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To create comfort and original kitchen design of 10 m is quite possible!


As a rule, in the most ordinary houses built during the Soviet era, the kitchens are not too large. That is, their size, they are not particularly stand out, and there are even very tiny ones.


But today is not quite about them ...

We offer to discuss the issue of kitchen design ideas 10 square meters. m, as well as 9 square. m, which in principle, not too different. Yes, say that this size of the kitchen - the smallest is impossible, but in fact 9 and 10 squares are not too many. Nevertheless, if you correctly approach the issue of arranging such a premise, you will get a very roomy room with everything you need.


Zoning the kitchen area

If you decide to use the kitchen solely as a place for preparing meals, there is even enough free space to equip a comfortable work area, install a cooking plate and a sink.


In addition, there will also be a place to install a refrigerator, special cabinets, to store food and dishes in conditions of room temperature.

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At the same time, if this room is used as a dining room, then placing everything necessary will be more problematic in it.


Combining the kitchen with the dining room

Such a space plays the role of providing the most important function to ensure a full-fledged living environment for families. For example, in the morning hours you start your day with a cup of fragrant coffee or tea, or going on a weekend, holidays with your friends and relatives. Therefore, we recommend to equip the room in such a way that it is comfortable and convenient.


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As for the choice of furniture here, the best option would be individually ordered. Going to the design of the kitchen creatively, it will be different in bright appearance, individuality, and most likely original design.


The choice of color and photo design kitchens 10 square. m.

Making out a small kitchen, you should do so that the room is visually airy and light. Therefore, do not use dark colors, as well as furniture made from natural wood.


If you use a kitchen set, which was, even if it was an old one, revitalize it, coloring it with new colors, with a positive tone. For example, an excellent choice - the color of turquoise, which is perfectly combined with red in accessories.

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In any case, small rooms in pastel, light shades look advantageous. So you will create color transitions in a larger number, if desired. And the use of this method will make the interior lively and attractive.


You can focus attention, using curtains, tablecloth, stylish countertop. If you value the opinion of designers, then professionals are not advised to apply a lot of bright accents. For example, it will be enough to have a maximum of three interior elements, for brightness.


Layout of a small kitchen

Yes, it is desirable that the cooking area be separated from the area of ​​meals. But how to do that? For example, use different finishes on the walls, to distinguish them:

  • For the cooking area, choose strong materials that are easy to wash. But in the part where you will take meals, the color of the wallpaper should be different than in the working part.
  • Using the carpet, you can also make the division of the room, or in one part of the floor to lay out the tiles in the other laminate.
  • Also here is a great bar counter, which looks incredibly beautiful in the studio apartment, or in small kitchens. In the kitchen, you can quite find a place to install a small stand with the holders, near it - chairs.


Furniture for small kitchens

When choosing a table, one should pay great attention to the absence of corners. It is better that it should be oval or round. The latter option perfectly fits in such a room, which will not be long and narrow.


You can also combine the table with the window sill. Use the consoles, attaching them to a pretty densely to the wall, and using as a table.


But if you put a table on wheels, in the kitchen you can quickly rearrange if you want, or if necessary. Also see the photo collection of kitchen design 10 sq.m. with a sofa. Well, if this room opens onto a balcony or loggia, you can also plan and organize an original kitchen design of 10 sq. M. m with a balcony, and there is a huge variety of ways to do this! See the photos and get inspired!


Kitchen 9 squares

If you properly think about the issue of interior design in a kitchen area of ​​9 squares, the room is very well even transformed.

This size, as well as 10 square meters. m., is considered small. At the same time, it can also be arranged quite conveniently.

But here's how to carry out repairs, then it starts from the very beginning. So you can choose the furniture of the same style, the right sizes (or order in production according to individual parameters), and you will find the equipment for it. In this room, all the important elements, even pictures and containers for seasonings, are important.

Use of furniture and technology

In order for spaces to be used most efficiently, it is necessary to correctly and rationally arrange the equipment. As for the "working wall", it is necessary to place everything under the same principle as you need. For example, with regard to the wind and microwave oven, it makes sense to put them under a free wall.


