Kitchen design 10 sq.m. meters - 100 real photos

It so happens in our lives that we spend a lot of time in the kitchen - not because we like to cook or eat endlessly, but because it's more comfortable and cozy there. Our kitchens began to perform a combined function of the kitchen + dining room, kitchen + bar, kitchen + living room.

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That's why the design of the kitchen area is so important for us. Having achieved multifunctionality, we are as happy as children.

A kitchen of 10 squares is the ideal option to place almost everything you need on its square. If its design is designed "anyhow", then a good percentage of the useful area will be lost, the comfort and functionality will have to be forgotten.

Corner layout of the kitchen area of ​​10 square meters. m

Perhaps the most common layout, which allows you to intelligently locate furniture and equipment with convenient access to each subject of the interior. Angular arrangement will save an already impressive space due to the center of the kitchen elements inside the corner and along adjacent walls.


Furniture. Triangle area of ​​10 square. m assumes the length of the sides of 4 and 5 m (if the inner connection is 90 degrees), and therefore an island layout with technics and working surfaces along the walls and a dining table placed in the center is being asked here.

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In the corner place a round sink, only let the curbstone have a front door and converging at right angles to the rear walls. The banal approach to washing from a corner is extremely inconvenient, as you will soon see.

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Do not put the hob directly next to it - the proximity of water and open gas (electricity) causes inconvenience and irritation. But the dishwasher here is the place.

The refrigerator should limit the area of ​​the kitchen corner, on the other hand, with the same function, the column / pencil case or the rack of the same height as the refrigerator can handle.

Shelves in the angular layout should be located at the same level, otherwise the harmony of the corner will be lost. Not practical, and open shelves, but very spectacular closer to the corner shelves with glass doors.

Shelf above the sink should have a frontal surface, as well as a washbasin, which will allow to withstand the style solution.

Lighting. The angular space is always darkened in any room, and therefore the illumination along the bottom surface of the shelves will be the most optimal. Above the dining table is very appropriate suspension hanging lamp (lamp) with a low landing.

Important! Give up a corner sofa in a 10-meter corner kitchen. It is better to occupy space with a stylish sink with a front door and a similar shelf - the corner will be cut off, the room will become more elegant, cozy and warmer.

Here are some options for corner kitchen layout 10 sq. M. meters.

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Square 10-meter kitchen

The square of 10-meter area allows a greater run-up of fantasy, rather than a triangle. Although the length of the walls used is of lesser length, the harmony in the square of the same area is easier to create.

Additional style bonus square - several angles, each of which can be beaten in its own way, without violating the common key.

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Furniture. Adhere to the same rule when placing a sink: the angular position with the front panel of the curbstone will smooth out the corners and soften the surroundings.

If you decide to use a rectangular dock, then move the bowl just to the right or to the left: the corner approach to the sink will soon get bored and begin to irritate, which is due to psychology.

In the very corner you can place a very cute little hanging dryer, which is quite enough if you use a dishwasher.

In the end, drying is not designed to store dishes, but only for drying. The shelf above the drying should repeat the contours of the bottom: if the front panel, then there, and there.

One of the corners (closer to the window) can be occupied by an elegant dining table without sharp corners. The position of the table at the window is more harmonious and does not require additional lighting during the day.

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The location at the window of the sink will not decorate the room, but rather will give the kitchen a provincial look. The island position of the table on a square 10-meter square is very controversial.

Mathematics helps us: this square has about 3-meter sides, so that almost all the internal space occupied by the table creates very doubtful convenience.

The refrigerator should be placed closer to the door. Thus, you will outline the boundaries of the square and not "eat" one centimeter of the productive area.

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Do not corner the stove. The best place for it is through one section from the sink or through one section from the window (the window on the left hand).

Lighting. В квадрате важна подсветка рабочих углов и срединное освещение. Lighting рабочих поверхностей, плиты и мойки можно обеспечить светильниками под полками или вдоль стен.

Ceiling chandelier must match the design. If the table is closer to the corner near the window, it is very "cozy" to use the wall lamp in the same style as the ceiling chandelier.

Important! Ceiling chandeliers in high-tech style have a rotary lamp. Turning them in the direction of the corners, you will provide illumination to all 4 dark places of the kitchen square. The same lamp with rotary lamps is very effective in wall design.

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Kitchen-living room 10 sq. M. m

Kitchen-dining room, kitchen-bar, kitchen-living room - three flowers of one bouquet. All these terms apply to the apartments "studio" or to private houses. The premise planned in this way requires the restriction of the direct kitchen space with the help of a bar rack of any configuration.

A powerful hood above the stove is vital in this case - otherwise there will always be smells of food in the living / dining area, which, you will agree, does not add comfort.

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Furniture. Restricting the kitchen area bar counter, you create a conditional square or rectangle with two "imaginary-symbolic" walls.

Functionally, only two real joining walls will be used, and therefore recommendations for the angular placement of furniture here will be very appropriate.

For such an "eating room" with an area of ​​10 meters, a very loyal design solution will be a multi-level shelves that will create the effect of air movement.

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Do not get carried away by open shelves. They will become universal collectors of dust and cooking oil. It is better to use partially glazed racks - slightly different lighting of such a kitchen will make the glass glare, which will give an opportunity to visually delineate the boundaries of the kitchen area.

The role of the dining table is placed on the bar. Planting people with food on both sides of the bar has to do with spiritual communication.

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Lighting. Given the specificity of the kitchen-living room, the middle ceiling light for it is not required. It is enough to fix the long lamps under the shelves and beautifully decorate the top panel on the center line of the bar.

The stove is provided with lighting in the suction unit. Lighten the space for washing dishes can be a decorative lamp attached to the top shelf.

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Kitchen design 10 sq.m. m with balcony

The layout of such a kitchen area, as a rule, has a rectangular shape with a balcony in the end part.

The small distance between the side walls and the balcony door at the end does not allow the dining table to be placed in the middle, because it is moved closer to the balcony to the wall, or even located on the balcony area, if the area allows and quality glazing and insulation.

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Furniture. In the extended kitchen with balcony furniture is distributed along the side walls in two lines. With this planning, it is very appropriate to use built-in technology, in some cases located in several tiers, which does not make impression of accuracy and looks very organic: for example, dishwasher + modern grill + microwave.

In the kitchen with a balcony, open shelves and racks are appropriate, but there should not be too many of them, because the place where they cook food is still highly polluted.

Closed or glass shelves and the level of their placement on the walls will correspond to the chosen style. In an extended room with a balcony, the location of the sink and stove is usually in the middle part.

Original looks at different walls against each other. In the corner at the entrance to the kitchen, the place is occupied by refrigerators and freezers, which thus "set the tone" for the style embodiment of the idea.

Lighting. In a similar room, special attention should be given to the ceiling lamps. If the room is very extended, there may be two.

It is very important additional wall lighting in the area of ​​the dining table and on the balcony. By the way, if the balcony is not used as a dining area, then there is an appropriate sofa with multiple Asian pillows, which will create excellent conditions for rest and relaxation.

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So, the 10-meter kitchen gives you a lot of imagination and allows you to realize rather bold design ideas in any geometric space: whether it's a triangle, a square, a pencil case with a balcony or a conditionally fenced plot combined with a dining room or living room. 10 meters - not too little.

If you set a goal, you can even save and visually expand the space and turn your cook into a candy. In this case, it will even benefit from such "savings". A competently chosen style of performance will help to place the accents in an irreproachable way and emphasize the aesthetics

Kitchen 10 sq.m. meters - real photos

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