Kitchen curtains on the eyelets - modern fittings for modern

The main difference between these curtains is actually the eyelets and the smooth folds that are formed due to them. Eyelets are rings, differing in diameter, which are attached in the upper part of the curtain. They are put on a round cornice, after which the curtain is straightened out, neat drapery is formed on it.

Eyelets for curtains - characteristic

The type of drapery will depend on how often the eyelets are fixed and what diameter they are chosen for. The density of tissue also plays a role. The design of such curtains is also heavily influenced by the fabric - the easier material you like, the thinner the result will be the folds. If you are interested in large and heavy waves, then you should give preference to heavy material.

Eyelets for curtains - an example of different folds

Curtains for kitchens with eyelets have the following advantages:

  • Rings form folds of the same volume, so these curtains will have a very neat appearance and create a sense of order;
  • Rings can be easily installed with their own hands, for this you do not need a sewing machine or special skills;
  • In addition, they glide well over the cornice, so pulling and opening the windows will be convenient and simple;
  • Curtains on the eyelets can be quickly hung up and also quickly removed;
  • The eyelets can emphasize the beautiful design of the cornice;
  • They are the best suited for modern styles: minimalism, Scandinavian, American, modern, high tech and loft and fusion.
  • Curtains on the eyelets in the interior of the kitchen in Scandinavian style
  • Curtains on the eyelets in the interior of the kitchen in Scandinavian style
Curtains on the eyelets in the interior of the kitchen in Scandinavian style


  • Minus minus - to remove and hang such curtains you need to lift the whole cornice;
  • To folds were beautiful and smooth, you have to correct the curtains from time to time - the rings should be at equal distance from each other;
  • This type of anchorage is not always suitable for classical and close to it styles. On the other hand, if you choose the right fabric and cornice, then the curtains on the curtains do not violate the unity of style in the interior of the kitchen. The photos below confirm this.
Curtains on kitchen gauges in the style of Provence

The rules of fabric selection - color, length, volume of folds

If for the bedroom and living room you can choose any smart and heavy fabrics, in the kitchen, not only the design of curtains, but also their mud, light, wear resistance and ease of washing is important. Velvet, velor and other loose materials absorb fat and odors. Of course, these tissues should be discarded.

For the kitchen mix fabrics or flax are the best - these are beautiful materials that can be washed easily if necessary.

How to make the right choice of color and texture of the fabric for sewing curtains with your own hands and what to look for when purchasing a finished product?

Be sure to consider the size of your kitchen. So, curtains on the eyelets for a small kitchen should be light, light, without a picture, or with a small print and preferably not long. If the kitchen is located on the north side, short curtains, for example, in the form of a lambrequin, will do. The arguments in favor of short curtains on the eyelets: in the winter they do not interfere with the passage of light and warm air from the radiators, they are easier to sew by oneself and easier to wash.

Lambrink of the laver in inter-cuisine cuisines

When choosing / sewing curtains just below the windowsill do not forget about safety - they should be kept away from the plate.

Rings can be installed even on the lightest and most delicate fabrics, for example, organza. Therefore, for small or dark "northern" kitchens, tulle on the eyelets will work well.

Tulle on the eyelets in the interior of a small kitchenTulle on the eyelets in the interior of a small kitchenTulle on the eyelets in the interior of the kitchen-living room and dining room

On curtains for small kitchens we do not recommend fastening eyelets far apart. Lush folds visually reduce the space. In addition, it is better to choose a cornice and eyelets of small diameter. The same recommendations are relevant for narrow and small windows.

A large area allows you to choose curtains of any length, even in the floor.

Curtains on the kitchen gauges for floor lengthCurtains on the kitchen gauges for floor length

Colors with any volume of folds, with a complex pattern and decor. On the next photo in the interior of the spacious kitchen-living room curtains on the eyelets and completely dark.

Curtains on the eyelets in the kitchen-living roomCurtains on the eyelets in the kitchen-living room

In the apartment-studio, kitchen-living room or dining room you can hang curtains of bright color with a large pattern.