Long and narrow room

Here, in truth, it is difficult to find a suitable place to put a dining table. But do not despair, as there may be several solutions. For example, near the window you can set a small table, as well as the option of assembling / folding structures, bar counters. Or you can have a meal in the hall, cook in the kitchen. At the same time, placing such a form has its advantages. So, it is easy to zonate, along the walls are installed convenient structures in which you can store anything. Visually increase the space can be with the help of beige on the walls and furniture.


Lighting in the kitchen

In modern design methods, if you look at the photo, it is clear that one lamp is no longer used, as it was before, in the old days. The main light in the kitchens is made soft and bright. Fixtures are recommended to select very carefully, so that they complement the interiors, give accents, charm, and of course - coziness. The work surface should be equipped with additional lighting, but the shade should not be such that the colors of foods and cooked dishes are distorted.


Color Solutions

This issue has a significant role in the issue of registration. After all, from the organic interrelation of colors depends on how the owner or mistress will feel in the room. So, so that the kitchen of a small area is not too enslaved, it is still necessary to adhere to some advice and recommendations from professionals.


If you believe that in your room will be as anywhere by the way exactly blue color, this does not mean that they need to clutter the whole room. Do not forget that there are cold shades like white, green, blue, gray, etc.


If you prefer to choose a warm tone for the design of the kitchen, add the same, warm tones! For example, red, orange, yellow, beige.


As for the bright addition in the design of the kitchen, it must be exclusively replaceable items! This means that the walls and floor should be chosen neutral, combined with many other colors. This is in case you want to change something in the kitchen, but not too globally.


Be sure to consider each of your decisions and actions very carefully! Well, be sure to do as you dreamed!


The corner version of the kitchen is very practical!

This kind of interior design is quite practical in terms of using free space. After all, due to the economical arrangement of the furniture set, you achieve optimal effects. Especially when you have a free space limit and on the account literally every centimeter of free space!


For today, furniture manufacturers offer the widest variety of furniture, among which each for himself can pick up exactly what he needs. In order to understand which type of furniture to choose in the kitchen, it is important to understand what kinds exist among such furniture, from the options offered by the manufacturer.


And so, corner kitchens are in three basic types:

  • L-shaped form, that is, furniture is installed in the form of this letter. Such options are very popular, because they take up very few places. At the same time, these headsets are roomy and functional.

Typically, such options for furniture are chosen by the owners of small apartments, or studios. Therefore, if you are the owner of such housing, take a closer look at such options!

  • U-shaped form of corner kitchens. That is, the furniture is placed along three walls, resulting in the letter P. This method of furnishing is not suitable for everyone, because to create not only a practical, but also a beautiful interior, a lot of space is needed. But if the sizes of such kitchen offered by sellers suit you, then why not?
  • Kitchen island. Very interesting variant of furniture. But it also requires a lot of free space. The main pieces of furniture are set right along the walls, but the stove and the sink are located in the center of the room, in the form of an island. Elegant design, but it is not suitable for small kitchens.


At the same time, the above described options should be carefully reviewed from the proposals on the market. Only then decide on the choice.


Kitchen + balcony

Sun can be called a lucky one, if your kitchen has an exit to the balcony.


Due to this type of planning, the main problem of a standard apartment can be eliminated in an original way. That is - the lack of "squares". The thing is that the balcony can be used very rationally and in a variety of ways!


For example, it can organize a dining area. It turns out that the necessary supplies will be in the kitchen, and you will have dinner on the balcony. Here you can install any upholstered furniture, as well as a compact table. If you like fresh flowers, you can decorate the room and bring comfort to it.


Also on the balcony you can install a set, having organized there a working zone. Install there refrigerator, dishwasher, oven.


To make a beautiful transition kitchen-balcony, arrange it with plasterboard structures. Very nice and popular application of arched constructions, shelving, or even bar counters.


And so, now you know at least the main secrets and recommendations of professionals to organize space in your own kitchen in the most practical and rational way! Good luck!

Kitchen design 10 m2 - 100 photos of interior design ideas

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