linoleum. You can combine these colors:

  • Gentle green and beige tones;
  • Light honey and lime;
  • Yellowish and cream;

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It is also interesting to look lime up with black and white countertops. Walls are painted with flowers or herbs.

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Or just cut citrus. You can draw pictures, not only on the walls, but also on the doors from the cabinet. On the front doors and even on the fridge.

Choosing furniture and headsets

If the walls are lime-colored, then the headset is better to choose light furniture, a headset. In this design, the colors of vanilla and cream are not bad. Lime and rustic style are very gentle combination.

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The headset can easily be bought in a rustic style. This interior fits well, corner furniture. The ceiling is also painted in a yellow-green color. But the curtains need to buy two shades lighter.

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And it will be a light and summer variant of the interior. Great looking blinds, if the walls - lime, and furniture - colorful. Summer atmosphere and a cheerful mood will bring not only furniture.

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But also the purchase of household appliances, dishes in lime colors. Stylish and fresh look set of pots, tea set or refrigerator, a chandelier in a lime hue against the background of woody cuisine.

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Just do not forget about the glass. Glass is also an ideal option for green corner furniture. Prestigious looks glass table in the interior of citrus or wood cuisine.

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Color scheme in combination with lime design

Citrus colors harmoniously look with turquoise, cornflower-blue flowers. And also elegantly with wenge. Vanilla - tenderness, olive - reliability.

When combined with red and purple hues, the kitchen will be filled with elegance. Of course - this is not a classic, but many will appreciate it. And most importantly, to all family members was comfortable and happy.

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Unusual lime wallpaper looks great with white furniture or a headset. On the contrary, it's not bad either. Vanilla wallpaper with a pattern of grass or orange in a cut, colorfully stands out with a Laima headset.

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Here, too, you can play with the colors. White - replace with black, ivory, beige or cream. But with black you need to be careful. Ideally looks black when the kitchen is large and spacious.

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And in small kitchens, black is needed quite a bit. For the floor, the best option is brown. Harmoniously gray floor will be used. Citrus harmonizes with any color.

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Actually, the lime is merged with the blue or with the color of the sea wave. Even with turquoise and pink. Together with the purple he creates more coziness.

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Even with blue and peach creates an interesting look. For such extraordinary connections you need a third color. In this scheme will fit: the color of the tree, gray, beige and of course cream.

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When creating an interior, you need to know and remember two rules:

  • When choosing a color, do not overdo it. It is necessary to know the measure.
  • Choosing shades, you need to consider the tastes of all household members.

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The main thing that the whole family was comfortable and comfortable in the kitchen.

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Photo kitchens color lime

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