Curtains on the eyelets in the interior of a large kitchenCurtains on the eyelets in the interior of a large kitchen

The main rule when choosing the color curtains for kitchen lavers - they must repeat the tone of the finish, for example, wallpaper or apron, furniture or textiles and decor.

Curtains on the eyelets in the color of furniture and kitchen decorationCurtains on the eyelets in the color of textiles and kitchen decorCurtains on the eyelets for the color of furniture in the kitchenCurtains on the eyelets for the color of furniture in the kitchen

Universal colors - white, beige, gray. More information about the combination of colors in the interior of the kitchen can be found here.

Beige curtains on the eyelets in the interior of the kitchen-living roomWhite curtains on the eyelets in the interior of the kitchen-living roomGray and white curtains for kitchen gauges

Want to visually change the proportions of the room with curtains? Do not forget that horizontal patterns extend the walls, and vertical ones raise the ceiling.

Curtains for the kitchen with eyelets in vertical stripes

Get two sets of curtains - for winter and for summer. This saves materials from burnout and significantly prolongs the life of their services.

If you do not imagine an interior without double-layered curtains, then use a modern combination - not a light tulle with heavy curtains, but curtains on the eyelets in combination with blinds, Roman or roll models. This design looks stylish and at the same time - modern.

Blind curtains with roller blinds

Selection rules

Eyelets for kitchen curtains can be metal and wooden, but most often plastic is used, which perfectly imitates metal (from antique copper to steel chromium), wood, and, also, can be colored.

Eyelets for metal curtains

Metal is often performed with a coating (matte or glossy) - it's gold, copper, bronze, silver or chrome. Also here it is not uncommon for corrugated, chased surfaces.

Plastic eyelets are not only cheaper, but also considered more practical, because they are light, non-corrosive, easily move along the cornice, differ in a wide variety of shades.

Standard round eyelets are considered, but they can be anything - in the form of sun, flower, dolphins. Such three-dimensional figures should correspond to the figure of fabric or decorative additions to the interior.

Forms and colors of eyelets for curtains

Design eyelets should match the fabric - for light curtains are selected thin products, and for heavy - massive. As for the color, the tone of the fastening rings does not have to match the fabric of the curtains - you can pick them up in the tone of the cornice, the fittings or the decor in the kitchen.

Color and size of eyelets for kitchen curtains

Master class - We sew curtains on the eyelets

So, how to sew curtains on eyelets?

Make curtains on the eyelets with your own hands is easy, and the design potential of such a product is huge, because it will always look stylish and effective.

To do this, you will need cloth and eyelets, a pencil and scissors, a special eyelet tape (it can be replaced with a doublerine or non-woven fabric). This is done to ensure that the top was tough, neat and formed an even drapery.

The ribbon is glued to the fabric with a hot iron. After that you need to stitch all the folds.

Curtains with eyelets with their own hands - iron adhesive tape, we make a hem and sew it

The contours of the holes along the proposed template or around the inside circumference of the eyelet itself are outlined. The holes for the installation of the eyelets are cut out either with scissors or with a sharpened tube of suitable diameter.

Curtains with eyelets with their own hands

The number of eyelets on the curtain must necessarily be even - so they form uniform waves.

As for the distance between the eyelets, the standard value here is 18-22 cm. If you want to get a design with slightly less volumetric folds, 15 cm is enough.

It is also important to correctly calculate the dimensions of the fabric - the width in this case will be equal to the two lengths of the cornice, and the length of the lavatory ribbon (10-15 cm) and the allowances under the hem will necessarily add to the length.

tips on sewing curtains

Very detailed, simple and understandable about the correct calculation of the length and width of the fabric is told and shown in the video:

Sometimes the curtains are fixed not directly on the eyelets, but on special hinges made of ribbons that are threaded into the rings.

Curtains for curtains - the idea of ​​decor

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